Fangirl Friday: Marvel-ous Manicures and Zombie Hunting!

I wish I could say TGIF this time, but no, alas, I am not thankful that it is Friday. I have a dental appointment, you see, and I loathe them.


However! Knowing that I have plenty of Valium makes things a touch easier. But still, sometimes a fangirl just has to channel some inner RAWR! to face the tough stuff, so I started doing some research.

See, I draw my nail art inspiration from everywhere, including various things I’ve seen done online, and you know, I haven’t seen a single nail art done that even attempted to channel this particular favorite character of mine. In fact, I see a TON of nail art based on the boys out there…but a disturbing lack of fierce femme-based beauties, which started me thinking. That thinking led to doodling. That led to rummaging through all my polishes, because, damnit, I had a goal!

And what a goal it was!

*The ever so lovely Sexay!Sif, Emo!Thor’s main boo, was my inspiration for this week’s manicure. Because, aside from She!Hulk, it doesn’t get much more RAWR than an Asgardian Lady with a sword.*

So I pulled out all my tools:

Sif Polishes
*My typical DL base and topcoat, my favorite China Glaze color (Ruby Slippers), Emori’s Mirror and Black, a tiny detail brush, and a couple of snazzy red crystals for accent purposes. Because bling was needed.*

It seriously took me some time to get it all finished, but I’m very, very pleased with the final result!

Sif Fingers
*Fingers index through ring: Sif’s helmet, pinkie: sword-ish.*

My favorite part? My thumb:

Sif Thumb

*Thumb: the emblem on the front of her armor.*

I’m excited about next week’s potential manicure because I’ve gotten some ideas from Pinterest (yes, you can click it and follow me there if you’d like!) and around the web for something I’d like to try that looks stellar but is relatively simple to do (if I’m not mistaken lol.) And I’ll be taking all sorts of pictures because I finally got myself a new camera that takes fabulous pictures!

Orgasmic glee!

MOAR POLISHES! I might do a swatches post this weekend or next, depending on our plans, because I’ve got 3 new polishes on the way and a new topcoat and I can’t wait to show them off!

And, as always, if there’s something you’d like me to attempt, just leave me a note and I’ll see what I can do!


And now that we’ve got the nails out of the way…

It’s Review time!

Let’s see, where to begin?

On ye olde Playstation, I’ve been toying around with two games the last couple of weeks. Both of them had me pulling out my hair for two very different reasons. Warning: Language is about to get a bit salty up in here, so if you’re offended by the F-word, then you might want to skip this part.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Oh DD. I wish I could say I missed you. When I heard a sequel was coming out, I was intrigued because I’d already played through the original and didn’t figure there was more story there.

But there is. Even if it IS more of the same.

You’re the hero, you have your Pawns to help you out. There’s more dungeon crawling. More monster slaying. More dying.

No really. I don’t even know how many times I’ve died in this one now. And it’s the STUPIDEST THING EVER.

Look. I’m not a wuss when it comes to fighting monsters in an RPG genre game like this. I was an AD&D geek in high school, guys. It’s what you expect to do. It’s the whole reason you have all that nifty weaponry and armor. To kill things and loot them like looting looters. I’m something like level 54 or somesuch in this game, and you’d think that would mean something.

It does not.

Here’s the problem: The monsters gang up on you. This wouldn’t be a problem if they were, I dunno, reasonably powered compared to you and your pawns. They AREN’T. I had a DRAGON appear out of NOWHERE that, after dying about 20 times trying to do some sort of significant damage to this fucker, I finally had to run screaming with my Pawns because we weren’t making a dent. And it doesn’t just happen once. It happens again and again in this freakin’ castle ruin. Case in point: Trotted into a room to run up against an Elder Ogre. No biggie, right?


Not only was this thing virtually imPOSSIBLE to get any damage on, when we ran? It fucking chased us. And guess what? Around the corner, DOWN THE STAIRS, were two MORE high powered Knights of fuckery who, on their own, *might* have been reasonable. Combined with the Ogre? Yeah. Died. A lot. And then? When I finally died for good and started it over? Guess what WASN’T waiting for us in the room? Right. The Ogre was nowhere to be found.

Probably because LATER when we finally managed to dispatch a batch of Saurians in ANOTHER part of the castle, THE SCENT OF THEIR DEFEATED BLOOD ALL OVER US CALLED MORE OF THEM TO US AND BROUGHT OGRE-BOY ALONG FOR THE RIDE.

Fuck You

*tears hair*

I mean. Really. I like challenging games, don’t get me wrong, but there’s challenging and there’s straight up fucking with you.

I had to put the game aside to play something else before I broke both controllers AND our TV. It’s not completely off the table, but I need to be in a much less annoyed mood before I touch it again.


But hey, the graphics are awesome.



The Last Of Us


I will say this much: Never has a game hit me so freaking hard in the feels as this game did in the first TEN MINUTES of gameplay. Seriously, y’all.

Stop Crying!

