To Infinity! And…Beyond?


Issue #185, The Mighty Thor (February 1971)

The Mighty Thor “In The Grip Of Infinity!”

Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

I don’t have too much to update about today, prompted, in part, to not feeling so well.

If you saw the post yesterday, you know that Minutes To Midnight went live on Podiobooks and iTunes! We already have a bunch of subscribers, so if you’re feeling the need to listen to me read our book to you, then head on over and check it out. It’s totally free.

I’ve been playing with clay a bit, came up with an interesting idea to put up on etsy, but still finalizing the look. Will post about it once it’s ready.

Joss Whedon has been attached officially to both Avengers 2 (which NOW has a release date of 2015) and an upcoming Marvel television series. YAY!

Also? Because it had Dragon and I rolling with laughter, I present the following link:

Marvel Mash-Up from Disney XD featuring Thor!

*goes into her hidey hole to sleep*


When last we peeked in on our favorite Prince of Thunder, he was busy getting his smootch-on with the Sexay!Sif just before Daddy!Odin beamed himself across the cosmos all Princess Leia-like to interrupt with the dire news that things had gone horribly awry in the World!Beyond and, “Help me, Emo!Thor! You’re my only hope!” And when Daddy!Odin gets all dramatic, you just KNOW there’s something bad going down. So naturally, Thor ditches his girl to race to Odin’s side:

Along the way, he flashback-montages about how this whole shebang started (which, if you read the last ‘ish, you already know), from the Cosmo-smoke showing him the universe being wiped out, to Odin’s warning that the word “Infinity” wouldn’t get out of his head, and the subsequent departure of Odin and the Loki attack that brought his beloved Sif out to lend a hand:

And finally, the warning that sent him hurtling through space on a rescue mission, despite Sif’s protests. That out of the way, he finally reaches his destination:

So now he finds himself within the World!Beyond, and what a strange place it is, all desolate and misty. But our hero quickly discovers, he’s not alone:

Apparently, Thor isn’t as welcome as he’d anticipated:

Goro!Guardian rushes Thor, who responds with a resounding hammer smack:

Goro!Guardian is duly impressed with the strength of Thor’s arm, but not enough to stop the onslaught:

He unleashes his mace, which does more than merely smash things impressively:

When the pink smoke dissipates, Goro!Guardian continues his “blah blah My master is cooler than you” tirade, which does *nothing* to assuage Thor’s irritation:

Picking himself back up from the hammer-smash-of-doom delivered by Thor, Guardian marvels at how resilient this newcomer is:

Realizing that Guardian might be the only one to lead him to Daddy!Odin, Annoyed!Thor smacks him around some more and tosses him into a nearby purple lake, intent on getting him to spill about where this “Master” is, before realizing his mistake:

The struggle continues in the water, with Thor getting progressively wetter as he demands to know the Master’s name:

But once the cat is out of the bag:

Goro!Guardian goes from frenzied to freaked out in .01 seconds:

But lest you think that the penalty for failure is death, rest assured, it’s so much worse:

Thor demands to know what has happened to Odin, but Infinity!Master scoffs at his little temper tantrum:

Our poor, Soaked!Thor watches in astonishment as the planet disappears and, with it, Infinity’s giant hand. Again he’s alone. And the swirly mist is back:

Seems that misty travel is the way to go in the World!Beyond, but this time, the face that peers out of the mist at him is a familiar one:

Annoyed!Thor demands that Silent!One tell him where Daddy!Odin has gone, what’s happened to him, but he remains stubbornly true to his name. And that is NOT cool:

Figuring that if he can’t force S!O to speak by physically assaulting him, our hero does the next best thing:

But when Thor checks to see if his plan works, he finds that, well, it totally didn’t:

Following the pointing finger of S!O reveals a planet covered in blackness being swallowed up by Infinity!Master:

In answer, S!O points again, and this time, when the mists part, Thor sees MORE familiar faces:

Unfortunately for Thor, they don’t rush him with open arms. Instead, they draw their weapons and rush to attack. Not wanting to hurt them, because they’re allies most of the time, Thor calls a storm to slow them down:

Running out of options, Desperate!Thor tries a hurricane, but that doesn’t stop them either:

Thor realizes that their determination must be Infinity!Master’s doing, so he reaches into his ever dwindling bag o’ tricks for one more party favor:

And where does this Thor!tex take them?

Unfortunately, there’s another problem that G!V decides to share with Sif, because, why not?

And lest you think that they might just, I don’t know, push the sword back into place:

Speaking OF Daddy!Odin, why don’t we check in with him? Because… again… why not?

The cosmic battle rages on, catching the attention of some earthly astro!geeks who also realize that this is a very bad thing:

Seems that such a battle raging away can only have ONE outcome:

So while the rainstorm on earth reaches epic proportions, we head back out to the edges of the cosmos, where the Thunder God is busy with his own problems:

Things start to go from bad to worse as the time ticks by and still no Mjolnir:

When the smoke clears:

And as if THAT wasn’t bad enough, there’s a new wrinkle:

Goro!Guardian is awake from his nap, cranky as hell, and Lame!Blake is his new target. And Blake is caught between a Goro and a hard place:

Until next week!


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