Emo!Thor Sees The Unseen!


Issue #187, The Mighty Thor (April 1971)

The Mighty Thor “The World Is Lost!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor enthusiasts!

*checks the time* Yup. Coming in juuuuust under the wire. Apologies. It’s been a long, tough day full of all sorts of emotional stuff. So I’m going to keep this part short and sweet. Life is about two things:





SO. Last week. Daddy!Odin completely turned on Emo!Thor as he rode to save him, smacking him with a blast of magic that knocked our hero from the sky, while shouting that he now serves Infinity. Right.

As Cringing!Thor waits for the Doom!Blast to obliterate him from the face of … wherever he is… he goes into flashback montage mode about how he got here in the first place.

Blah blah Infinity, blah blah Silent One:

Odin Sword, etc etc… Goro… Hela:

Regained youth, S!O sacrifice, Infinity identity revealed to Odin:

All caught up, Thor tries to appeal to Daddy!Odin yet again, bringing up the whole “flesh of your flesh” thing:

Just managing to get out of the way of the blast in time to keep himself from being Zrokk’d to death, Conflicted!Thor grapples with the implications of just hauling off and smacking Odin:

Of course, while he’s busy emoing, Odin gets the drop on him:

Emo!Thor tries to get away, but Odin cuts him off, zapping him hard enough to make him redouble his efforts to flee:

Realizing that just flying away isn’t going to quite work the way he wants it to, Thor comes up with a plan B:

And while he’s wandering about ‘neath the surface, he starts to think about his situation a bit more critically:

Odin comes crashing through the ground, like a juggernaut:

Finally reaching the limits of his patience, Thor calls down a thunderstorm to quench the fire Odin’s trying to blast him with:

WTF!Thor decides that it’s time to really get the hell out of Dodge:

Just as he’s gearing up to flee (again), Infinity starts causing a ruckus, and we flash over to Earth:

Planes are falling out of the sky, people are being flooded out of their homes, and anyone who ISN’T experiencing the physical trauma:

Verily, things are looking very dismal for poor earth. Remember those scientists who saw weird stuff happening and decided to freak about it without telling anyone?

And since they aren’t letting everyone in on the joke, naturally the governments of the world all start getting suspicious of each other and plan for war. But enough about the slow descent into madness happening here on this giant watery ball hurtling through the void, why don’t we turn our attention to Asgard?

And in case you’ve forgotten why the sword moving is a bad thing:

And lest you think they aren’t trying everything to keep the VBT from happening:

Grand!Vizier is also on hand to be all doom n’ gloom:

But never fear, BFF!Balder has a plan:

Off they ride, with Balder explaining along the way that he’s hoping he can use ‘Nilla’s feelings for him to somehow sway her into helping them prevent the end of all things. They’re deep in conversation about trust issues when they’re interrupted:

Balder goes all RAWR at someone trying to touch his BFF’s girl:

The trolls keep coming and when they realize that mobbing Balder isn’t going to do anything effective, they pull out another weapon:

But before he can attack, the dragon takes to the skies:

But the dragon isn’t done surprising the hell out of our poor heroes:

Quickly, Balder tries to explain the situation before ‘Nilla!Wafer gets all cranky:

Balder answers carefully, but ‘Nilla makes her request crystal clear:

She decides she’s going to help because, why not? And sends them on their way back to the city, which they immediately do. Along the way, Sif has a moment of doubt, but Balder assures her that ‘Nilla is, in fact, right behind them:

Back in Asgard, ‘Nilla pulls out her magic stone and does her thing:

To the surprise of all, it doesn’t work:

Rather than ask what the hell he’s doing hanging around (because, well, he’s not supposed to be there), Sif tries to explain:

Sif shows him the sword and reiterates that the Very Bad Thing ™ will mean the end of HIM too:

He immediately demands that ‘Nilla paired up with him:

Somehow, by their powers combined they manage to break the spell over the Warriors!Three, returning them to normal. They immediately ask about Thor and Odin, but when informed that there is no word, assume the worst:

Things are starting to look incredibly bleak for our poor Asgardian heroes:

And this makes Sif very, very happy:

Hugs out of the way, Frustrated!Thor answers Balder’s query:

He’s come back to Asgard to try to find an answer to the question of Infinity:

And since every time an Asgardian looks at Infinity’s face they end up all zombified, he decides it’s time to try something new and thwack-Blake’s out.

G!V gives him the boob-tube version, while outside, Loki is having a tantrum:

A scuffle breaks out as Sif prepares to open a can of womanly whoop-ass on Loki:

But before any blows are struck, the door opens:

Everyone is immediately concerned:

And what is it that has him all freaked?

Seems our hero has solved the secret of the World Beyond and claims that Infinity must win this fight.

And that’s where we leave it this week. Next week? ANSWERS! *We hope.*

Until Monday!


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