Emo!Thor Takes Mardi Gras!


Issue #192, The Mighty Thor (September 1971)

The Mighty Thor “Conflagration!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Apparently Hollywood’s been busy, because THIS squee-tastic news showed up in my morning newsfeed: DC’s announced a release date for a JL movie!


There’s an Evil Dead remake (that has BC’s blessing!) and they finally aired footage at the NYCC.


Oh. Mah. Gawd. I am so freakin’ excited for this movie. I generally hate remakes of my favorite movies (do NOT get me started on the Psycho remake abomination) but this actually looks like it might be pretty damned decent.



*calms the hell down*


No, this is not us. But we’ve been there. Between Kratos and Shadow, it’s a wonder we get any sleep at all sometimes.

Okay. I got my black lava lamp moodlighting and my blaring emo music. Ready to go.


SO! When we last checked in on our might Avenger, he was hammering off to save Earth from the machinations of Loki’s latest creation, Durok the Destroyer! (With a little creative input from ‘Nilla!Wafer, ‘natch):

Leaving behind everyone else because no one else could possibly be helpful:

Seems our Sad!Sif is having … issues:

While Balder attempts a little “mostly-hands-off-don’t-worry-‘Nilla-you’re-way-hotter-than-her”, totally platonic comfort in the corner:

Unfortunately for the pair, ‘Nilla was listening in and tries to warn Loki of the danger, so it’s up to Fandral to speed things along:

A wrist flick later:

Pissy!Loki takes extreme offense at this assault upon his personage:

Convinced, Loki preps to follow through with Fandral’s wish:

And her outburst catches Loki’s attention:

Amused!Loki grabs a smirking ‘Nilla from the shadows and lets them all be, in favor of checking in on the Thor/Durok fight. Meanwhile:

In a nearby alley, Durok appears:

And as soon as he exits, he’s sucked into the swirl of colorful partiers:

Durok finally hits his limit and snaps, flinging everyone away:

It’s riiiight about then that our hero shows up to deliver a hammer blast that does absolutely nothing but make him angrier. Naturally, Durok feels the need to return the favor:

Picking himself up, our hero tries again:

This time, Angry!Thor tries a different tactic by literally raining on Durok’s parade:

Now that the city has been cleared, it’s on:

The battle does, indeed, rage on, epically:

And this is about the point where Loki and ‘Nilla get a gander at the festivities:

Seems ADHD!Loki has other plans for his plans:

So what do you do with a ring that imbues you with the power to do anything you want?:

Poor Emo!Thor, anticipating being smashed by a car finds himself suddenly alone on the street and, rightly, wonders out loud wtf is going on:

Seems Thor is missing the bigger picture:

But before Thor goes, there’s that little matter of the displaced people:

Of course, with the return of the party!peeps comes the crowding:

Rather than just shove people aside, Thor makes room as only he can:

Because as you know:

He warns everyone away and gets on with his mission:

They go all across the globe:

Back in Asgard:

At least this time he’s switched out his audience:

But at least Loki continues to be amused by Sif’s iron-will:

While Loki leers at Sad!Sif, we turn our attention to another master of the eyebrow-arch:

Seems Balder has given some thought to loopholes around his “not taking arms against Loki” pledge, and need’s ‘Nilla’s help getting down to earth:

Even ‘Nilla is amused:

And, of course, Loki is immediately suspicious:

And Fandral figures it’s now or never and decides to act:

Fandral dukes it out with the unfortunate Storm!Giant, causing the diversion needed to get Balder on the road:

‘Nilla zaps Balder, and as a precaution, follows along, leaving in a puff of yellow sparkles:

Down on earth, Ba!’Nilla appears in the middle of traffic:

The pair dart into an alley:

He’s still keeping his word:

Signal sent, to whomever it’s destined for, we turn our attention back to Thor:

Unfortunately, just as Thor’s prepping to launch into full-on hammer mode, a sudden storm blows in (that isn’t HIS fault), leaving the both of them blinded momentarily. When it passes:

And true to form Loki appears:

But our hero is fixated on ONE thing:

Trans!Loki grips Sif tighter (despite not really being there) and tells Thor that he’s sent Durok to the UN building:

Loki has another laugh and calls a triumphant end to the transmission:

And with that, he’s gone.

We leave Thor lamenting in the corner and catch up with Ba!’Nilla:

Seems our Balder is busy sending another signal up into the sky,and ‘Nilla asks, again, just who the hell he’s signaling. His answer remains the same:

Apparently… he’s not, as the signal is FINALLY responded to. And who was it that Balder was so furiously flinging signals up into the cosmos for?

Until Monday!


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