Fangirl Friday! Feeling Despicable.

I’m keeping this short and sweet this week because, as mentioned in my Wednesday post, I am feeling like barely warmed over death right now.


Fangirl Nailz of the Week

This week, I decided to do something a little different, fangirl wise. With all the awesome goings on at SDCCI that I only get to hear about after the fact, I decided to focus on something that would take my mind off how crummy I feel. And I started thinking: Self, what always seems to make you smile?

Answer? Minions.


And from that answer, this week’s mani was born:


Gru and his minions are hilariously funny, and I didn’t want to leave either one of them out, but as I’m not amazingly good at drawing human faces, I decided to just play around a little:


I knew I could do the minions, but I didn’t want a full 10 of them on my tips, so I settled on bird-accents (as in ‘flipping-the’) and decided to keep the rest of the nails relatively simple. Gru wears this black and grey scarf. I wanted to play with my new Butter London matte topcoat.

DM Mani

And there you have it.

DM Mani2


Games Played

As for media madness this week, there wasn’t much, to be honest. I finished the Sly Cooper collection. Well, almost. The third one wouldn’t load and kept crashing my PS3, so I said to hell with it and sent it back. Overall impressions? Fun. But frustrating. I’ve at least played through.


I just got Gravity Rush from Gamefly yesterday, and have already played through about 20 minutes of it. It’s very…anime. And it seems to have a rather interesting story. But the controls are a little clunky. I’ll give it another whirl this weekend and see what happens.

Movies Watched

Evil Dead


Look, I’m a huge fan of the original. And the spinoffs. And I’m not afraid of a little goriness in my horror flicks. I’m not a fan of remakes in general, and this was no exception.

Was it bloody? Yes. Was it disturbing? Hells yes. Did it have enough boo moments to keep me entertained as Dragon jumped in startlement? Yes. Did I really enjoy this remake? Not so much. There were a lot of very familiar scenes, some with unexpected twists to them, presumably to freshen the story. But what I loved about the original was that so much was unexpected. There wasn’t a backstory involving drugs or prior demon possession. It was just five 20-somethings in a cabin getting picked off by a demonic entity that had a thing for arboreal violation and general insanity inspiration.

This remake had *some* of that. Plus a lot more blood. But the charm of it, the chemistry of the characters… I wasn’t feeling it.

Jack The Giant Slayer


This is another one I *really* wanted to like. I happen to enjoy seeing new takes on fairytales and this was definitely a new take. Some familiar faces (Ewan McGregor, Nicholas Hoult, Stanley Tucci, Ian McShane) and some decent CGI went into this movie. But again, I wasn’t sold on it. It was fun to watch, but my attention wasn’t riveted to the screen.

It wasn’t bad per se, just more of a meh.

That’s it. I’m going to bed. I just wanted to make sure all of you were taken care of!


Until next week!


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