Fangirl Friday! Where’s The Bat?

It’s late. I’ll keep this succinct.


Things have been insane around here, and I had started the Batsy post for Monday, but then… things went a little sideways. Between the Virtual Book Tour (the live interview we did on podcast can be found at THIS link) and the hard drive upon which I store ALL my comics deciding to die, it’s been a hell of a week.


My one bright spot?

*insert spontaneous fangasms all over the house*


I know you’ll forgive me for not having Batsy up. I need to see how many of my comics I can recover, particularly since the issue I was working on (#3) has somehow decided to go the way of the Dodo, leaving me a little… annoyed.


But since I couldn’t bring you Batsy snark, I did the next best thing:


I took a moment to breathe and remembered seeing this poster recently.

Which led me to this picture:

So, I gathered my tools:

And after a little trial and error, managed to get this on my tips:

Overall, I’m actually adoring this manicure, because, if nothing else, I have a tiny Gotham at my fingertips:

Beyond that…

This week in gaming, there wasn’t much. I went back to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, finishing up some side quests, losing myself in the awesomeness that, *le sigh*, was cut short before it was fully recognized. Sure, after a while it gets tedious, but as I was waiting for my latest from Gamefly, I wanted something that wasn’t too mentally taxing and that I knew I was going to enjoy the visuals.

Remember Me arrived, so there’s the possibility I’ll be playing that this weekend at some point, but we’ll see how it goes.


Movieland was also…meh this week.

Seriously. I understand why DDL received an Oscar for his portrayal of America’s 16th President. Every time he was on screen talking, he absolutely commanded the attention. And Sally Fields? Daaaamn girl! You go!


Of course, there was no vampire hunting in this version, or terrible CGI, but it was quite honest in its portrayal of Lincoln’s push to get the 13th Amendment through. The cast was varied, but largely recognizable, and Spielberg did a great job driving home the way the world was during that time. Was it long? Yes. Was it riveting 100% of the time? No. But there were serious moments of brilliance during the movie that captured and held my attention. And for that? I say it’s worth a peek.

I mean, really, is there ANYTHING Daniel Day Lewis can’t act the hell out of?



And then there was G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

This…was Dragon’s movie. He wanted to see it because he’s an overgrown fanboy who got a kick out of the first one and enjoyed filling me in on all the minutiae about the franchise and characters that I was particularly ignorant about. My reason for watching was dispatched within the first 20 minutes or so of the film, and from there, well, it was a snarkfest on my side of the couch. But I did watch the whole thing through, and it’s… a G.I. Joe movie. So take that as you will.

happy cc

TVland was significantly more interesting as FaceOff is gearing up to return, and from the preview show, it looks like it’s going to be tons of fun this season. So You Think You Can Dance surprised the hell out of me with the eliminations, but going into the final 10 has me quite excited because they’re all extraordinary dancers. And then there’s MasterChef. This show is going to drive me out of my mind. A contestant who was axed was given the opportunity to come back, and wouldn’t you know it was the one person who annoys me to no end. True Blood is also skating on thin ice with me in terms of ridonkulousness, but… Eric. I’ve also realized that while I used to adore Covert Affairs, I do not anymore and am only watching it for Auggie. Is that enough? It’ll have to be.

We finally pulled the plug on Under The Dome because we just couldn’t justify wasting our time on it any longer. And I’ve realized I seriously cannot wait for the Fall programming to start up.


And with that, I’m done. Snark will resume when I can access my drive again.


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