The Couchlocked Duo Triumphs Over Doctor Doom!

Oh yeah, bay-bee!

After weeks of solid hours of gaming, tears of frustration and rage, bickering over who gets what prizes, reconsidered marriage vows, and grueling boss fights, we’ve finally beaten the game!

At least for now.

My initial issues with the game still stand. But I will say this: the game gets better. And by better, I mean infinitely more frustrating as you go along. But frustrating in a good way.

The frustration drives you to be determined to kick Dr. Doom’s ass, yea verily, all over the damned ROOM when you finally make it to him.  Once you really start focusing on leveling up, constantly saving wherever you get a chance, and learning the trick to reviving a fallen teammate when it’s most beneficial?  Then you start to seriously enjoy the beat-downs you’re delivering.

The Atlantis level really sucks.  There are a few boss fights that make you want to throw the controller across the room (*coughGalactuscough*).  But honestly, the storyline is at least believable within the Marvel universe, the artwork on the cut scenes is phenomenal, and the closing credits MORE than make up for the hair-tearing moments through the game.

We didn’t quite get all the side missions completed, resulting in little blips on the radar of awesome, but we’re going to go back through and see if we can catch them all.

The best part? Watching Thor lose his cool and just flip OUT on Loki.  And Odin’s reaction to what Doctor Doom is trying to do? Priceless.

All in all, a very solid game. One that we’ll be enjoying for months to come… because we’re competitive that way.

Next on my “to pwn” list? Superhero Squad on the PSP.  Time to get down and dirty with the cutest versions of the Marvel heroes I think I’ve ever seen…well, with the exception of Tokidoki’s take on the characters. And before anyone asks, yes. I own this shirt.

What? I did mention a slight obsession, did I not?

The Snarkstress *H*

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