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Hippo Birdie, Batsy! (Throwback Post)


I couldn’t let today go by without giving a shout out to my main Batsy!boo, busy celebrating his 75th BIRTHDAY!



So I thought I’d repost the very first Batsy!Snark I did! Waaaay back in 2011. Enjoy it! (more…)

The Holidaze. So That Happened.


It’s 2014.


It’s … Tuesday.

And it’s been a hella long time since I’ve updated.


So I’m going to do so now: Snark is coming. It’s been crazy hectic here the last few months and I’m still scrambling to catch up on everything. There have been audiobooks produced, podcasts done, books to be written, houses moved, jobs changing, and all manner of enough insanity to ensure that life has been… interesting of late.


I haven’t abandoned you to the winds of time. Things are coming along. Never fear.

There will be snark in 2014.



Merry Halloween-ween!!


I know. I suck because the updates have been so … non-updatey of late. Work issues.



Seriously, do not be drinking anything when you click this, but prepare to laugh yourself silly.

I couldn’t let this particular holiday go by without a little something, right?

It is also the last day of October, AKA National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I do hope you checked your breasticles this month (and every month) to do your part!


May you get nothing but tons of candy and lots of fun this holiday! And I will update as I can! Because I miss you guys!


Fangirl Friday!


*ETA: Probably would be a good thing to hit “publish”…*


Episode Deux of Clashing Muses. Things are still crazy busy around here but I *am* working on getting the CM blog up and running, but there are only a limited amount of hours to my day (damn, I feel old) and bills to be paid.

But we *still* sat down last week and chatted it up!

Last week, on our blogtalk show, we talked about Biomancers (as they exist within the world of the Nemesis Chronicles)…the first part is LIVE every Friday night at 8pm PST at this link: HERE.

And then we kicked back for part 2 (see link below) just to rant and share the love.





Fangirl Friday!


As promised, part one and two of the CL Podcast last week.


Remember, the first part is LIVE every Friday night at 8pm PST at this link: HERE.

You’re welcome to call in or join us in the chat room if you have any burning questions.

Part two is recorded right after said live broadcast and covers more things that we couldn’t cram into 30 minutes. Edited and displayed here for your listening pleasure.

Keeping it short because we are bushed.


Until next week!



I Have Not Abandoned You!



Things have been super crazy around here, what with In-Law visits and Audio project deadlines looming. However!

We have a few things cooking right now, one of which can be found here: and listened to LIVE every Friday at 8pm EST. Here’s the fun part, on Friday, after the live portion, we record a CL exclusive portion that will be up by the next Friday, so keep your ears peeled for part 2 to show up tomorrow.


Also, once I get these Audio books out of the way, I’ll be updating and creating the Clashing Muses blog, a place to find the latest podcasts from yours truly, in case you’re not all about the snark. We cover movie/game/television reviews, food stuffs, you name it. If it’s not necessarily snark, more Fangirl Friday related? It’ll be there. And here. Cross posting for the win, right?


You can still follow what we’re up to on twitter: @hrjacksontnc aaaaand…. *points at sidebar* there too.

I’m dying to do snark, but y’know, real life is being a PITA right now. Maybe if I catch a break between now and tomorrow, I’ll get Wonder Woman up in addition to the Friday Fangirl posting. Seriously, yo, I haven’t even had a chance to do my nails. My tips are looking raggedy!





It’s Late… But I Don’t Have Anything For You Tonight.



So, long story short, there haven’t been many snark posts because the hard drive holding all my comics and such is dying a painful, tortured death (apparently). The good news is I’m currently pulling everything I can from it to a new HD. The bad news is…I’m seriously behind on snark posts.

And the mechanical freakouts continued with our DVR deciding to freak out enough to need technical support this weekend, so… yeah.


I’ll be back next week, with a new mani, new movies, and new snark.

Until then, all I have for you is my reaction to the news yesterday of Ben Affleck being chosen to play Batsy in the Supes/Batsy movie:


Have a great weekend!


Fangirl Friday! To Lois, With Love.


I’m keeping it short and sweet this Friday because I’m not feeling so well.


I did manage to get my mani-on this week and after being inspired by several different versions of this particular style, I wanted to try it myself.

With my own spin, naturally.



Fangirl Friday! Where’s The Bat?


It’s late. I’ll keep this succinct.


Things have been insane around here, and I had started the Batsy post for Monday, but then… things went a little sideways. Between the Virtual Book Tour (the live interview we did on podcast can be found at THIS link) and the hard drive upon which I store ALL my comics deciding to die, it’s been a hell of a week.


My one bright spot?

*insert spontaneous fangasms all over the house*


I know you’ll forgive me for not having Batsy up. I need to see how many of my comics I can recover, particularly since the issue I was working on (#3) has somehow decided to go the way of the Dodo, leaving me a little… annoyed.


But since I couldn’t bring you Batsy snark, I did the next best thing:



Fangirl Friday!


TGIF to you!

It’s been a long, yet ultimately lovely week for us. Can you believe it’s already August?


Things have been heating up around here at Hus af Snark, mostly in the “taking in a ton of projects and filling out our calendar for the next month” sort of way. (Which also explains why this is going up so late tonight…)


In case you missed it, we’ve got a virtual book tour starting this Monday, August 5th, for book 2 of the Nemesis Chronicles, Hand of Time. More details can be found at and on our Facebook fan page. Needless to say, it’s going to be a busy month.

I’ve also started participating in this month’s #FMSPhotoaday challenge and you can follow along on ye olde twitter (@hrjacksontnc). In case you don’t wish to go to the link, here’s the list of topics by day:

Alright, let’s get on with the fangirl portion of our post!