Wanted: One Iconic Clowny Nemesis. Must Love Bats.

Issue #4, Batman (Winter 1940)

Moody!Monday, Batfans!


You have Dragon to thank for this post. I’ve been so busy the last couple of months, I was unaware how desperately my comedic snarking upon CL was needed. Especially considering the awfulness of the day we’ve had.


(Not like the man lives with me or anything, so he gets the totally undiluted, BTTW version of yours truly. A “Best of Snarkstress” album, if you will. Daily.)


Either way, I have been informed that I need to do an update, and so, an update you shall get.


Let’s. Do This.


We closed out issue #3 with a healthy heaping of Batsy twitterpatin’ all over his non-Robin!Boo, accented with Angsty!Robin scowledge as only a broody, rejected, moody teen sidekick can.

So it stands to reason that in this issue, we’re going to COMPLETELY ignore all of that and refocus on what really counts:

(Need a refresher? So did I: Issue #45, Nov. 1940, “The Case of the Laughing Death”. You’re welcome.)


And careening into Flashback!Land, we get to see the rest of the nights’ events:

Hours later, a passing yacht gets a gander at his bobbing form, realizes he’s in need of help (despite being so snazzily dressed) and hauls him on board, only to drop him off ashore sometime later:

Finding himself soaked through, yet still among the living, Wet!Joker heads for home:



And what does our favorite sopping!CPOC (Clown Prince Of Crime, in case you were wondering) do once he’s back in familiar territory?

Of course, the laughs don’t last forever:

Two months later, back in Gotham:

Suddenly, the pair see a trio of masked thieves sneaking over the fence right in front of him, so naturally, our heroes feel the need to investigate:

This brings a smile to our Batsy’s face:


Immediately assuming that these lithe and limber folks are up to no good, they jump into the fray:

And while our heroes are engaged in throwing Pun!ches around, willy nilly, another baddie decides to run to the rescue, and this guy? He’s not quite like the other three:

And the differences become even more glaringly apparent, shall we?


Oh, but that’s not all:

And what does he do, once he’s got Batsy in his grubby, grabby paws?


But just as he’s going in for round two:

The other henchies manage to distract U!F long enough to make a quick-ish getaway, meanwhile, Robin has recovered from the little love!tap he received and checks on his Batsy!Boo:

Unfortunately, our poor Robin still feels the sting of defeat:


Calling it a night, they head home and a week later, the newspaper reports that another rich residence has been burgled. Naturally, this is of note for our hero:

Pausing to read the hand-delivered letter, he discovers it’s an invite to a party:


Somehow, Bruce manages to get himself dolled up and at said party without missing a beat:

And once AT the party, he sets about making sure EVERYONE knows how important he is:


Just as the crowd is a-rumbling over Brucie’s antisocial attitude, because, really, Host!Darcy announces that the entertainment for the night has arrived:

The Mini!Cus is a success, although Brucie ruminates toward the end about how the clown seems familiar, but that’s as far as his investigation goes and the circus takes off into the night, patted on the back for a job well done:

Inside the J!Sanctum, everyone puts on something a little more comfy:

Three days later, shocking news:


He does some investigating, shamed into it by his own pride:

Robin remembers a crucial detail he read somewhere:


The crew gets all gussied up for their big show back at Ye Olde Haunted!Hideout, giddy with anticipation at their next potential heist:

The party’s in full swing, with spirits running high, when Harle!Joker makes an announcement:

Unfortunately, there are a pair of partygoers running a bit late:

Pun!ches abound, with Robin leading the acrobats on a merry chase of distraction:

As expected, they fall right into his trap and he swing!kicks them into unconsciousness. Then, his attention moves on to the real stars of the show, the trapeze artists:


So his plan works:

Meanwhile, Batsy is handling his own problem in the form of a familiar foe:


It doesn’t take long as our hero puts his best foot forward:

And the best part?

Yeah, so the fight continues until Batsy finally gets Ajax right where he wants him:

And just as our hero finishes up with him, Joker decides RIGHT THEN is the best time to flee the scene. Unfortunately for him, Batsy sees him as he’s getting away and decides to go after him:

As they race out, they take the time to illuminate the partiers:

One unseen car-chase later, they finally pull up to the lair and hurry on up into danger:


No sooner do they make over the threshold, things start getting a little… weird. It starts with the door locking behind them and a set of creaky stairs:

Of course, at the top of said staircase, a spectre of doom awaits our duo:

Our hero does what comes naturally:

And once he’s collided with said ghost:

Of course, it takes him a moment, but eventually, the deafening silence gets to him:


Not!Ghost dashes off as soon as he realizes Batsy is distracted, and our hero recovers quickly enough to follow:

At the top of the stairs, Not!Ghost disappears into a room, Batsy follows, and AGAIN the door slams shut and locks behind him as soon as he’s over the threshold, but he’s got a PLAN this time:

Suddenly, the room is plunged into darkness and things get a little…

Disembodied!Joker’s Glowy Head continues to grow freakishly large:

But out of nowhere, he flings himself at the wall behind him:

Of course, the warning from Disembodied!Joker does not fall on deaf ears and at the first hiss of the lethal toxin, Batsy reaches for his Utility!Belt and pulls two vials:

Good thing he makes the right call, because as he leaps out the wall hole:


And of course, Batsy takes GREAT exception to ANYONE manhandling his #2 ‘boo:

The fight escalates:

And our hero, feeling the need to defend himself, lashes out with his feet:

As our heroes reflect on the day:


Until next time!


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