Two-Thor-One, Fangirl Friday Post!

It’s Friday! Not Thursday. Because I was *really* busy yesterday, so I ran out of time to get all the way through Emo!Thor.



As there hasn’t been a lot to report around Hus af Snark this week, I thought I may as well just give it to you with the Friday post. Because I’m reserving my Fridays for “in case I didn’t get to it” posts and whatnot.

But I’m not forgetting what I *really* like to put up on Fridays, because it’s the Fangirl post, SO let’s get this party started!



Easy peasy this week, relatively speaking. I thought that perhaps the femmes fatale weren’t getting enough love lately and Pinterest is way too inspiring:

And I seriously had all the colors I needed:

After futzing around a bit:

If you haven’t guessed, I do, in fact, have a bit of a thing for alternative french manicures. Don’t ask me why, I just love the way they look and I always have.

Mooooving along…


On the movie train:

Let’s talk about R.I.P.D. for a moment. We went to the theaters for this. I did not walk into the theater having read the comics. Because I was unaware there *were* R.I.P.D. comics to be read. I will now be hunting these down to read them. Not because of the movie, so much, but because I adore the concept.


I’m not going to bash the movie. No, it wasn’t the greatest thing ever put up on the silver screen, but I have an inkling it was a billion times better than the Lone Ranger travesty that even Dragon, a die-hard LR fan, cannot bring himself to endure. Not even for science.


There were some really great funny moments. The banter between Reynolds and Bridges was definitely giggle-worthy. The plot line… well… it was there. The CGI… happened. There were some truly squicky moments, only because the Deados are squicky.

It was a nice palate cleanser, if nothing else. I wouldn’t say it’s a must-see theater flick, but it can’t hurt to wait for DVD and giggle at home.


Speaking of giggling….

I just have this to say: Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, and Olivia Wilde. Also? Jim Carrey.


Dayum. Someone has aged well.

It’s a comedy. It’s not meant to be totally thought provoking. I liked the little “wonderment” message in there, but I laughed. A lot.


Again, not an Oscar-contender by any stretch of the imagination (not that I let that dictate what I think is a good movie, obviously) but a fun couple of hours.


Everything seemed to be on hiatus last week (at least most of the stuff we watch), so not much to report beyond True Blood…I just… I can’t.


And SYTYCD: I don’t even envy the judges. I couldn’t do it. THEY’RE ALL SO AWESOME.

Hell’s Kitchen? YAY! That’s who I was cheering for after Cyndi was eliminated. Also? Gordon Ramsay. I love him.



And in the gaming world:

Just too busy to really do much gaming. But I did start Dark Souls. I can already tell you I’m going to hate this game. Not because it isn’t pretty. Not because the controls are a pain. Not because it’s got a bad story.

I really, *really* don’t think I’m masochist enough for this game. I mean, really. I am seriously dreading trying to continue. Yes. I suck.




So now that your regularly scheduled Fangirl Friday post is out of the way, let’s play catch-up from yesterday, yes?

Issue #199, The Mighty Thor (May 1972)

The Mighty Thor “If This Be Death..!”


When last we checked in on our stalwart blonde tressed hero, he was busy emoing his way across the cosmos, back to Asgard with Daddy!Odin’s body in tow thanks to his untimely demise at the hands of Mangog. But along the way there, he had the idea that if he somehow put Daddy!Odin’s body in a time-induced stasis, he might be able to figure out just how to bring him back from death and avoid Hel’s cold grasp. *whew* Caught up? Good.

So he does his thing and disappears:


Emo!Thor’s decision reversal comes too late:


But he’s not alone:


Gloom!Vizier retaliates by reminding E!T about why they’re hurtling through space:

Unable to take the hint, G!V launches into a play-by-play of how Odin ended up entombed and, y’know, dead. But, as Emo!Thor points out:

Now that you put it that way:


But, as expected, where G!V is all ready to give up, our hero isn’t. And again, this is amusing to Hela:


Even faced with all her dark majesty, KNOWING that she holds a valid claim to Daddy!Odin’s body, still our hero refuses to relent:


She brushes on past Emo!Thor:

Unfortunately, as she reaches out to claim her prize:


Immediately she suspects one particularly vocal goldie-locks:

Thor is being particularly obstinate and finally Hela has to spell things out for him:

And who is this baddie that both Hela and Thor are awed by?


