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Hippo Birdie, Batsy! (Throwback Post)


I couldn’t let today go by without giving a shout out to my main Batsy!boo, busy celebrating his 75th BIRTHDAY!



So I thought I’d repost the very first Batsy!Snark I did! Waaaay back in 2011. Enjoy it! (more…)

Batsy Keeps It Close



Issue #94, Detective Comics (Dec 1944)

Batman & Robin: “No One Must Know!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

It’s one hell of a gloomy day out there! I don’t know what it is… perhaps it’s just the darkness of the day. But it’s certainly not a “Dark” day all the way around! I’m still dealing with all of last week’s craziness, but the weekend was not a complete wash. And I have to say… (more…)

Batsy Lets it Rain!



Issue #87, Detective Comics (May 1944)

Batman & Robin: “The Man of a Thousand Umbrellas!”

Tumultuous!Tuesday, Batfans!

It’s a lovely grey day here in Soggy!Seattle. It’s Election Day. The day when polls are guaranteed to be clogged with peeps getting out to cast their votes. Luckily, here, we get our ballots mailed to us so we can mail them back or drop them in the box at our leisure, so Dragon and I already did our civic duty and made our voices heard. Here’s hoping every American who *can* vote, does. Because, remember… (more…)

Wedding Bells For Sif



Issue #193, The Mighty Thor (November 1971)

The Mighty Thor “What Power Unleashed?”

Thunderous!Thursday, oh Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

First things first, I did want to extend my condolences to those of you on the East Coast who had to deal with Hurricane!Sandy’s presence this week. I’ve been through a Typhoon or two in my time, so I know what a bitch the aftermath can be. Here’s hoping you all recover quickly.

I trust everyone had an eventful (or, if you’re like us, an un-eventful) Halloween? We spent it like misers, eating tasty subs and watching all the Halloween programming we’d been saving up on. And, of course, recording The Black Cat for all of you. *winks* (more…)

Batsy Finds A Fishing Pole!



Issue #86, Detective Comics (April 1944)

Batman & Robin: “Danger Strikes Three!”

Moody!Monday Batfans!

For those of you who were paying attention, I did a little surprise update on Saturday via voice post. Hooray for randomness! If you haven’t listened to it yet, you should. Particularly if you’re wondering about my excursions into Dishonored and my mini review on Mockingbird Lane. I also explain just why I was absent last week. (more…)

Emo!Thor Takes Mardi Gras!



Issue #192, The Mighty Thor (September 1971)

The Mighty Thor “Conflagration!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Apparently Hollywood’s been busy, because THIS squee-tastic news showed up in my morning newsfeed: DC’s announced a release date for a JL movie! (more…)

Batsy Gets A Little … Mental



Issue #83, Detective Comics (January 1944)

Batman & Robin: “Accidentally On Purpose!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

This weekend was all about working on the sequel to Minutes To Midnight and kicking some ass in Darksiders.

Oh, and enjoying the fact that we now have consistent hot water. YAY!

And rain. It has been raining! DOUBLE YAY! (more…)

Emo!Thor Gets His Mouth Slapped Clean Off



Issue #191, The Mighty Thor (August 1971)

The Mighty Thor “A Time Of Evil!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! Also? Happy 10/11/12!

Sorry this is a little late. We had a plumber in the house most of the day because we’ve been playing Russian Roulette with the hot water heater for almost 2 months now. We now have consistent hot water. This is made of awesome and win. And there was much celebration to be had! (more…)

Batsy Gets A Little Dandy



Issue #81, Detective Comics (November 1943)

Batman & Robin: “The Cavalier of Crime!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

I trust you all had a pleasant weekend, filled with all sorts of awesomeness that is unique to you? Fabulous. We did too. There was Prototype 2 playing and writing and show-catching-up-on. There was Cabin In The Woods and Avengers and fangirlish squeeing.

All in all… a typical weekend around here. (more…)

The Death of Emo!Thor (Again?)



Issue #190, The Mighty Thor (July 1971)

The Mighty Thor “… And So, To Die!”

Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Apologies about no podcast yesterday, I didn’t have much to say, but Gamefly sent me Prototype 2 and Saint’s Row: Third, so with any luck, I’ll sit down and give them a whirl this weekend to let everyone know what I think next week. Speaking of! Dragon had a fantastic idea and one that I want to share with everyone: If there’s a show, movie, game, comic, or book that you want me to watch/play/read and give my opinion on (because, it’s not like there’s hundreds of opinions out there anyway lol) just let me know! I’m always on the lookout for new things (or old things I haven’t gotten around to yet) and I’d be more than happy to carve out some time to give my thoughts. (more…)