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Wedding Bells For Sif



Issue #193, The Mighty Thor (November 1971)

The Mighty Thor “What Power Unleashed?”

Thunderous!Thursday, oh Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

First things first, I did want to extend my condolences to those of you on the East Coast who had to deal with Hurricane!Sandy’s presence this week. I’ve been through a Typhoon or two in my time, so I know what a bitch the aftermath can be. Here’s hoping you all recover quickly.

I trust everyone had an eventful (or, if you’re like us, an un-eventful) Halloween? We spent it like misers, eating tasty subs and watching all the Halloween programming we’d been saving up on. And, of course, recording The Black Cat for all of you. *winks* (more…)

Emo!Thor Takes Mardi Gras!



Issue #192, The Mighty Thor (September 1971)

The Mighty Thor “Conflagration!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Apparently Hollywood’s been busy, because THIS squee-tastic news showed up in my morning newsfeed: DC’s announced a release date for a JL movie! (more…)

Emo!Thor Gets His Mouth Slapped Clean Off



Issue #191, The Mighty Thor (August 1971)

The Mighty Thor “A Time Of Evil!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts! Also? Happy 10/11/12!

Sorry this is a little late. We had a plumber in the house most of the day because we’ve been playing Russian Roulette with the hot water heater for almost 2 months now. We now have consistent hot water. This is made of awesome and win. And there was much celebration to be had! (more…)

The Death of Emo!Thor (Again?)



Issue #190, The Mighty Thor (July 1971)

The Mighty Thor “… And So, To Die!”

Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Apologies about no podcast yesterday, I didn’t have much to say, but Gamefly sent me Prototype 2 and Saint’s Row: Third, so with any luck, I’ll sit down and give them a whirl this weekend to let everyone know what I think next week. Speaking of! Dragon had a fantastic idea and one that I want to share with everyone: If there’s a show, movie, game, comic, or book that you want me to watch/play/read and give my opinion on (because, it’s not like there’s hundreds of opinions out there anyway lol) just let me know! I’m always on the lookout for new things (or old things I haven’t gotten around to yet) and I’d be more than happy to carve out some time to give my thoughts. (more…)

Emo!Thor Grabs A Blanket



Issue #189, The Mighty Thor (June 1971)

The Mighty Thor “The Icy Touch of Death!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

The weather has taken a turn for the chilly around here again (FINALLY).

Some of our favorite shows are back on the toob, with a few newbies making it into the mix, so we’ve been playing catch-up. Surprisingly, there are a few of the newer ones that weren’t horrifically as bad as I thought they would be, thus saving them into the “3 episode” queue. A quick explanation: We have what we call the “3EQ” wherein new shows get exactly three episodes to impress us. I try to rarely make the decision based on just the pilot because there have been plenty of shows that would’ve been snipped after seeing the first episode. (more…)

Emo!Thor Finds The End



Issue #188, The Mighty Thor (May 1971)

The Mighty Thor “The End Of Infinity!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Still recuperating from the Texas trip. It’s truly amazing how much you realize you need another vacation once you’re back from the most recent one. It’s tough to get back in the game when you sit there going, “Wow. A week ago, I was chillin’ in the car with my folks, speeding down 410.”

More observations (because y’all know I wasn’t done last time, right?): (more…)

Emo!Thor Sees The Unseen!



Issue #187, The Mighty Thor (April 1971)

The Mighty Thor “The World Is Lost!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor enthusiasts!

*checks the time* Yup. Coming in juuuuust under the wire. Apologies. It’s been a long, tough day full of all sorts of emotional stuff. So I’m going to keep this part short and sweet. Life is about two things: (more…)

Emo!Thor Gets Touchy



Issue #186, The Mighty Thor (March 1971)

The Mighty Thor “Worlds At War!”

Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Yup. Summer has officially come to Seattle and the drama-queening has already started. I’m willing to bet (because you won’t catch me out there actually LOOKING) that there’s already a dangerous shortage of portable A/C units and bottled water. BECAUSE SUMMERTIME IS SERIOUS BUSINESS, Y’ALL! This “heat wave” of “94 – 96” degree weather is only supposed to last 2 whole days. So you can BET the news will be talking about Summergeddon 2012 for the next week. (more…)

To Infinity! And…Beyond?



Issue #185, The Mighty Thor (February 1971)

The Mighty Thor “In The Grip Of Infinity!”

Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

I don’t have too much to update about today, prompted, in part, to not feeling so well.

If you saw the post yesterday, you know that Minutes To Midnight went live on Podiobooks and iTunes! We already have a bunch of subscribers, so if you’re feeling the need to listen to me read our book to you, then head on over and check it out. It’s totally free. (more…)

Emo!Thor Gets Left Behind



Issue #184, The Mighty Thor (January 1971)

The Mighty Thor “The World Beyond!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

So, I totally didn’t want to do this, but because of … complications… with the last issue of Thor, I’ve had to skip not one, but two issues because coming into a story arc right in the MIDDLE of the story is kinda like your DVR forgetting to tape the first hour of So You Think You Can Dance and realizing you’re going to be stuck watching the second hour and missing all those performances and maybe your favorite performers all went first.  True story. (more…)