Wonton Soup And A Stuffy Nose

Issue #96, Detective Comics (Feb 1945)

Batman With Robin: “Alfred, Private Detective!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

First things first: Mea Culpa for being gone so long. I planned to return in January, but, as with most plans, life sorta got in the way. I can’t say it won’t happen again, but then… there you go.


Long story short: Book 2, lending my voice to Audiobooks, and Emo!SAD.

On the book front, we finally wrapped up writing around December, and had it in the hands of Test Readers in January. While we waited, more ideas started percolating, and when we got the feedback, those ideas became full blown plot-bunnies, so Dragon is reworking the areas that need attending to. As have I, along with launching into the writing of another novel, unrelated to The Nemesis Chronicles, that I’ve currently halfway finished.


On top of all of that loveliness, there’s the audiobook venture that I’ve recently embarked upon. I’ve wanted to use my voice for the forces of good for a while now, and finally received a couple of offers in January/February that I’ve just now completed. Let me tell you, producing an Audiobook is *not* for the squeamish. It’s a lot of hard damned work that kept me busy.


And then there’s the Seasonal Affective Disorder that decided to rear its intently ugly head and just send me into a depression where even the randy rays of Snark cannot reach. Everything’s fine now. But if you know someone who has depression, or are in that boat yourself, you know what kind of a struggle it can be just to get out of bed in the morning to do the simplest of tasks. I hate being on medication, but I loathe the alternative even more, so meds it is. *sigh of relief*


There have been a bunch of video games played, movies/tv watched, and other crafty goodness going on around Hus af Snark these days, and I will most definitely share all of that with you. But in the meantime, why don’t we check in on our favorite Black-clad Bub and his Colorful Beau? I’m sure you all have missed him as much as I have, right?



It’s been a while since we saw our dynamic duo, but I vaguely remember they were battling it out with the Blaze, and making rather quick work of it too, despite the “kidnapping Robin” thing. This time, we find ourselves within the confines of Wayne Manor:

Of course, we’re not considering that Alfred has, in fact, saved their lives a time or two in the past, but whatever. Ever the inspiration, our Batsy softens the blow of his decision with a peppy explanation:

Disheartened, but understanding, Emo!Alfred asks one little favor of our hero before he’s out the door to fight crime:

As expected, Secretive!Alfred would rather not share his reasons for such an urgent holiday plan, and our heroes race off into the night:

As they get to the (almost) Bat!Cave, we discover just why poor Alfred was told no:

They race downtown in their Bat!Mobile and make it to the the offices of some large loan company, already shuttered for the night. Seems Stoney and crew are planning to rob the place, if Batsy’s underworld tipster is to be believed.

Right on time, the baddies show up and proceed to burgle:

Naturally, our heroes bust in and proceed to pun!ch their way through the room… only, suddenly there’s a firearm in play:

Robin doesn’t give a whit about the guys fleeing for their lives, focused entirely on his downed Batsy. Fortunately, things aren’t as bad as they initially appeared:

Of course he’s okay! And still got his mind on the job:

Meanwhile, back at the baddie lair, Stoney!Peters has decided that his henchies’ incompetence means they’ll have to leave town:

They decide to take their operation to the nearby city of Middleton. Saaaaay….

Seems that Alfred has been a rather enterprising little butler while Batsy was busy:

PI!Beagle sets up shop and waits for his first client. Doesn’t take long, apparently, because soon there’s a knock on the door and who should appear?

Alfred agrees to take the job:

Alfred gets to work, shadowing Willis all over town and back home, and everything is going well until:

The dog decides to take a bite out of Alfred, he knocks into Willis, and suddenly, he’s discovered!

Alfred reports his findings as requested, gets his money and is told to scram. Inside, plans are plotted with the information they’ve received, and later that night they manage to pull of the heist without any Batly intervention:

Alfred heads to the bank to talk to Willis, to tell him what he knows, but, as can be expected, Willis isn’t exactly in a listening mood:

Meanwhile, back in Gotham, our heroes are getting the news that something is amiss in Middleton:

They suit up and head to Middleton to interrogate the suspect:

Info in hand, the pair depart, leaving Alfred behind bars:

The guard takes Alfred to a room with a chair and an open window, telling him to sit and wait for the detectives to test his reflexes. Naturally, this is rather unsettling and Alfred’s mind starts to wander as he’s waiting:

Since there’s a conveniently open window nearby, Alfred makes a run for it, climbing down the side of the building in a feat worthy of Batsy himself:

He runs off into the night and we flash over to Pier 69, where our heroes are busy checking out the address. Seems there’s nothing inside the shack but junk, and Batsy correctly figures that Stoney wouldn’t have given Alfred his legit address, so the pair decide to wait and watch:

Into the water they go, and just in time too, because Alfred shows up on the houseboat, curiously dry, and the welcome crew spots him:

Our heroes spot the Alfred!Ambush and they immediately spring into action to save him, despite Robin’s curiosity about why his nemesis isn’t still behind bars:

They bust into the houseboat only to discover that Stoney was waiting for them to appear:

Alfred decides to intervene, because, darn-it-all, he IS kinda to blame for this situation:

Alfred’s distraction is enough to enable our heroes to leap out of their moderately-deep-hole in the floor:

This fight is over seconds after it began:

Later, Batsy tells the Middleton police that Alfred was integral in stopping Stoney’s crew, and he’s rewarded with not being locked up for escaping arrest:

Let’s hope that the article doesn’t go to his head, right?

That’s it for today. Until next time! (Which will, hopefully, be Thursday!)


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