Fangirl Friday! Something’s Fishy…

Happy post get-drunk and explode things day to you, everyone! The fireworks were going off on our street until, oh, almost 2 in the morning. Sounded like a warzone out there at one point, and the Feline Mafia promptly flocked to my door to give me “WTF IS GOING ON?!” updates.


Hell, at almost 6 am there was STILL a haze in the air from all the celebrating.

I’m actually quite glad we had someone come remove the Blackberry Bush of Doom on Wednesday. Would’ve hated for it to go up in flames from an errant sparkler. And considering how big the thing was getting, I’m pretty certain it would’ve just stood on up and rampaged down the block all aflame.


But enough about that. It’s Fangirl Friday! I have a new mani for you, some ravings about the various media consumed by us in the past week…and yeah.  I’m a bit scattered today, early apologies!


So, I got a few new polishes the past week and I adore them all, but I didn’t get the one I *needed* for the manicure I’d originally planned on today. Sad panda. But I started looking at my new shades and went…hmmm.

See, I’ve been hearing fantastic things about Zoya polishes, but hadn’t had the opportunity to test them out. I ordered two of the new shades, Stevie (a gorgeous lilac glitter from the Pixie Dust line) and Tinsley. I noticed that the color on Tinsley is this creamy, shimmery orange that just…sparked something in my brain the longer I stared at it. And I started to think to myself, are there any good superheroes or heroines that wear orange?


And then it hit me.

I’ve seen quite a few manicures that revolve around the heavy hitters in the DC/Marvel universes and, let’s face it, I’ve been guilty of doing them myself.



(The manicures. Not the heroes. Although…)

But there’s one hero who has, for years, been treated like a complete and total joke, although when the new 52 launched, he was shown to be a TOTAL badass:


Needless to say, I changed my tune about the King o’ Atlantis right about then.

I realized that I had the colors…

And, after playing around with a few different versions, it all sort of came together.

I really like these colors together, surprisingly. The SC is such a gorgeous deep shimmery green and the Zoya is just fanTASTIC creamy orange with just the right amount of sparkle. It’s really quite a nice summery color.



We didn’t do a lot of television watching this week, but we did manage to get two movies in:

6 Souls has an interesting premise:

A female forensic psychiatrist (Julianne Moore) discovers that all of one of her patient’s (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) multiple personalities are victims. She will have to figure out what’s happening before her time is finished.

Look, I love me some JM. And JRM has, quite possibly, a pair of the most amazingly blue eyes on the planet. Unfortunately, neither was able to really keep me interested in this film. What could’ve ended up being a very creepy, interesting film, suddenly became bogged down with the “losing faith in God has consequences… EVIL CONSEQUENCES” storyline toward the end. I don’t want to spoil it, but I think Dragon and I both just sort of walked away from it going…”Meh.”

Yeah. It was a Die Hard movie. Dragon would be more qualified to give you his opinion because…well, I’m not a fan. It was typical DH, far as I could see. Bruce with his movie-son taking on Russian baddies. Explosions! Guns! Swearing! BRUCE WILLIS!

Right. SO.

Off in TV land:

Venture Brothers:

OSI: LOVE YOU is, I do believe, one of my all time FAVORITE episodes ever. EVER.

It was full of hilariousness, cleverly edited and the word play was astounding!

True Blood

FINALLY! Eric Northman is back to being ERIC. I don’t have enough words:




Also? Lafayette! We need MORE OF HIM!

And then there was…this little gem:


Less Fairy stuff. More of the above this season and I’ll be a very happy woman indeed, let me tell YOU.

We’ve been watching Under The Dome and so far we’re both sort of…eh…

And this week’s So You Think You Can Dance really got me irked. They revealed the voting results and two lovely dancers went home. One of whom I was really rooting for. But here’s the part that pissed me off: They did all of this cutting at the beginning of the show and the eliminated dancers STILL had to perform with their partners in the show.

Look, I understand all about being professional and getting on with the show, no matter the disappointment, but it is honestly the stupidest move. These dancers are *crushed* to be eliminated, and you expect them to pull everything together and perform? All it did was make their routines more painful, especially for their partners because, man… I’m sorry, that spirit was just out of them.

It’s hard to do *anything* beautiful when your dream has just been blasted to smithereens.

So yeah, apparently I wasn’t the only one all up in ire about it. Supposedly they’ll be making the cuts at the end of the show next time, but we’ll know who is on the chopping block at the beginning. I suppose it’s a compromise.

And I wouldn’t forget to throw something in here about GAMING this week!

Deadpool. The game. MUCH too short. Utterly hilarious. Plenty of Deadpoolness all throughout. Seriously. Dick jokes galore here.

But it was fun. Seriously. FUN! (Until the last battle. At which point I was ready to fling it at the wall.)

Is it $60 bucks of fun? Well… that’s debatable, mainly because of length. But I would definitely give this a go on Gamefly or the like!

Speaking of Gamefly, they sent me this little lovely:

I’ve never played ANY of the Sly Cooper games. I’ve just made it through the first one and am Episode 2 deep in the second.

And I’m having a surprisingly good time with them.

Definitely puts me back in mind of being a kid, but playing with an adult’s understanding of the innuendo. Some of the camera angles are wonky as hell, and sometimes the controls are entirely TOO touchy, but overall? Quite fun as a diversion.

I’m trying to cleanse my palate before I pop in Dead Souls. I have a feeling I’m going to be quite angry with that game lol.

I’ve also been playing this one on my PS Vita:

It’s definitely a brain bender, with some fascinating puzzles, but the artwork? OMG. Amazingly done! Cute characters, lovely artwork, brain cramping puzzles = good times!

Alright. That’s all I’ve got for now. Partay with grilled salmon and friends in a few! Have a most wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you next week!


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