Right! So apparently, word travels fast around the cosmos and Peppy!Pluto has heard all about the demise of Daddy!Odin and decided it was time to take a trip:

And, naturally, Emo!Thor is about as inclined to hand over Daddy!Odin’s soul to Pluto as he is to hand it over to Hela:

Adding fuel to the “not a chance” fire, Hela pipes up:

Again, Hela pleads to either take Odin’s soul or for Thor to let her lend a hand in the inevitable battle against Pluto and his forces. Emo!Thor refuses her first request, but y’all know he’ll never walk away from a fight, so he lets her join the group. This, naturally, is an upsetting turn of events for Poor!Pluto:


Gauntlet thrown, Thor and Hela prepare to do some smashing:

Meanwhile, we peek in on our wandering!women off on Blackworld, who’d run into Tana!Nile in the last ‘ish, but first, let’s see how the world around them is doing:

And just WHO is that crystalline!monstrosity wandering about, looking like a Blingy!Thing:

Now that we’ve established that Baby!Prime has a really powerful daddy:

Practical!Sif’s plan sounds like the better option to everyone and they flee, but as they run, Sif starts thinking:


But all of that thinking goes right out the window when she gets below ground:

And then… she has a REAL epiphany:

But now, that scarcely matters, because we got some serious throw-downing going on elsewhere:

Which, naturally, amuses the hell outta Hela:


Meanwhile, as the pair clash violently, Balder warns Thor that he might want to rally his troops because this is about to get really real:


And of course, Thor thinks this is a GREAT IDEA:

Before the Plu!Trolls can actually realize the true error of their sneaky plan:

And things go absolutely bananas:


Even Balder’s getting in on the action:

Unfortunately for him, he’s so busy beating the tar outta the Plu!Trolls in front of him, he totally misses the one sneaking up from behind:


Yeah…about that “pledged to ‘Nilla” thing:

It’s a good thing she came along, because he’s on death’s door:



As expected, ‘Nilla!Wafer has a bit of an issue with Balder’s plan:


Off he goes, while ‘Nilla starts questioning her motives:

Meanwhile, the Warriors!Three find themselves in a bit of a pickle as the Plu!Trolls shift their attention:


While Harridan!Hogun and Faboo!Fandral bicker, Volstagg decides to jump, ass-first, into the fray:

His actions bring the bickering to a grinding halt:


Fandral does mention that he’s noticed Volstagg acting a little weird lately, but hey, if that means he’s going to actually fight instead of running for the hills, he’s not one to judge. Into the fray THEY go and we turn our attention back to our Raging!Godling:

Hela and Pluto are still duking it out, with Pluto getting more and more frustrated the longer their skirmish continues, because unexpectedly (to him), Hela can TOTALLY hold her own in a one-on-one. Which gives him an idea:

With a poof of pink smoke and some angry words:


Pissy!Pluto calls in some help:

But see, these Hades!Hounds aren’t quite what you expect (in case you were wondering, I expected, y’know… hounds):


And, unfortunately, Hela’s kind of at a loss against an army of HANDS:


Denied his victory, Pluto turns once more toward his original goal:



Pluto, taken momentarily aback, rallies and gives heckling a try:


See, what Pluto doesn’t understand (apparently) is that Thor has two things on his side:



Pluto’s response:

But then, Thor isn’t fazed by a little fire:


But it was all a ruse, and now Thor’s within touching distance:

And once he’s got his hands on him:


Unfortunately, poor Thor didn’t totally think through his overwhelming need to conquer Pluto with love:

See, Sneaky!Pluto just needed Thor to get close enough:


And with our hero down:

Until next week!


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