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We Are Family


This weekend we were delighted to be invited to a performance by The Seattle Women’s Chorus entitled We Are Family.

It was an afternoon showing, downtown, at Benaroyal Hall, a venue most often occupied by the Seattle Symphony, and one that we’d never been to before. Surprisingly, unlike a great many things in downtown Seattle, the Hall was actually really easy to get to/find. (Unlike 99-N when we were done, but that’s another story entirely.)  Parking was also surprisingly easy to find and get into, and our first impression of the interior was one of utter amazement.

See, up until this point, the only performances we’d been to were a couple of Pacific Northwest Ballet performances and a combined Seattle Men’s/Women’s chorus performance over at McCaw Hall in the Seattle Center.  And though we love the hall (it’s truly quite beautiful when you get in there), we can’t wait to check out another performance at BH. Most likely, we’ll go see the Symphony because, well, we’re cultured like that!

Anyway, the performance was fantastic! A combination of the beautiful voices of the chorus and clips from Rosie O’Donnell’s documentary, A Family Is A Family Is A Family: A Rosie O’Donnell Celebration, which were, without a doubt, so precious it almost made my teeth hurt.  The music was an amazing collection of songs all revolving around the theme of family, and one of the main points of the show was that family is not something defined by anyone but the family members involved, and that families come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and sexual orientations.

Without getting too soap-boxy, I do have to say that it’s a shame to me that the government refuses to recognize the gay and lesbian community as having the right to get married and raise families. Love is love. And it comes in all flavors.  Marriage is not something that the government should have the final say in. Religious groups not wanting to recognize it: that’s their prerogative. But it’s a basic fundamental human right to share your life with the one you love, regardless of who it may be.  To tell two consenting adults that they cannot spend their lives together under the protection of the rights granted to straight couples the world over is rubbish.  I mean, hell, it wasn’t that long ago that J and I wouldn’t have been allowed to marry because he’s not 100% white as a snowflake.

It’s beyond ridiculous. It’s ridonkulous. And J & I fully support the gay & lesbian community in their efforts.

Hmm. That DID get a little soap-boxy, didn’t it? It happens. :)

In any event, the show was a rousing success. It was chock full of amazing music, fantastic clips, awesome messages and overall, a sense that the members of the Chorus (and the members of the audience as well) are all, in some way or another, part of the biggest family of them all: The Human Family.


*Psst: And yes, the Adventures of Emo!Thor! will continue this week!