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Sno-pocalypse 2012!



So… I was supposed to bring you an Emo!Thor yesterday, but I did not. Why? Because early Wednesday morning, Sno-pocalypse 2012 hit the Puget Sound area. And then yesterday, Sno-pocalypse became Ice-pocalypse 2012, and there was much freaking out and madness to be seen on television.

I took a sno-day. (more…)

October is NBCAM


Boobs. Breasts. Knockers. Melons. Tits. Jugs. Milk Pillows. The Girls. Air Bags. Angel Cakes. Mammaries. Bigguns. Blouse Bunnies. Boobies. Bewbs. Nugs. Muffins. Milk Wagons. Orbs. Bodacious Tatas. Rack. Satan’s Love Pillows. Dueling Banjos. Cream Pies. Snoobs. Flesh Bulbs. Fog Lights. Titties. Hooters. Honkers. Love Muffins. Wobblers. Bra Buddies. Bosoms. Mounds. (And OH so many more…)

For those of you who like things spelled out, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It’s time to ‘think pink’ and take some time out of your busy schedule to get cozy with the sweater monsters in your life (whether they belong to you, your wife, your girlfriend, your husband, boyfriend, etc.) to show them how much you value their good health!

Next to skin cancer, breast cancer is THE most common form of cancer for women, with almost 200,000 new cases reported every year.  It affects women and men from all backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, social standings, and walks of life.

If you have mammary glands, you’re at risk for diagnosis.

But together, we’re working to lower those risks! It’s important to make sure you get to know the knockers in your life, don’t be afraid to squeeze, fondle, and tease them.  Regular breast examinations can help you notice irregularities, and don’t be afraid to go to your doctor if you have questions.

It’s better to go in and be told that there’s nothing there than to wait and be too late!

For all the survivors of breast cancer, their loved ones and their friends, to those of you out there still struggling with this disease, don’t give up! Keep fighting. Let’s kick this cancer in the nips!