San Diego Comic Con Jealousy


Issue #180, The Mighty Thor (September 1970)

The Mighty Thor “When Gods Go Mad!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

So… there’s a little shindig down south of here starting today. It’s called the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), maybe you’ve heard of it? One of the hottest tickets of the year, chock full of enough geekery goodness to make a nerdlet like me squee’splode repeatedly. Exclusive comics and other collectables, panels with special guests, cosplay like whoa, and parties that exhaust the most stalwart of partygoers.

And we’re not going to be there. Again. Because getting tickets is like standing outside in a rainstorm, begging for a lightning strike.

I suppose I’ll have to content myself with Emerald City Comic Con next year, since I’m relatively certain scoring tickets to SDCC next year is ALSO going to be a long shot in the dark. Ah well. Love for ECCC.

Perhaps when Minutes To Midnight takes off, we might find ourselves with a kiosk of our very own? Who knows? Make it happen, folks! Buy our book! We’d LOVE to sign copies (and by then, we’re expecting to have book 2 out too!) and meet our fans.

But enough whining about not being invited to the cool kid’s party… we WILL be making a trip in September! We shall descend upon South Texas with a vengeance hitherto unseen! Well, perhaps not so dramatically, but we’re going home for a week to spend some time with my fantastic parents and reconnect with our friends. We haven’t been back in four years (literally, it was four years today since we packed up and drove to Seattle) and we’re nearly as excited to see everyone as we are to finally revisit some of our favorite food places. Mmm. Freddy’s. Earl of Sandwich. Taco Cabana.

Speaking of food, I did promise you a glimpse at my latest miniatures, did I not?

So, as you can see, I’ve been revamping and retooling the Woe!Cakes already done as new ideas present themselves to me. I’m also dabbling with resin now, so don’t be surprised if there are suddenly new charms showing up from time to time. YAY hobbies!

We should certainly have much more time for hobbies now anyway, considering we’re about to cut the cable cord and switch to Roku/Netflix/Hulu Plus. It’s just not feasible to pay SO much money for cable television when, 90% of the time, we don’t watch it until later anyway. Our Roku should be arriving later today (YAY!) and we’ll be giving it a whirl this weekend. Also arriving today? Uncharted from Gamefly. Should be a blast (or so I’ve been told). I was expecting AC: Brotherhood, but apparently Gamefly doesn’t really like to pay all that much attention to what you’ve got on your queue. Ah well. It wouldn’t be on there if I didn’t want it, right?

And that’s all I’ve got for you, life-wise, to share. What’s that I hear? Oh yes! It’s Snark!Time!


When last we left our Thunder!dood, he was the victim of identity theft most foul, courtesy of his dastardly sibling, Loki, and having to somehow prove to Sexay!Sif and BFF!Balder that he really was himself. It took some serious weeping after an immense electro-jolt to Balder before either of them was willing to stop their Kill!Maim!Destroy modes and actually listen to what he was saying. Meanwhile:

Yes, Thor!ki is busy tearing up the city, as only he knows how:

He’s certainly loving all the additional power:

Doing massive damage, knowing all the while, that he won’t take a shred of blame for it:

And he’s certainly looking forward to Daddy!Odin discovering what’s been done:

But his gloating is cut short:

Seems Loki!or, Balder, and Sif have finally reached an understanding about the true nature of the situation:

Meanwhile, back in Asgard, Daddy!Odin has indeed found out that Loki’s been detected, but he’s quite pissy that Thor hasn’t yet brought him in for punishment. Off to the enchanti!sphere for a little voyeuristic spying:

And back on earth:

Thor!ki, however, is unconcerned about the wrath of Loki!or:

But, strangely enough, the hammer’s ray does nothing:

Balder and Sif look on, knowing that things are about to get worse, while Thor!ki feels a tingle in his naughty bits:

On Asgard, Loki!or finds himself in a sticky situation:

And rather than hear him out, Daddy!Odin shuts him up as only he can:

An act which causes some serious emo to descend upon poor Odin:

Sadly, Emo!Odin has to pronounce sentence upon his most perfidious son:

Back on earth, Thor!ki wastes NO time:

Of course, he’s apparently forgotten that Balder and Sif are still there, so they remind him by charging into battle against him:

But Thor!ki is not so easily distracted:

Naturally, Sif ain’t having any of it, but he’s too strong for her to fight off, so as the pr0n music swells:

Balder, in an attempt to save Sif, makes her vanish and then sends her to Asgard before charging back into battle:

Thor!ki walks away from beaten!Balder, gloating as he goes:

Back in Asgard, Sif runs to Odin’s Vizier, asking if he’s seen Thor. Naturally, his answer is no, which sends Sif into a tizzy and she demands to see Odin to explain:

Vigilant!Vizier shows Sif where Loki!or has been sent via the royal Cosmi!Screen and she is overcome:

And what, beyond flames, did she see in that sphere?

Speaking OF:

Pleased!Mephisto is absolutely giddy with delight, but not everything is as it seems:

Seems touching his newest acquisition causes him pain, and not just any pain:

He takes a step back, recollects his composure and really takes a good, hard look at who he’s dealing with:

Loki!or fills in the rest of the deets, telling him that he’s really Thor and that there is NO WAY Mephisto is going to keep him in Hades. Naturally, this doesn’t sit well with the Master of Hades, and he decides it’s time to demonstrate his power a bit:

Confused, Loki!or takes a step, breaks some filament, and one of the globules is suddenly free:

And… then this happens:

He struggles in the goo, refusing to be overcome:

And then it dawns on him that he still has control over Loki’s powers, so he blasts his way free and surges toward Mephisto. Unfortunately, he hasn’t learned that when he moves, he breaks the little filaments on the floor, releasing more globules, so when another one drops, he finds himself with an entirely NEW situation to face:

We leave our hero to fight against this new creature intent on encasing him within the mystic beams of bondage (no, really), we head back to Asgard, to watch another fight, already in progress:

Seems the Warriors!Three are busy dealing with a little Troll trouble:

The three take off, having other places to be, only to be suddenly brought to a halt by another joining their cause:

Moments later, she’s filled them (and the vizier) in on the details of what really happened, and everyone admits that Odin made a mistake:

But there’s not much they can do about it, sadly:

Hogun, though aching to go after Thor!ki, realizes that it’d be better to have Loki!or free first, and asks directions to Hades. There aren’t any roads, he’s told, but there IS a way:

And with but a wish, the quartet find themselves knocking on Mephisto’s door:

Having caused Volstagg to wet his leathers, he apologizes for his prank:

He knows why they’re there, but:

Until Monday! Stay safe, those of you doing the SDCC thang, and thanks for reading!


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