Let me start out by saying that I am *not* a fan of zombie genre survival games. Do. Not. Want. But one of the guys at our local Gamestop (Don, I believe his name is. Don *Awesome*!) convinced me to give it a try, and so, two months before it was even scheduled for release, I plunked down the cash and reserved my copy. I balked a bit about playing it, waiting a couple of days to be sure I was good and sick of DD: DA before moving on.

I am so glad I did.

Sobfest aside at the beginning of the game, it quickly shaped up into a very compelling story that had me just loving every second of running around in this world. It was run down and dark and creepy all over the place, very brutal when it came to killing, and there were plenty of jump moments, thanks to the zombies.

These zombies aren’t exactly your typical zombies, by the way. Let me paint you a picture without actually giving away what they look like. Have you ever seen the cordyceps fungus that eats insects from the inside out? No?

Cordycepts Tarantula

*Well now you have. And we all know that what has been seen…

cordyceps moth
*…Cannot be unseen. You’re welcome. Sleep tight!*

Now imagine that… in humans. Right. Horrifying doesn’t even being to describe what some of these guys look like. And they’re not just shambling hoards, either. No, these fuckers can RUN. The good part is that Joel has an ability to *listen* and pinpoint where they are just based on the noises they make, so that gives a teensy advantage. (Or a huge one if you’re at all like me and spend most of your time crouched and creeping along, listening to EVERYTHING.)

And all that’s bad enough… wait until you run into your first Bloater.


Gameplay itself is pretty straightforward: you shoot things. You scavenge for supplies to heal yourself and fix your weapons. You try to get from point A to point B alive with Ellie. And it’s not just Cordy!Zombies you have to deal with, either. There are plenty of human monsters out there that you find yourself having to either sneak past (Psh. Why would I do something like that when I can MOW THEM DOWN WITH MY IMPRESSIVE GUNWORK?) or massacre, as you see fit. Plenty of boo-moments, which, well, I’ve never been a fan of.

Mostly because I’m a scaredy cat. And I get so into the game that I forget that IT’S JUST A GAME and the monsters AREN’T going to be waiting for me in the next room.

scaredy cat

Either way, like I said before, it’s the story that will get you. And it’s the story that has me SO impressed that I highly recommend this game. Highly. Because, zombies aside, it was actually really good.


I’m not sure which I’m going to go to next, but Deadpool and the Sly Cooper Collection are waiting for my attention.


On the PS Vita, there’s also two games I’ve been spending a little time on:



I’m a serious addict of bubble shooter games. no really. FB and me have an uneasy understanding that at some point during the day, I will get sucked into playing at least 4 bubble games at any given time. It’s sad, really.

Germinator is more of the same. A bubble shooter. But it’s harder than it looks. Mostly because you can’t cycle through germs AND you’re up against an infection that’s steadily rising to the top of the screen.

But it’s a good time suck, if you’re into that sort of thing. Which I totally am.


Soul Sacrifice


This was another recommendation that I’m still trying to figure out. It seems straightforward: You’re a mage who defeats creatures and determines whether you’re going to save or sacrifice their souls. Each decision affects a different bit of you (health vs. power) and, surprisingly, a lot of the scary creatures are actually twisted versions of relatively harmless animals and humans. It’s a good vs. evil internal struggle sort of thing.

The graphics are amazing, however. On the Vita, I’ve come to expect a lot out of the graphics of the games and this one is pretty damned stellar.

I am still trying to get it all figured out, gameplay wise, because the controls are a little… convoluted. But I’m confident that the more I play, the better it’s going to get.

10% smarter than the game, yo.


And here’s all I’m going to say about the XBOX One debacle: I am, and always will be, a Playstation fan. We WILL be getting the PS4 when it comes out. The XBOX? Not so much.



On the movie front, we’ve been playing a bit of catch up:

Man Of Steel


I really enjoyed it. Yes, there were plot holes and inconsistencies, but over all, I thought it was a fun action flick. I’m not a Supes fan, by any stretch of the imagination, but I found myself actually liking him something fierce by the end of the movie. No spoilers here. It was interesting to get to see Krypton in this version. Zod was delightfully crazy awesome.

And Henry Cavill? Oh. Mah. Gawd.


Superman Unbound


This was another one I was sort of looking forward to. Mostly because the vocal talent was amazing and star studded. The storyline was predictable/standard Supes battling Brainiac with a little help from Supergirl.

But if there’s one thing DC has on lockdown, it’s the cartoon versions of their heroes. Worth a look. (Especially if you’re a Castle fan… Beckett does the voice for Lois Lane and Supergirl is voiced by the amazing Molly Quinn.)


Cloud Atlas


I’ve been waiting to watch this one for a long time.

Tom Hanks has always been one of my favorite actors. Mostly because he reminds me of my dad. No really. He looks like my dad and they both have the same quirky sense of humor. I heart him. A lot.


I haven’t read the book that this was based on, so I was going into it rather unaware. It’s a LONG movie, 3 hours, but the niftiest part, for me anyway, is the way it threads together so many stories from different times. It’s a very Karmic-cycle based flick, with some great settings and awesome talent. The stories are compelling and it’s fascinating to see how everything intertwines, how these people all relate to each other.

If you’ve got 3 hours to kill and want some stunning visuals and an interesting story, I’d say check this out. It makes me want to read the book, just to see how it connects.


