Wherein We Join The Low-Carb Crew

In an effort to prove that there is more going on in our lives than merely an obsession with Thor, Marvel, Comics, and Video Games, we’ve decided that for the first month of the new year we’re doing something different around Hús af Snark.

I will only say that the mere idea of a “diet” is completely abhorrent to me.  Life is too short to count calories all day long.  But we’ve been meaning to clean up our eating style for a while, and being in a city now where there are fresh markets literally every few blocks, it’s rather ridiculous for us to ignore the plethora of yummy veggies everywhere.  As a result, we’re going to cut down the carbs, up the veggies and protein, and do what we can to enjoy all the bounty surrounding us.

I’ve been pouring over books, weighing our options (ba-dum-bum!), and since neither of us is comfy giving up meat entirely, we’re just going to drop the refined sugars down to a bare minimum and see what we can do.

I’m not expecting miracles. Neither is Dragon.  We’re just going to immerse ourselves, for the next month, at least, in an eating style I once swore I would never even contemplate.

If you hear screaming? It’s probably me, fighting off the urge to just nibble on one dry strand of pasta, in the throes of a carb-addict’s remorse fit. *sigh* But I will say this…I’ve given up cigarettes, and if I can do that? Carbs should be no sweat.

Prepare for an abundance of snark. You have been warned!

~Go Team Low-Carb
The Snarkstress *H*

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