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Fangirl Friday!


*ETA: Probably would be a good thing to hit “publish”…*


Episode Deux of Clashing Muses. Things are still crazy busy around here but I *am* working on getting the CM blog up and running, but there are only a limited amount of hours to my day (damn, I feel old) and bills to be paid.

But we *still* sat down last week and chatted it up!

Last week, on our blogtalk show, we talked about Biomancers (as they exist within the world of the Nemesis Chronicles)…the first part is LIVE every Friday night at 8pm PST at this link: HERE.

And then we kicked back for part 2 (see link below) just to rant and share the love.





Fangirl Friday! To Lois, With Love.


I’m keeping it short and sweet this Friday because I’m not feeling so well.


I did manage to get my mani-on this week and after being inspired by several different versions of this particular style, I wanted to try it myself.

With my own spin, naturally.



Fangirl Friday! Where’s The Bat?


It’s late. I’ll keep this succinct.


Things have been insane around here, and I had started the Batsy post for Monday, but then… things went a little sideways. Between the Virtual Book Tour (the live interview we did on podcast can be found at THIS link) and the hard drive upon which I store ALL my comics deciding to die, it’s been a hell of a week.


My one bright spot?

*insert spontaneous fangasms all over the house*


I know you’ll forgive me for not having Batsy up. I need to see how many of my comics I can recover, particularly since the issue I was working on (#3) has somehow decided to go the way of the Dodo, leaving me a little… annoyed.


But since I couldn’t bring you Batsy snark, I did the next best thing:



Fangirl Friday!


TGIF to you!

It’s been a long, yet ultimately lovely week for us. Can you believe it’s already August?


Things have been heating up around here at Hus af Snark, mostly in the “taking in a ton of projects and filling out our calendar for the next month” sort of way. (Which also explains why this is going up so late tonight…)


In case you missed it, we’ve got a virtual book tour starting this Monday, August 5th, for book 2 of the Nemesis Chronicles, Hand of Time. More details can be found at and on our Facebook fan page. Needless to say, it’s going to be a busy month.

I’ve also started participating in this month’s #FMSPhotoaday challenge and you can follow along on ye olde twitter (@hrjacksontnc). In case you don’t wish to go to the link, here’s the list of topics by day:

Alright, let’s get on with the fangirl portion of our post!


Two-Thor-One, Fangirl Friday Post!


It’s Friday! Not Thursday. Because I was *really* busy yesterday, so I ran out of time to get all the way through Emo!Thor.



As there hasn’t been a lot to report around Hus af Snark this week, I thought I may as well just give it to you with the Friday post. Because I’m reserving my Fridays for “in case I didn’t get to it” posts and whatnot.

But I’m not forgetting what I *really* like to put up on Fridays, because it’s the Fangirl post, SO let’s get this party started!



Fangirl Friday! Feeling Despicable.


I’m keeping this short and sweet this week because, as mentioned in my Wednesday post, I am feeling like barely warmed over death right now.



Fangirl Friday! Polish Haul and Hilarity!


Fabulous Fangirl Friday to you all!


I’ve been to the dentist twice now this week, both for the same stupid temporary crown. All I can say is: It’s a darned good thing I actually like my dentist. And I am *so* happy that she gives me valium.


It’s been spectacularly sunny and warm here in gray ol’ Seattle-town, although the clouds moving in tonight make me wonder if it’s going to last. We’re both hoping that Saturday, at least, is full of awesome weather as we have a date with friends and their bbq.

I’m even making red velvet for the occasion. You *know* it’s going to be a good time when Snarkstress busts out the baking pans.


Pictures may, or may not, be forthcoming. So that you, too, can marvel at my baking-fu.

I’ve also been working a LOT on recording a new audiobook for a fantastic author. A book that, may I share, is amazingly good and leaves me incredibly humbled to be a part of. The characters are so rich and so much fun, the story is addictive, and, um, the sexiness in it? Un.Be.Lievable. I’ll share more when it’s available because, seriously, it’s a fun read.


And speaking of great books, the fifth book in the Charlie Davidson series by Darynda Jones, “Fifth Grave Past the Light” was released this week and it’s been staring at me from my Kindle’s screen. I’ve only been able to read a couple of chapters (I know, bad Snarkstress!) but with as busy as I’ve been, well, you know. I plan to have it finished this weekend. Or at least by next Friday.


And, because it’s relevant: Our audiobook is out there on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon, along with e-copies and hard copies. *Shameless plugging to your right. arrow1s_e0*

You’ll also notice over there that I’ve finally added a link to my Pinterest boards. Because Pinterest is the purest, most evil time suck ever. And I love it.


SO! Let’s talk about nails.


Fangirl Friday! Something’s Fishy…


Happy post get-drunk and explode things day to you, everyone! The fireworks were going off on our street until, oh, almost 2 in the morning. Sounded like a warzone out there at one point, and the Feline Mafia promptly flocked to my door to give me “WTF IS GOING ON?!” updates.


Hell, at almost 6 am there was STILL a haze in the air from all the celebrating.

I’m actually quite glad we had someone come remove the Blackberry Bush of Doom on Wednesday. Would’ve hated for it to go up in flames from an errant sparkler. And considering how big the thing was getting, I’m pretty certain it would’ve just stood on up and rampaged down the block all aflame.


But enough about that. It’s Fangirl Friday! I have a new mani for you, some ravings about the various media consumed by us in the past week…and yeah.  I’m a bit scattered today, early apologies!


Fangirl Friday: Marvel-ous Manicures and Zombie Hunting!


I wish I could say TGIF this time, but no, alas, I am not thankful that it is Friday. I have a dental appointment, you see, and I loathe them.


However! Knowing that I have plenty of Valium makes things a touch easier. But still, sometimes a fangirl just has to channel some inner RAWR! to face the tough stuff, so I started doing some research.

See, I draw my nail art inspiration from everywhere, including various things I’ve seen done online, and you know, I haven’t seen a single nail art done that even attempted to channel this particular favorite character of mine. In fact, I see a TON of nail art based on the boys out there…but a disturbing lack of fierce femme-based beauties, which started me thinking. That thinking led to doodling. That led to rummaging through all my polishes, because, damnit, I had a goal!

And what a goal it was!


Emo!Thor Gets Wet!


Issue #197, The Mighty Thor (March 1972)

The Mighty Thor “The Well At The Edge Of The World!”

Thunderous Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!


I bet you think I forgot all about you. Were you feeling unloved? Ignored? UNFULFILLED? UN-GIF’D?

Well, say no more. Yea, verily, though things around here be changing, I haven’t forgotten you all.


So let’s talk about what’s gonna be changing around here, shall we?