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Fangirl Friday!


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Episode Deux of Clashing Muses. Things are still crazy busy around here but I *am* working on getting the CM blog up and running, but there are only a limited amount of hours to my day (damn, I feel old) and bills to be paid.

But we *still* sat down last week and chatted it up!

Last week, on our blogtalk show, we talked about Biomancers (as they exist within the world of the Nemesis Chronicles)…the first part is LIVE every Friday night at 8pm PST at this link: HERE.

And then we kicked back for part 2 (see link below) just to rant and share the love.





Wonder Woman Joins The Circus!


Issue #1, Wonder Woman (June 1942)

Wondrous!Wednesday, Amazon!Fanatics!

We’re back with the second story from ‘Ish #1 of WW.


What a week so far. Between the unexpected death of Glee’s Cory Monteith, the unexpected not-guilty verdict in the Zimmerman case, and the unexpected passing of 13 year-old Talia Castellano, the news has been pretty much just sadness and woe. There have been riots and tears all around, and here in sunny Seattle, we’ve been doing what we can to keep perky.


Mostly by ingesting obscene amounts of giffage while working like a madwoman on editing my latest audiobook project and hammering out chapters for book 3 of The Nemesis Chronicles.


The week *did* start out rather nicely, to be honest. We had a wonderful weekend with some friends. Broke out the Risk: Godstorm game and just had a blast. Good food (amazeballs burgers on the grill, ‘tater and mac salads), laughter, and awesome friends make for fun times.


Then Snarkstress had to get sick. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I have  a sore throat like nobody’s business, and feel like warmed over death. I’m seconds away from devolving into a whiny girl-child, and nobody wants that, trust me. So I’m going to drink some more tea (with some honey we picked up at a local farmer’s market the aforementioned friends introduced us to) and see what I can do to laugh, quietly and mostly in my brain, by embracing my inner Amazon and telling this ickiness to GTFO.


And who better to help keep the giggles going than our delightful daughter of Hippolyte?


Fangirl Friday! Polish Haul and Hilarity!


Fabulous Fangirl Friday to you all!


I’ve been to the dentist twice now this week, both for the same stupid temporary crown. All I can say is: It’s a darned good thing I actually like my dentist. And I am *so* happy that she gives me valium.


It’s been spectacularly sunny and warm here in gray ol’ Seattle-town, although the clouds moving in tonight make me wonder if it’s going to last. We’re both hoping that Saturday, at least, is full of awesome weather as we have a date with friends and their bbq.

I’m even making red velvet for the occasion. You *know* it’s going to be a good time when Snarkstress busts out the baking pans.


Pictures may, or may not, be forthcoming. So that you, too, can marvel at my baking-fu.

I’ve also been working a LOT on recording a new audiobook for a fantastic author. A book that, may I share, is amazingly good and leaves me incredibly humbled to be a part of. The characters are so rich and so much fun, the story is addictive, and, um, the sexiness in it? Un.Be.Lievable. I’ll share more when it’s available because, seriously, it’s a fun read.


And speaking of great books, the fifth book in the Charlie Davidson series by Darynda Jones, “Fifth Grave Past the Light” was released this week and it’s been staring at me from my Kindle’s screen. I’ve only been able to read a couple of chapters (I know, bad Snarkstress!) but with as busy as I’ve been, well, you know. I plan to have it finished this weekend. Or at least by next Friday.


And, because it’s relevant: Our audiobook is out there on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon, along with e-copies and hard copies. *Shameless plugging to your right. arrow1s_e0*

You’ll also notice over there that I’ve finally added a link to my Pinterest boards. Because Pinterest is the purest, most evil time suck ever. And I love it.


SO! Let’s talk about nails.


Emo!Thor Gets Wet!


Issue #197, The Mighty Thor (March 1972)

The Mighty Thor “The Well At The Edge Of The World!”

Thunderous Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!


I bet you think I forgot all about you. Were you feeling unloved? Ignored? UNFULFILLED? UN-GIF’D?

Well, say no more. Yea, verily, though things around here be changing, I haven’t forgotten you all.


So let’s talk about what’s gonna be changing around here, shall we?


Emo!Thor Gets His Bug On.



Issue #195, The Mighty Thor (January 1972)

The Mighty Thor “In The Shadow of Mangog!!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Two posts in the same week? I KNOW, RIGHT?

Chatty Snarkstress is chatty. Now in bullet list form. With gifs. Because they’re awesome. (more…)

Emo!Thor Finds The End



Issue #188, The Mighty Thor (May 1971)

The Mighty Thor “The End Of Infinity!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Still recuperating from the Texas trip. It’s truly amazing how much you realize you need another vacation once you’re back from the most recent one. It’s tough to get back in the game when you sit there going, “Wow. A week ago, I was chillin’ in the car with my folks, speeding down 410.”

More observations (because y’all know I wasn’t done last time, right?): (more…)

Batsy Gets Curiouser and Curiouser…



Issue #74, Detective Comics (April 1943)

Batman & Robin: “Tweedledum and Tweedledee!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

We’re baaack!

There’s nothing quite like a vacation to refresh your creative juices and remind you of how much you love being home… hot water heater issues and arachnifoes notwithstanding. Texas didn’t implode from the immense amount of awesome that our trip afforded it and really? I’ve come to appreciate the state in a new way. A way that doesn’t include us living there.

Lessons learned (warning: This is about to get real long, y’all): (more…)

Emo!Thor Gets Touchy



Issue #186, The Mighty Thor (March 1971)

The Mighty Thor “Worlds At War!”

Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Yup. Summer has officially come to Seattle and the drama-queening has already started. I’m willing to bet (because you won’t catch me out there actually LOOKING) that there’s already a dangerous shortage of portable A/C units and bottled water. BECAUSE SUMMERTIME IS SERIOUS BUSINESS, Y’ALL! This “heat wave” of “94 – 96” degree weather is only supposed to last 2 whole days. So you can BET the news will be talking about Summergeddon 2012 for the next week. (more…)

A Crime A Day Keeps The Batsy At Bay



Issue #71, Detective Comics (Jan 1943)

Batman & Robin: “A Crime A Day!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

Summer officially descended upon our fair city, bringing with it temps in the low 90s and the overwhelming panic that generally accompanies such dramatic changes in weather. Thankfully, most of the city was too busy spending time out at SeaFair to really have a chance to indulge in their hand-wringing antics, but true to form, on the news this morning, the anchors were all, “OMG! SO HOT! CAN WE HAVE THE COLD BACK NOW PLEASE?” And my favorite weatherman, Sam, was all, “LOL! NO! JUST KIDDING!” (more…)

Sno-pocalypse 2012!



So… I was supposed to bring you an Emo!Thor yesterday, but I did not. Why? Because early Wednesday morning, Sno-pocalypse 2012 hit the Puget Sound area. And then yesterday, Sno-pocalypse became Ice-pocalypse 2012, and there was much freaking out and madness to be seen on television.

I took a sno-day. (more…)