Emo!Thor Gets Schooled!


Issue #169, The Mighty Thor (Oct. 1969)

The Mighty Thor “The Awesome Answer!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

We had snow this week. TWICE. Big flakes that came, literally, out of nowhere, lasted all of an hour or so, and then melted into nothingness as a bright blue sky overhead beamed sunshine down like it was mid-summer. Have I mentioned yet how much I love this weather-challenged city?

I seriously do. Watching the weather figure out what it’s trying to do is almost more entertaining than any television show.

Speaking of television: Have I expressed my love for Castle, yet? No? Then let me do so now. Because I love it.

I watched Firefly and was pretty “meh” about the whole thing. But Nathan Fillion? Ye gods. The man could do whatever he wanted to me and I’d be good to go.

Beyond the weather drama, the book amazingness, and working to get the little woe!cakes done (I’m waiting on a toaster oven that should be here by next week), I’ve just been wooooorking. A lot.

So much so that I’m losing days. *laughs* I had to remind myself four times that it’s only Thursday. *winks*

You know, I’ve been working so freakin’ hard this week that I *almost* didn’t put this together. I very nearly put it on the back burner, but you know, I’m done being all procrastinate-y. I still can’t promise that everything will be like clockwork around here, but I’m going to give it my best go. You deserve it. All…handful of you.

And I adore each and every invisible one of you.

Otherwise I’d just be sitting here talking to myself.

And frankly? The idea that that’s the case is rather disturbing.

Yup. It’s definitely time for bed.


When last we saw our emo-hero, he was having a bit of an out-of-body experience thanks to the mind-altering mists of HHH!Galactus. Seems SOMEONE had a story they wanted to share, and rather than beat Thor into submission to make him listen, he just sprayed him with cosmic visi-mist that took our hero on one hell of a trip. Back on earth, BFF!Balder and the Warriors!Three were prepping to kick the ass of one Thermal!Man who’d just touched down on ‘Merican soil via “Oriental” rocketry. Confused yet? Just wait…because we’re starting with Storytime!Galactus:

Emo!Thor questions about the death-ship that he was shown in his dream…the one carrying death and plague (and tragic woe):

Apparently the ship, though plague and corpse-ridden, was also fated to bring life into the world, and it just so happened that The!Watcher was about to get a first hand look at the birth of a world eater:

He notices there’s still a life sign amongst the dead and seeks out the source, only to find:

Emo!Galactus gets a little TOO into his story:

Temper tantrum finished, Galactus asks Thor if he STILL wants to fight him, and our hero’s answer is, well, yes:

And Enraged!Galactus takes offense:

Of course, in a rare show of self preservative behavior, our hero tries to reason with the wearied baddie:

His words strike a chord with Emo!Galactus and his rage passes as quickly as it came:

He puts Thor down and continues on with his tale, starting in a long-dead paradise called Taa:

Apparently, Taa was a planet so far advanced that people traveled and lived in thought-spheres:

So one day, Pre!Galactus comes back from some mission with bad news:

Of course, the Taa!Daa-ians are appalled at his naked pate:

According to Baldie!G, there is no cure for the creeping plague that stole his luxurious tresses, and there’s only one answer:

Everyone freaks out, the greatest minds are incapable of finding a cure. And despite his earlier “We all must die” sentiment, seems our Baldie!G still holds out hope that there might be at least ONE Taa!Daa-ian who could possibly be immune to the plague. Despite the exploding ships in space, the crashing thought bubbles, and the deaths of everyone around him, he STILL holds out hope. And then, as quickly as hope simmers in his balding breast, it’s snuffed out and he flies a ship into the sun:

With the first radioactive blast that hits the ship, everyone else is obliterated…everyone, that is, except for one:

Intuitive!Thor picks up what he’s putting down:

Thusly hushed, our hero has another question about The!Watcher:

Apparently Watcher was bound by an oath to not interfere, so he merely studied:

Turns out said arm was attached to something that could wield it to destroy planets, which freaked Watcher right the hell out:

    And though he has the power to destroy this new, er, threat, Watcher can’t bring himself to interfere:

This new foe heads for the stars, leaving Watcher to potentially regret his decision to not intervene, and does a little house cleaning:

But before he can get his gnosh on, there’s the little problem of him being totally, er, naked:

Clothing attended to, he turns his ship into a giant sleeping vessel and proceeds to incubate himself into a drifting, aimless sleep for centuries, until he was finally ready to reveal himself. Of course, Emo!Thor has a little something to say:

Of course, Galactus makes it crystal clear that he’s done with the whole “eating worlds” thing:

As our hero waffles (HAH!) about what he should do, Daddy!Odin appears in the sky behind him:


So while Thermal!Man lasers the CRAP out of everyone, the Warriors!Three and BFF!Balder run in for the rescue:

That done, Thermal!Man takes a moment to savor his victory:

Everyone is screaming and freaking out, but lest you worry that things are dire:

Until next week!


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