2012-10-31 13.35.02

Snarkstress Gets Her Poe On!

2012-10-31 13.35.02

Happy Halloween-ween, everyone!

So I promised I’d do something special today for all of you and BEHOLD! An audio doth appear! If you like creepy. If you like E.A. Poe. If you need a little spooky fix for your Samhain plans, then look no further. And no…it’s not The Raven.

As for us, we’re keeping it low key this year. Some good eats, some good movies, and a little creepiness amongst ourselves. Hell, I’ve already been drained and shocked via spooky Eeyore-clad nurse this morning. What else IS there to do? (Aside from terrorizing the Feline Mafia with costumery, that is.)

Have a safe and shivery Halloween!



(And to all our friends and fans on the East coast, hang in there! We’re glad you’re all okay!)


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