Luscious!Loki Gets His Ring On


Issue #175, The Mighty Thor (April 1970)

The Mighty Thor “The Fall Of Asgard!”

Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

It’s a gorgeous day outside, and I’ve had to restrain myself all day from running out to play. Unfortunately, my desire for sleep got the better of me (despite two interruptions at my front door) and I’m holding out for the weekend. See, it’s supposed to get really warm. 80’s even. And there’s nothing I enjoy quite so much as listening to the weather drama that follows a heat wave pronouncement.

SOOOOO! We saw the Avengers on opening night. In 3D even. And it was all things wonderful and mega-awesome. I don’t know how Joss Whedon did it, but he took an ensemble cast and a brilliant script and figured out how to make it work. The storyline was so well crafted that I honestly don’t think it could’ve been done any better.

I was skeptical about Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, but he TOTALLY stole the show on several occasions. His interactions with Loki & Thor are f’ing BRILLIANT!

Loki was deliciously evil. Like an evil little woe-cake of awesome.

My favorite golden haired Norseman was SO much better in this one. As much as I loved Thor (the first movie), I adored him in this. And the showdown with him and Iron Man?? AND THEY TOTALLY HAD THE THOR VS. HULK FIGHT, Y’ALL! I was a literal squee-puddle through the whole thing.

SO much love for the Tony Stark & Pepper scenes. It is so beautiful to see Stark in love with someone who can dish it right back to him. And his interactions with the whole cast? Excellent.

I even started giving a damn about Hawkeye and Black Widow. Seriously: Hawkeye’s quiver was amazingly cool. And you can’t really watch Widow kick the crap out of a room of baddies and not want to cheer.

And S.H.I.E.L.D? Well casted, well acted, and they honestly at one point were able to make me all misty eyed. If you’ve seen it, y’know what I’m talking about. *sniff*

All I have to say is this: If you haven’t seen it yet? You really better have a damned good reason because this movie is one of the few that I can honestly say I would go see twice in the theater. Really.

On the book front: We’re about 3 chapters into the Minutes To Midnight sequel. We’ve sold over 700 copies of the first one, have plans to cross platforms into iTunes and Nook, and have tentative plans for an audio book version. So much going on. It’s crazy.

Speaking of crazy? Let’s get this show on the road:


Considering our last exposure to our favorite golden-haired god came at the expense of a full-on Avengers issue, we’ll go back a little further to when we last saw him solo. He was taking on Crypto!Man, comforting teary elderly women, and reminding Mad!Men that they still have mothers who love them too! All of this while being only HALF as powerful as usual. Emo!Thor, half power, FULL AWESOME.

So we open this week’s ish with our hero, back at full capacity, watching some baddies make plans (ala Batsy) to hold up an oncoming truck. He hangs back, preferring to catch them in the act and when they make their move:

Of course, Emo!Thor wants to do this in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone:

Sure enough, the shockwave travels down to the baddies, shaking the road beneath, throwing them off balance, guns flying through the air. Just in time for them to realize that the truck they were about to hijack was stuffed to the gills with police:

And what of the earthquake? Why DID it only hit the baddies?

While they take care of cleaning up the mess, we turn our attention to Asgard, where BFF!Balder is rallying the Warriors!Three and trying to get the hell out of ‘Nilla!Wafer’s territory:

Balder is a bit confused, and disappointed, that she just sorta let them go without a fight, but ‘Nilla takes the time to explain:

The quartet leave, grumbling amongst themselves about how they expected a full-scale battle, so they’re all a bit let down at the peaceful GTFO they just received. And once they’re out of earshot:

And ‘Nilla takes exception:

Outside, our heroes have somehow gotten their hands on horses:

BFF!Balder has a valid point, but before he can continue his explanation, the ground shakes, and they behold Mountain!Giants on the march. Looks like Loathsome!Loki has been hard at work, stirring up the nearby giants in anticipation of Daddy!Odin’s naptime, and the time has come to strike:

Baaaaack on earth:

But as he approaches his building, intent on blake’ing out, he catches sight of someone we’ve ALL been dying to see:

Surprise! It’s Sexay!Sif! Come to see her Boo and tell him about the goings on in Asgard:

Sif mentions that Odin has gone for his nap, and Thor realizes that him being on earth right now is a BAD idea:

The two head off to Asgard in a Hammer!Wind and they pop OUT of earth and arrive in Asgard:

Seconds after leaving the bridge, they encounter a retinue of Asgardian forces heading out to do battle with Loki’s minions, and our hero, naturally, decides to join them:

Once they reach the gates, Thor sends Sif off to guard Daddy!Odin while he plunges right into the fray to take on some Mountain!Giants:

Battle!Thor races through the streets, searching for Loki:

But before he can ride away, his flank is breached (in a manner of speaking):


But rather than stay with his “troops”, Lying!Loki slips away, intent on being somewhere else, somewhere…more important:

He’s able to sneak into the chambers and take out a guard before making his move:

Of course, when he finally steps out into the room, he finds himself facing Sif and a bunch of guards, who all move to take him down, exceeeeept:

The guards all pause, conflicted, and Sif pipes up with the truth:

Liege!Loki’s first order of business:

While she’s being detained, Loki sets his sight on the true object of his quest:

But while Loki’s after his preciousssss, outside, Thor’s getting a little help from his friends:

Thor swoops down and joins in the fray, but mid-fight, he hears something disturbing:

The battle stops and everyone turns to see what all the hubub is about:

Apparently, Loki’s had a bit of a makeover and it’s causing some uproar among the natives:

Emo!Thor immediately takes issue with this pronouncement, calling his troops, rallying them to his cause:

Even Thor is surprised by this reaction:

Lord!Loki tells Emo!Thor to pay homage, to bow his head:

Thor’s lack of enthusiasm is troubling to Loki:

Hearing that Sif is Loki’s prisoner has the expected effect on our hero:

Of course, this is everything that Loki’s dreamed of:

Until Monday!


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