The Death of Emo!Thor (Again?)


Issue #190, The Mighty Thor (July 1971)

The Mighty Thor “… And So, To Die!”

Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Apologies about no podcast yesterday, I didn’t have much to say, but Gamefly sent me Prototype 2 and Saint’s Row: Third, so with any luck, I’ll sit down and give them a whirl this weekend to let everyone know what I think next week. Speaking of! Dragon had a fantastic idea and one that I want to share with everyone: If there’s a show, movie, game, comic, or book that you want me to watch/play/read and give my opinion on (because, it’s not like there’s hundreds of opinions out there anyway lol) just let me know! I’m always on the lookout for new things (or old things I haven’t gotten around to yet) and I’d be more than happy to carve out some time to give my thoughts.

Most exciting news of the day? We finally will have a plumber come take care of our malfunctioning water heater. You have no idea how long we’ve waited to get this fixed. We’re playing Russian Roulette with the hot water of late and it’ll be nice to turn on the faucet and not spend the first few minutes wondering if we’ll be taking a cold shower or a hot one. Yay!

Okay, enough of that.

Heads up! Grab the Puffs. This issue of Emo!Thor will give you leaky eye syndrome with a slight case of sniffles.


When we last spent time with our stalwart good guy, he was facing down Hungry!Hela and prepping to get reaped after spending an entire issue in hiding as Lame!Blake. Unfortunately for our hero, Hela knows all about how to get him to Thor-out, so she threatened the citizens of fair NYC, wrinkling the NYFD until Thor couldn’t ignore the danger and popped his shining gold locks into the fray:

Hela, to her credit, has one last ace up her sleeve:

Naturally, this goes against everything our hero stands for:

Stuck between a Wall & and a Hungry!Hela, our hero has no choice but to accept his defeat:

Meanwhile, back in the Golden!Realm:

Seems he has a lot to think about, what with betraying Odin and such:

Seems our darling Balder has a bad case of the ‘nilla!fever:

His screams managed to call his ‘nilla!wafer to his side as she appears to warn him that Hela has, in fact, found Thor and he’s in grave peril:

BFF!Balder leaps to his feet and rushes to tell Daddy!Odin of the impending danger to his offspring:

Confused, Balder wonders why Daddy!Odin refuses to do anything about Hela and summons ‘Nilla to show him what’s really going on. The sight of his son slumped before Hela is enough of a kick to Odin’s pale!pants that he finally shows a reaction that isn’t merely languishing about how hard it is being the Allfather:

Back on earth, Hela’s still trying to bad!touch Thor, when things go a little wonky:

The transparent!peeps are enough to jump start Thor’s conviction once more, and he hammers away through space:

She lets him run amok for a few brief moments before she tires of his tantrum and pops him back to earth:

But before she can touch him (again), the ground beneath starts to shake, the buildings go all wavy, which can only mean one thing:

Yup, Odin appears and he is NOT happy:

Of course, Hela is unimpressed:

Before she can lay a hand on Thor, Odin blasts her:

Hela dies:

And suddenly, Emo!Thor is overcome by fear because, hello, you don’t kill death:

Odin sets things to right (transparent!peeps and wavy!buildings restored) and all seems well, except, well… they aren’t:

Seems our hero has an understanding about what Odin’s doomed the world to that apparently even ODIN doesn’t get:

Just to make sure he’s thinking correctly, Emo!Thor hammers away to the sky, surveying the world below and is horrified by what he sees. Bugs don’t die and plants?

And that’s not even counting the tons of people that are suddenly taking over because, hello, no death. Minutes?! later our hero returns and reports his findings to Daddy!Odin, and STILL he balks:

Finally, he seems to see reason, but he is NOT happy about it in the slightest:

He brings Hela back and she springs up like a well-dressed weed:

Finally she gets her hands on him and all it takes is one touch to drop Thor to his knees:

And Odin gets all fatherly:

But it seems that Hela still wants to have a little fun with her prey before offing him:

And of course, she gives a countdown of ten more heartbeats before he dies, but suddenly, Daddy!Odin remembers something important and begs for a little more time as he summons someone else:

As soon as she sees Thor, things go all sniffle-riffic:

*hands out tissues to everyone* So. Sad!Sif confronts Hela:

Unloved!Hela, naturally, has no idea what she’s carrying on about, but that doesn’t stop Sif from reaching histrionics:

She begs and begs, even pointing out Daddy!Odin:

As a last ditch effort, Sif begs Hela to spare Thor and take HER life instead:

Moved by Sif’s willingness to sacrifice her life for her ‘boo, Hela changes her mind and brings him back from the brink of death:

The second he’s back, it’s hug time:

Hela takes off, but not before making sure they know that the next time won’t go so easily for them:

Once she’s gone, Thor notices that Odin is… well… nonplussed:

That said, Daddy!Odin whisks them all back to Asgard, only to discover that it’s not quite the way they left it:

Our hero takes advantage of the situation to work out a little … stress:

They speed away to the city and walk into a warzone, replete with demolished buildings and trolls everywhere. It doesn’t take long before we find out what happened:

Odin, naturally, takes exception to this usurping of his throne and demands Liege!Loki stand down:

And to rub a little salt into the wound:

Of course, this pisses off Thor:

Unfortunately, Odin sees the truth of Loki’s words, and orders Thor to stand down. And they trudge away as Loki gets back to doing what he does best:

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