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Why The UK Is Making Snarkstress Jealous


I adore our friends across the pond. The culture, the food, the history…all of it makes me rather envious at times.  We do intend on visiting at some point in the near future, but they have yet ANOTHER thing to make this poor little Emo!Thor enthusiast extremely jealous:

In France. 4-27-11. OMG!

That’s right.  Folks in the UK and France get to see the movie I’m absolutely DYING to see almost a full WEEK before it hits theaters stateside. No, really.  It’s true. And ‘lo…I am green with envy.

Angry!Thor is dramatically angry about Snarkstress having to wait to behold his awesomeness on the big screen!

And speaking of green things… Green Hornet is out in theaters, as is Green Lantern.  Will we be seeing both? You betcha.  Although I’ve never been a GH fan, I’m going to see it on sheer principal (because I really like Seth Rogan), despite some rather lackluster reviews.

I fear it shall be epically bad, but damnit, I'm committed.

The same holds true of Green Lantern: Not a huge fan, never read the comics, but Oh. Mah. Gawds. Ryan Reynolds is made of utter yum…and always has been.

Not AS sexay as Thor, but damned close, and eyecandy nonetheless.

Let’s not forget Captain America (Chris Evans) and his incredibly AMAZING outfit! It’s so steampunk and so fitting for this movie.  I’m actually finding myself looking forward to this summer’s movie offerings. Not just because it’s bound to be one HUGE ocular orgy for some of us.

I'm going to need some serious alone time by the time the Summer is over.

Also? They’ve finally released the first image of the new Spiderman reboot.  I’m still on the fence about this… part of me wants to love it, the other part of me has gotten insanely tired of rebooting the same movies again and again by Hollywood.  I’m seriously holding out the hope that THIS Peter Parker is MUCH less whiny than Toby’s version.

Although, from this pic, they're totally ramping up the emo-image. Just sayin'.

What other movie news can I inundate you with? Ah yes. Sucker Punch and the third Batman movie.

This? This looks awesome on SO MANY LEVELS. But looks can be deceiving.

I honestly don’t know what all to expect from this flick, but the imagery I’ve been bombarded with so far has been impressive. Hot girls. Dragons. Swords.  Guns.  Baddies? Yeah.

Mmmm. Batsy AND Superman?? My DC heart just quivered a little.

Was I the only one absolutely THRILLED with the news that the last Batman movie was NOT going to be in 3D?  Don’t get me wrong, I completely plan on seeing Thor in 3D when it hits theaters this May, but on average, I’ve gotten entirely too tired of movies being filmed in that format because it makes me feel like it’s just another way for studios to jack up the prices on movies.  I don’t mind paying the already exorbitant price for the theater experience, but there comes a point that you just have to say “enough is enough”.  Thankfully, Chris Nolan said it for me. YAY!

Hearing that WB has a few competing movies waiting in the wings (Lobo, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Superman reboot, Justice League, Deadman…and WONDER WOMAN), I can’t wait to see what happens, because c’mon: Superheroes on the big screen!  Provided they keep Megan Schlox out of the WW role, I’ll be a relatively happy woman for several years to come.

Okay. That’s all I’ve got right now.  Off to make some Kahlua Pork and spend quality downtime with my Dragon.

~Go Team Thor!
The Snarkstress *H*