Emo!Thor Gets Wrecked!


Issue #171, The Mighty Thor (Dec 1969)

The Mighty Thor “The Wrath Of The Wrecker!”

Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Yup. Two weeks in a row with no Bat-snark. I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you. I promise.

The weather is soggy. It’s cold. Helloo Seattle. At least it’s not snowing.

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I’m keeping this update short and sweet because we have EMO!THOR!


When last we left our golden-haired hero, he was tsunami-ing away the Thermal!Man menace and ignoring the fact that his BFFs were all missing. We open this issue with Emo!Thor emoing all over the (amazingly technicolored) city rooftops:

Still amazingly unconcerned about the disappearance of his comrades, he takes his emo to another level:

Dropping down to perch, stalker-like from the window ledge, he overhears a conversation about a shooting:

Distraught by the news of his favorite civil servant potentially on his death-bed, Thor hammers off to save him:

Of course, his solitary flight leaves him open for more woe-mongering:

Reaching his destination, the thwack-Blake’s out and gimps down the stairs to ask a nearby nurse (who is NOT Harlot!Jane) the whereabouts of Shot!Lopez, only to be told he’s already in surgery:

Forgetting that he often goes long stretches of time without checking in (and surprisingly, they don’t declare him officially no longer on-call) he sets the record straight:

He rushes to the operating room, only to be stopped and frisked by bodyguards:

They finally let him through:

He quickly scrubs up and heads for the patient, waving off pesky questions:

While he dives into saving Shot!Lopez, we turn our attention across town to another hospital in upstate NY where a bunch of guys with guns all stand around looking nervously at each other discussing how screwed they’d all be if the Unknown!Patient’s sedatives ever wore off. One of the doctors mentions finding an isolated island to sequester him on, and one of the guards hears a noise while reassuring them that they’re just being jumpy…there’s no way “he” could break out, even if he was suddenly immune to the tranquilizers:

Escaped!Baddie rages on about a missing crowbar before tracking it down and prepping to kick some righteous ass:

Rested!Wrecker crowbars his way through the guys trying to stop him and makes a door in the wall where there wasn’t one before, all the while refreshing our memories about just how he came to be:

As more guards stream toward him, he decides it’s time to give a more…intimate demonstration of his power:

He runs through the woods until he reaches a highway, cursing Thor’s name the entire time, and attempts to flag down a ride. Naturally, the driver says HELL TO THE NO and speeds on past, which, unfortunately, doesn’t go over well with our baddie as he launches his crowbar at the retreating bumper:

So a short time later, Rogue!Wrecker shows up downtown, having “borrowed” a car from a passing motorist (who probably saw what he did to the truck that passed him and thought better of speeding away), and proceeds to announce his awesomeness as only he can:

The citizens scurry away, screaming, and Wrecker settles in to wait for his nemesis. Meanwhile, back in the operating room, one of the attending doctors swears he felt something:

Suddenly, the entire room starts shaking and Blake, realizing that there’s no way the tremors are from a “natural” earthquake, rushes off MID-LIFESAVING-SURGERY to take care of the problem:

He hits the roof and thwack-Thor’s out, taking to the sky to find out what the dilly yo. Mjolnir directs him to an empty rooftop, leaving our hero perplexed as he lands, oblivious to the danger behind him:

Creeping!Wrecker dispenses with the creeping just as Thor realizes he’s not alone:

Thor breaks away from the unasked for Hug Of Doom and tells Handsy!Wrecker that he just does NOT have time to deal with his shenanigans:

He dodges Thor’s hammer strike and responds with one of his own, and the two begin beating the crap out of each other, each for their own reasons:

(Say it with me….)

Wrecker responds by smacking Thor through a wall, and our hero grabs him, taking the fight down to street level. On the way down, Reckless!Wrecker takes out some more architecture, and tells Thor that he’s unstoppable… as long as he has his crowbar, to which Thor responds by smacking a hole in the sidewalk:

See, Emo!Thor believes that the rest of humanity is worth saving, but Wrecker? Well, he’s beyond redemption, as far as he’s concerned, and he’s going to have to do something drastic. Of course, there’s still that pesky “sworn to never take a life” clause that he lives by, because, well, he’s a hero, and he sees his chance, using an incoming subway train to slow him down:

Distracted, Thor is able to gain the upper hand and throws Wrecker down onto the tracks after the train has sped by, putting him squarely on the third (electrified!) rail:

Fortunately for Wrecker, the current doesn’t harm him, but that’s not what Thor intended. See, our golden haired hero has a better plan, one that involves the rail and current:

And voila!

Minutes later, leaving the smoldering pile of Unconscious!Wrecker behind to, presumably, NOT GET RUN OVER BY ANOTHER TRAIN, Lame!Blake has managed to save Shot!Lopez, but not without some … uncomfortable questions:

Blake’s answer?

Until next week!


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