Wonder Woman Joins The Circus!

Issue #1, Wonder Woman (June 1942)

Wondrous!Wednesday, Amazon!Fanatics!

We’re back with the second story from ‘Ish #1 of WW.


What a week so far. Between the unexpected death of Glee’s Cory Monteith, the unexpected not-guilty verdict in the Zimmerman case, and the unexpected passing of 13 year-old Talia Castellano, the news has been pretty much just sadness and woe. There have been riots and tears all around, and here in sunny Seattle, we’ve been doing what we can to keep perky.


Mostly by ingesting obscene amounts of giffage while working like a madwoman on editing my latest audiobook project and hammering out chapters for book 3 of The Nemesis Chronicles.


The week *did* start out rather nicely, to be honest. We had a wonderful weekend with some friends. Broke out the Risk: Godstorm game and just had a blast. Good food (amazeballs burgers on the grill, ‘tater and mac salads), laughter, and awesome friends make for fun times.


Then Snarkstress had to get sick. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I have  a sore throat like nobody’s business, and feel like warmed over death. I’m seconds away from devolving into a whiny girl-child, and nobody wants that, trust me. So I’m going to drink some more tea (with some honey we picked up at a local farmer’s market the aforementioned friends introduced us to) and see what I can do to laugh, quietly and mostly in my brain, by embracing my inner Amazon and telling this ickiness to GTFO.


And who better to help keep the giggles going than our delightful daughter of Hippolyte?


Last time we visited our wayfaring Amazon, she was getting a crash course on menfolk and teaching us newbs in the US of A what Amazonian history is all about. All the while, dealing with her new man!crush on Steve and her make-under to stay close to him. Origin story, FTW! This issue, we turn our attentions to something much less heavy:

Pushy!Prince thinks this is a marvelous idea and drags Reluctant!Trevor along:


That Saturday, Diana and her passel o’ chitlins meander the big top, when the kids decide they want to see the elephants. Naturally, Diana makes that happen:

Elva!King introduces Diana and the kids to San!Yan, the head elephant dood in the racket, who assures them that they take their animal responsibilities very seriously:

shockedseal (2)

Unfortunately, it seems like poor Damlee!phant has EE-YEA-EEH!’d her last:


Fortunately, Elva is able to console herself:


And as if that weren’t suspicious enough:


Meanwhile, let’s check in with Steve!Trevor:

Thankfully for the “slant-eyed droops”, Trevor is there to lend a hand:


And a foot:

Diana catches up with him (and Etta!Candy) and engage in some speculative thinking:

And while they banter, out in the ring, Elva does her thing with Pam!elephant, dazzling the crowds with her bravery and skill, until suddenly:

And, unfortunately, a warning is about all Diana can actually do:


Thankfully for Elva, a well placed stand keeps her from being completely crushed:

As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, all the strongmen in the circus can’t move Dead!Pam off of Unconscious!Elva:


But never fear! Help is a’comin:


Taking up position, she gets ready to lift:


After the audience cheers her on, Wonder!Woman manages to do what all the strong *men* couldn’t:


And the crowd goes wild, which prompts the ring master to make our gal an offer:

Agreeing to her deal, W!W sets out to make the rest of the circus green with envy:


And when she’s done with the lion:



Of course, her safe landing depends entirely on the trapeze she’s headed for remaining still:

Luckily, our gal has super quick reflexes and manages to keep from falling to her death:


Overcome by her awesome, the crowd rushes down and hoists her up, chanting her name and carrying her to and fro:

And sure enough, the buckets make the rounds:

Of course, not everyone is feeling so generous:


Later on, Ed!King, Circus owner thanks W!W for all her good work. Unfortunately, all these elephant deaths are about to ruin him entirely. Of course, Steve Trevor pipes up with his theory:

And what might this grand plan be?


But they can’t just expect to elephant!up and be ready to go:


And before long:

Once the crowd has finally left off for the night, Wonder!Phant sees something unusual:


And leading the ceremony? None other than San!Yan, acting as high priest:

Luckily for all of us, Wonder!Woman is a cunning linguist:

Unfortunately for our heroine, Etta!llthecandy is stupid:

Of course, proving that the elephants are smarter than their handlers, one of the bigger elephants gets suspicious and pokes the faux!lephant, which causes Etta to whine about being tickled. And so:


Naturally, the second they crash land:

At first, the baddies are all “kill them!” but thankfully, cooler heads prevail:

A net is cast over our hapless ladies:

While they’re carted off for unspeakable unbeliever death stuff, we switch back to see S!T doing a little spying of his own:

And… as expected, Concussion!Steve lives up to his moniker:


While he’s out of commission, the Racketeers head out to capture their targets:

When Steve finally comes to, it’s in time to see the baddies pulling the kidnapping:

Against the better judgment of ANYONE, Trevor goes immediately for his car:


Meanwhile, Dom sneaks out to meet with his ‘boo:

Unfortunately, they aren’t alone:

Suddenly, Delta!lephant comes out of nowhere to cause trouble, snatching Elva into the air despite her protests:


Dom gets the brilliant idea to hop on some horses to catch up and Uncle!King agrees:


Thankfully, Dom isn’t totally stupid:

And they’re off again to catch the runaway elephant. Meanwhile, poor Wonder!Woman and Etta are having a tough day, bound and taken to a deserted cave:


Inside the secret temple, they’re bound to the trunks of carved stalagmites and told of their fate:

No sooner are they shackled then another joins in:


And in short order, San!Yan proceeds to prove W!W correct:


Her question, blunt as it was, sends San!Yan into a chattering spree:

And we’re not the only ones who notice:


Unfortunately, before she can get completely free, San!Yan acts:

Thankfully, San!Yan has apparently forgotten that our heroine is awesome:

And with that, she turns on San:


That’s when Steve shows up:

When the dust settles:

And what about Steve and his girl?


Until Friday! You SDCCers better have FUN for me!


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