Emo!Thor Gets Wrapped


Issue #181, The Mighty Thor (October 1970)

The Mighty Thor “One God Must Fall!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

So. Skyrim: Dawnguard. That’s still happening. I managed to survive the Soul Cairn and gain both the ability to summon a spectral horse and a spectral dragon, which… AWESOME. Now it’s on to the regular Elder Scroll part of the quest that, well, I’ve already done twice, so I suppose it shouldn’t take too long. I just loathe going into the Dweomer ruins, like whoa. Perhaps it’ll be easier in Vampire Lord form? Hmm. The possibilities are staggering. Either way, I’m going to attempt to get it all wrapped up before we leave for the theater tonight so I can start fresh on Uncharted 2 tomorrow. I really enjoyed Uncharted, so here’s hoping the second one (which I hear is even better) lives up to the hype.

Speaking of the theater… HELLO THAR BATSY! Midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises tonight. SO FREAKING EXCITED BECAUSE BATMANOMGBANEWTF? Seriously, Knightfall is, quite possibly, one of my all-time favorite Batsy arcs and I’m intrigued to see how much of it translates to the screen and how. Preliminary reviews are all saying good things, or so I hear, but even if they didn’t? Wouldn’t stop me. Batsy!Love!

Oh hey, also:

They’re only an inch tall and a hell of a lot of fun to make. I just have to decide if I’m going to pop a pin in them and sell them as pendants or just leave them their adorable little selves. We’ll see!

And as for SDCC news, pretty much here at io9 was enough to make me scream in happiness, but also?

Looks like the Apocalypse has been cancelled because 2013 and 2014 are going to be AWESOMESAUCE!


When last we saw our mis-faced hero, he was in Hades, encased in some clear goo, presumably having lost a battle against one of the Madness!Globules. Sexay!Sif and the Warriors!Three had all arrived to save him and were given the bad news by Prankster!Mephisto. When they demand his release, he tells them NAY:

Naturally, this doesn’t sit well with Loki!or’s would-be rescuers:

Voluminous!Volstagg, encouraged by P!M’s disappearance, immediately takes the credit for it:

Maligned!Mephisto takes exception to his boasting:

Sif, Hogun, and Fandral all run off to find Mephisto, leaving Plastic!Wrapped Loki!or to watch on helplessly:

This realization sends Loki!or into a flashback montage and we are again reminded of how he came to be in this woeful predicament:

Meanwhile, we flash over to the Rescue!Crew who are busy trying to vanquish Mephisto:

Sexay!Sif realizes that there’s only ONE way to defeat their foe:

Her efforts do not go unnoticed by Loki!or:

Apparently, it has now dawned on our hero that, though his body be cellophaned, his MIND is still working at full capacity:

It does exactly what Loki!or had in mind, serving to enrage the dragon rather than kill it, and, naturally, it turns in the direction from which the blade flew:

Before she succumbs, she takes a moment to really look at the situation:

Even she has to admit surprise:

And no sooner does she realize this:

Like a true Asgardian Gentleman, Loki!or tends to his woman first:

The melted-ice cleverness hasn’t left him either, because he’s got an answer to Sif’s concern:

Naturally, Mephisto has something to say about his declaration:

Yes, back on earth, it appears Thor!ki has decided to take his beef with not being Ultimate Supreme Ruler Of All That He Surveys (currently: Earth) and barricaded everyone important inside so he could plead his case:

Inside, the U!N is doing what it does best:

Even Thor!ki is tired of hearing it:

He shuts them all up by unleashing a thunderstorm in the middle of the room:

Thor!ki is working himself into a serious righteous indignation when he hears something odd:

Thor!ki unleashes a Hammer!Bolt at his newest annoyance, but Balder has figured out his moves already:

This, naturally, sends Thor!ki into a rage and he immediately goes to plan B:

BUT! As I’m sure you’ve already discovered, things don’t exactly work out:

Balder chortles in the background:

Meanwhile, as Thor!ki prepares to smash-itty Balder, we skip back out to Hell, where Mephisto is dealing with a meddlesome pest of his own:

And then, he does something really weird:

Mephisto yields:

He decides it’s best to just let them go:

They leave, heading for home, only to be stopped at Bifrost by Heimdall, who demand to see their Asgardian IDs before proceeding:

Inside, it seems the Vizier has already broken the news to Daddy!Odin about Loki’s betrayal:

Back on earth, just as Thor!ki prepares to pound Balder into dust, he’s plucked up from the  midst of battle by one of his own mystic bubbles and whisked away:

Seems Loki!or realizes that he needs to get Thor!ki to throw Mjolnir and sets out to do just that, goading him with rocks and insults. Thor!ki responds to his boulder with a hammer strike and retaliates with a crane. Loki!or dodges and continues throwing various construction equipment until finally:

He lets the hammer stay stuck in a rock off to the side, letting Thor!ki move in for the kill:

But no matter how may times he gets smacked, our hero refuses to go down:

This only confuses the heck out of Fake!Thor:

And then? THEN, Loki!or lets him in on the joke:

And with the body change?

And Lame!Blake wastes NO TIME taking advantage of Stunned!Loki’s shock, running for the stick:

He somehow manages to pull it out of the stone and thwacks it on the ground:

Thor asks Loki if he plans to fight or run:

His *real* answer:

Our hero flies off into the sunset and leaves us to ponder Loki’s next move.

Until Monday!


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