Sno-pocalypse 2012!


So… I was supposed to bring you an Emo!Thor yesterday, but I did not. Why? Because early Wednesday morning, Sno-pocalypse 2012 hit the Puget Sound area. And then yesterday, Sno-pocalypse became Ice-pocalypse 2012, and there was much freaking out and madness to be seen on television.

I took a sno-day.

And look what I did with it:

Today? Working on the project. Drinking hot salted caramel cocoa. Skyrimming, perhaps. But definitely some snuggle time with my Dragon while the weather outside is still frightful.

But lest you think I haven’t even taken a peek at the next ‘ish of Thor…let me reassure you… Stubby DID have an inspiration:

*runs away to play in the sno*


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