Beautiful Creatures


I am not a Twilight fan, let me get that out there straight away. And I’ve noticed a trend with certain books/movies that seem to be following in that vein. All of the lead actresses in what I like to term the “tweeny” movies like BC seem to all have the same look and emotional range of K-Stew’s Bella. All of the male leads try to emulate, if not in attitude, definitely in looks, Patterson as Edward.

I was prepared to hate this movie.

I didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly not in my top ten. Or even my top thirty. But it wasn’t bad. I’ve heard the books are pretty good, so I might check them out, just for shits n’ giggles.

I actually liked the male lead in this one. The female lead, well, emoooooooo, but she has a reason. I still think she’s trying way too hard to channel K-Stew’s (badly done) ennui, but whatever. It’s brain fluff.

Some of the special effects were pretty cool, but there toward the end, I just found myself staring at the screen going, “WTF are they doing now? REALLY?”


Warm Bodies


I’ve read the book. I *loved* the book. The movie…is not the book.

There are SO many changes (let’s start with age, shall we?) between the two, and it’s another case of Twilight-emulation to capture the tween audience. Again, lead female… a blonde K-Stew with abbreviated emotional range. And R? Zombie Edward, only with a sense of fucking humor and a LOT less tortured.

Another case of brain fluff. It wasn’t terrible, but, again, not my total cup o’ tea.


Lego: Batman the Movie


*Sighs* I was SO excited for this. And 10 minutes in, I realized I’d seen it all before.

No, literally. If you’ve played Lego: Batman DC, you’ve seen this movie in its entirety. Without the fun of the gameplay in between the cut scenes.

If you’ve played the game, skip this one. If you haven’t, enjoy! It’s hilarious and light hearted. (AND CLANCY BROWN AS LEX, Y’ALL!) Great for kids, IMHO.


Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters


MTV tries to sexy up fairy tales. Does a good job with the actors. Not so much with the plot.

I mean, I get it. But still. Special effects were pretty awesome, but beyond that, all flash, not much substance.


Oz The Great And Powerful


This is another one I was looking forward to. AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL.

The characters were a bit meh. In fact, I found the supporting characters a thousand times more interesting than all of the Witches combined.

And look, I love me some Mila Kunis, guys, really. I think she’s beautiful and talented and very funny. But I just didn’t buy her as ol’ Green Skin Cackler.

James Franco: Hilarous. Rachel Weisz: Sexy evil on a stick. Michelle Williams: Sweetness and light.

But it really was the visuals that stole the entire show. It’s gorgeous and lush and all things an Oz related flick should be. I just wish the story was a bit…better.


Jack Reacher


Skip it.

No really.

I loathe Tom Cruise. This was a Dragon’s choice movie.

We both regret it.

Boring, Tom Cruise, predictable, Tom Cruise, badly acted, Tom Cruise, yawn-worthy. Did I mention Tom Cruise?



And weekly viewing on the ol’ boob toob:

True Blood

It’s back.

I have yet to finish the final book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. Mostly because it’s been spoilered for me and I’m just annoyed by it. But whatever.

The show is going in directions I don’t think Charlaine Harris could’ve conceived.

I was bored most of last season, and this season has sort of started out on the same vein. (Hah!)

Sookie still annoys the ever-lovin’ fuck out of me. Eric is still not nearly as sexy as he is in the books, but I wouldn’t kick Alexander S. out of bed.

There’s a lot of blood, a lot of nekkidness, and a whole lot of “WTF IS GOING ON?” going on.

Jessica. Lafayette. Pam. Even Andy. They are why I still watch the show.

I just hope it gets better quick.


Topshot Allstars

Guns. People shoot them. Trick shots are conceived. Colby and his white teeth.

Yes, we watch this show. No, I do not shoot guns. I don’t like them, much, tbh. But I respect those who have skills and this lot of Allstars certainly does.


So You Think You Can Dance

There are so many reasons I adore my husband. The fact that he’s JUST as into this show as I am is one of them.

The dancers are all so talented this season. I’m super excited to see what they do! (And I’ll definitely be adding many songs to my playlist this season, just sayin’.)




I am SO glad there will be a season 2.

And if you haven’t read Cleolinda’s recaps yet? Seriously. Get thee to her blog and READ. Because she has us consistently in hysterics.



Burn Notice

I’m sad to see the show go. It’s the final season and they’ve certainly kicked things up a notch. So far, relatively impressed.

Michael Westen. Sam Axe. *swoonsigh*


And my newest celebucrush: Gordon Ramsay

I have been glutting myself silly on his shows (F-word, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Master Chef). Because he’s gorgeous. And hilarious. And I adore him.


He makes me excited to cook. Really.

And that accent.


That’ll do it for now. Dragon’s b-day is this Saturday, so we’re going to go to breakfast with some friends and stroll a Farmer’s Market before figuring out what else to do with ourselves. (Probably work more on book 3).


Speaking of the books… the audiobook of Hand of Time is out now on Audible, and if you haven’t gotten it yet, now’s a good time, yeah? What could be better than my voice reading a sexy book to you?
Until Monday!


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