It’s A Couchiversary!

Happy Couchiversary, CL fans!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a YEAR since we started this thing. Time sure does fly by…

Why, it feels like only yesterday that I was sitting around with Dragon, feeling like I had something to say, but not having a place to say it. I’d just started going back through my old issues of Marvel and DC, wanting to start these fabulous stories over again and reconnect with my favorite characters.

During my re-readings, probably due to the passage of time, I realized what a Snarkstress I was turning into, and it just made the issues that much more enjoyable for me to read. And that’s when the idea struck. And voila! was born.

I want to thank all of you who’ve stuck with us through the year. I hope we’ve made you laugh until you cried, plastered big ol’ smiles on those faces, and made you come back for more. I hope I’ve managed to infect some of you with the adoration I have for Emo!Thor and Broody!Batsy, for comics in general, and, I hope, reminding you that no matter how bad your day might be, there’s always room for silly snark.

Here’s to a year of fun, and more to come! Skål!


(Also, in case you haven’t noticed, there is now a form over on the right that will let you get an email as soon as a new post goes live! I promise, we’re not collecting addys or anything weird, just trying to make it all convenient and such.)

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