Wedding Bells For Sif


Issue #193, The Mighty Thor (November 1971)

The Mighty Thor “What Power Unleashed?”

Thunderous!Thursday, oh Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

First things first, I did want to extend my condolences to those of you on the East Coast who had to deal with Hurricane!Sandy’s presence this week. I’ve been through a Typhoon or two in my time, so I know what a bitch the aftermath can be. Here’s hoping you all recover quickly.

I trust everyone had an eventful (or, if you’re like us, an un-eventful) Halloween? We spent it like misers, eating tasty subs and watching all the Halloween programming we’d been saving up on. And, of course, recording The Black Cat for all of you. *winks*

I’m giving a heads up now that there may not be any posts next week as Tuesday I’m scheduled to get shockwaves blasted at my kidneys.

Yup. Shockwaves.

With any luck… the kidney stone will finally get the hint.


Because I am SO seriously over this.

But enough about me! I almost didn’t think I’d get this posted today. Let’s get it on!


When last we visited our rebellious!godling, he was having his butt kicked up and down NYC before finding out his ‘boo was betrothed to his nemesis. Against her will, ‘natch. As the woe crashed over his glorious visage, we discovered that he was about to get a hand from a most… unexpected source:

Curious, he ventures closer:

Balder sets him straight:

Startled by the negative response, Balder tries explaining what’s going on:

His words do not have the desired result as Surfer continues to shut him down:

Balder entreats him one last time and gets a little more enthusiastic in his approach:

And it’s then that ‘Nilla gets damned tired of being talked down to:

Realizing she hasn’t got any plates nearby to fling at Balder, ‘Nilla resorts to throwing rocks instead:

Surfer is suddenly *very* concerned (which, can you blame him?) and tells ‘Nilla that he hopes Balder is still alive under all that rock. When ‘Nilla turns her rage on him, he easily deflects her blow and lays a little learning on her:

She moves the rocks posthaste and Sufer steps in, all business, to make sure Balder is okay:

Hearing that she may have extinguished Balder’s flame, ‘Nilla is remorseful:

Restored!Balder struggles to his feet while Proud!Surfer looks on:

Luckily for Balder, Surfer has had a change of heart and agreed to help him by helping Thor. After a quick direction check, he’s off:

Surfer flies off to Washington DC, but there’s no sign of Thor. Fortunately, dear readers, we get to rewind time a bit and see just what DID go down between Thor and Durok, namely, an EPIC!THROWDOWN:

It seems that no matter what Thor throws at him, Durok can’t be stopped from his destructive path:

He delivers a hammer smash to the pavement, sending Durok spiraling down into the watery tunnels beneath the city before following suit:

As Durok rips the high voltage cables from the wall, Thor has a moment of respect:

The subsequent electrocution is enough to draw Surfer’s attention and he speeds over:

No sooner does Surfer spot Durok, he suddenly finds himself knocked out of the air and into the water:

But just when you think that Surfer, too, has succumbed to Wily!Durok, he starts thrashing about, distracting his foe long enough for his surfboard to swoop down and knock Durok away. He takes advantage of the breather to check on Thor:

And clearly, the news is bad:

Meanwhile, in Asgard, Loki’s gloating it up over Durok’s triumph:

It looks like someone has saved a few pages from the EOHB from the shredder:

Although Sad!Sif has begged him to reconsider, Loki brings up a valid point:

It’s right about then, when neither Balder nor ‘Nilla actually respond to his barb that Loki begins to realize there’s something amiss:

He turns on Sif:

Dishware goes flying, trolls scatter, and Loki is left alone with Sif:

Instantly, ‘Nilla and Balder appear on the screen. Loki can understand Balder being all shifty, but it soon comes out who he’s *really* disappointed with:

The pair poof into his chamber, with ‘Nilla rushing to claim they were just there to watch the fall of Thor. Loki, naturally, doesn’t believe her, which prompts Balder to come clean about being there to help Thor. Of course, this goes over about as well as expected, but Sif tries to intervene:

Loki shoves her aside and zaps Balder. Because. And how does he punish this betrayer?

Strangely, this new fugly face doesn’t stop Sif from going to Balder’s aid:

Further annoyed that his plan didn’t quite sway Sif’s opinion, Loki races about, raging about how, just outside the window, it’s evident that his power is *everywhere*:

Sated from the demonstration of his awesomeness, Loki has a change of heart:

He returns to Sif:

Meanwhile, back on earth, a bromance has developed:

It doesn’t take long:

And soon:

Lest you think they’ve forgotten about the Durok problem:

Surfer tells Thor to get back to Asgard, he’ll handle Durok:

Not needing to be told twice, Freed!Thor takes off to Asgard and has to contend with Heimdall as soon as he arrives because he’s been given orders to prevent Thor from getting across that bridge. Thor takes the news…badly:

Rather than hammer!smash Heimdall, Thor’s hammer merely whirlwinds him away. Watching his good friend flung off the bridge and into space is a sobering moment for our hero:

Swooping out at the last second, he catches the falling Heimdall and rescues him:

But of course, no sooner is Heimdall dealt with than there’s another threat in the form of three Storm!Giants, just waiting outside the palace gates to crush our hero like a bug. But before we get to that, let’s see how Surfer is doing back on earth:

Durok slaps Surfer around again until SOMEONE gets the idea that perhaps force isn’t quite the way to deal with this baddie:

He waits until Durok grabs onto his board again and then he takes off, Durok dangling from the board:

Durok waits until they get close enough to the monument before letting go and making good his escape. Consternated!Surfer swings back around to try again:

The Epic!Battle rages on, with Durok chasing Surfer’s every swerve, before landing a lucky shot that knocks Surfer OFF his own board so that he can snatch it up:

Sad!Surfer watches his board burst apart:

And then he puts it right back together again:

He swoops down on Durok again, letting him once more grab onto his restored!board:

Unconcerned that Durok is now climbing onto the board to join him, Surfer keeps speeding up, circling the globe, until he finally unveils his plan:

Realizing that there is no way to truly destroy Durok, or prevent him from being destructive since it’s his very nature, Surfer has ripped through time and space… right into the future:

He finds himself a cozy little spot and deposits his cargo:

Back on Asgard, Thor faces down the Storm!Giants with his typical flair:

And he doesn’t stop, no matter how many times he’s punched and flung, until there’s only ONE outcome:

He trudges on:

Emo!Thor laments the fact that it seems HE is the only one actually trying to stop this Loki madness and finally makes it to the door he’s searching for:

Yes. Behind that door, our hero finds, not his foe, but his beloved:

Stunned!Sif rushes to her love’s arms:

Just then, her groom-to-be appears, slightly miffed at her choice in descriptors:

Thor reassures Loki that he will fight *anything* he conjures up before he’ll allow the pair to get hitched:

And suddenly, it’s on again:

Using the ring, Loki zaps Mjolnir away, and smashes Thor through a wall:

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