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The Holidaze. So That Happened.


It’s 2014.


It’s … Tuesday.

And it’s been a hella long time since I’ve updated.


So I’m going to do so now: Snark is coming. It’s been crazy hectic here the last few months and I’m still scrambling to catch up on everything. There have been audiobooks produced, podcasts done, books to be written, houses moved, jobs changing, and all manner of enough insanity to ensure that life has been… interesting of late.


I haven’t abandoned you to the winds of time. Things are coming along. Never fear.

There will be snark in 2014.



It’s Late… But I Don’t Have Anything For You Tonight.



So, long story short, there haven’t been many snark posts because the hard drive holding all my comics and such is dying a painful, tortured death (apparently). The good news is I’m currently pulling everything I can from it to a new HD. The bad news is…I’m seriously behind on snark posts.

And the mechanical freakouts continued with our DVR deciding to freak out enough to need technical support this weekend, so… yeah.


I’ll be back next week, with a new mani, new movies, and new snark.

Until then, all I have for you is my reaction to the news yesterday of Ben Affleck being chosen to play Batsy in the Supes/Batsy movie:


Have a great weekend!


Sno-pocalypse 2012!



So… I was supposed to bring you an Emo!Thor yesterday, but I did not. Why? Because early Wednesday morning, Sno-pocalypse 2012 hit the Puget Sound area. And then yesterday, Sno-pocalypse became Ice-pocalypse 2012, and there was much freaking out and madness to be seen on television.

I took a sno-day. (more…)

Not Dead Yet…


Just swamped.

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you while you’re busy with other things. Snark will resume soon, pinkie-swears.

I just need to take a moment to dig out from beneath this mountain of bleh that has overtaken everything.

Broody!Batman and Emo!Thor know what I mean:


Mental Health Break


So I do hope everyone had a good holiday weekend!

First, let me apologize. The ratling emergency is still ongoing, but we’re dealing as best we can at the ‘mo. Poor baby either has an infection of some sort…or the big “C”, neither of which is conducive to a stress-free Snarkstress (particularly the latter).

And stressed Snarkstress = Snarking at less than 100% sassiness.

Trust me, that’s just not good for funniness.

She may be a rat, but she’s one of my fur-babies, and as any pet-parent can understand: It really really sucks to see your pet ill.

But we shall soldier on, yes? *flashes her WWETD? bracelet*

I’ll be back with Emo!Thor on Thursday, ‘natch. And there might very well be a Broody!Bat in here sometime this week.

Blame the holiday if you must. And thank you for understanding :)



Dresden Hiatus…


Don’t hate me.

Today’s regularly scheduled Emo!Thor will be postponed until *at least* tomorrow because I’m currently salivating over the most recent Dresden File’s novel, Ghost Story, and I refuse to put this thing down until I’m done.

Seriously. I’m reading and typing at the same time. I know. Mad skillz.

In any event, if you haven’t (for some insanely bizarre reason) yet read this series? What the heck are you waiting for? I can’t say that I *suggest* buying it via certain huge online retailers whose names start with “A” if you have Kindle, because the price is MORE for the e-book than the hard cover, but should you find yourself really needing to, it’s there.

I *do* suggest hitting your local bookstore or getting it directly from Jim Butcher’s webstore because he’s all kinds of awesome and win :)



Where’s The Bat!



Apologies, Bat!Fans.

Your Moody!Monday post, and possibly Thursday’s too, is delayed due to our Internet connection being non-existent.

We’ll be back as soon as it’s up and running again. Thanks for your patience!

Edited to add: For inquiring minds, I have 4g on my phone, and hence this post.


Sucked In


Here. Boggle the moobs of amazing awesomeness while you wait. It's okay. Emo!Thor doesn't mind.

Mea Culpa, Emo!Thor enthusiasts! I haven’t been ignoring you on purpose.

See, this game came out, DC Universe Online…maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s been sucking out my soul of late because, honestly, it’s that damned cool.

But I’m hoping to have the finale for the current E!T arc up sometime later today or tomorrow.

~Go Team DCUO!
The Snarkstress *H*

Uh, So What Happened?


Mea culpa!

I know you’re all waiting with breathless anticipation to see what happens with the next Emo!Thor Adventure.  And normally I’d have one up by now! However, my laptop decided to take a vacation and I’m just now getting everything running on the new one.

I am hoping to have the post up tomorrow, just in time for Thor’s Day.

Thank you for your patience!

In the meantime, might I recommend giving Inception a watch? It’s all sorts of awesome, and we give it all sorts of mad props for being an amazing flick.

~Go Team Thor!
The Snarkstress *H*

On The First Day of Thor-mas…


Still working on the latest Emo!Thor Adventure post, but in the meantime, I wanted to let you all know about a few new additions to my growing Thor collection. (Most of these bought FOR me, lol, and many thanks!)

Aside from the computer gear, I now have:

Thor Bobble-head

Thor clip-watch

The Thor Masterpiece Collection Vol.1

Thor skin for my Kindle

And, two of my favorites, a Thor Cupcake pendant and a Loki cupcake pendant.  Seriously.

What a Merry Thor-mas this is turning out to be!

~Go Team Thor!
The Snarkstress *H*