Emo!Thor Gets His Bug On.


Issue #195, The Mighty Thor (January 1972)

The Mighty Thor “In The Shadow of Mangog!!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Two posts in the same week? I KNOW, RIGHT?

Chatty Snarkstress is chatty. Now in bullet list form. With gifs. Because they’re awesome.

This week we subjected our brains to the madness that is Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance. I’d heard rumors that this movie was horrible. I didn’t realize it would be so brain meltingly bad as to make Manos: The Hands of Fate look like high noir cinema by comparison. The special effects were… well… they just were. Aquavit and snarking were about the only ways I was able to stay watching what should’ve been turned off the second I realized that even Idris Elba couldn’t save this trainwreck.


In other, more pleasant news, Dragon and I are about to have a very full weekend. Come Friday afternoon, we’re heading out to take in the King Tut exhibit downtown at the Pacific Science Center before all the artifacts get shipped back to Egypt, and this Saturday, we’re going to a little event known as Geekfest. Geekiness, goods, performances, AND proceeds going to a good cause? Hells yes.


I also found out today that I’ve got a nephew on the way. My brother has already been warned of the intentional nerdity that will be flung that child’s way from over here at Hus af Snark. We don’t have kids of our own (unless you count the Feline Mafia and Björn Wonderhammie, which we do) so I already know that, as an Aunt, this child will be spoiled with all manner of DC/Marvel goodness, with a dash of Star Trek and God of War for good measure.


We’ve also been busy finishing and editing book 2 of The Nemesis Chronicles. Writing this thing has been one hell of a journey. Often, I think we’ve both felt a little like this:


But when I finally get to sit down and edit? Well… that’s my wheelhouse. And I rock at it.


I’ve also been working on some special gifts for the holidays, since Omi’s getting up there in years and isn’t as able to make the Star cookies we’ve grown up associating with Christmas. I don’t have the recipe (or the patience, I hear) to make them in my kitchen, but I certainly have the patience and ability to recreate them in clay. I’ll post pictures next week, when I’m sure they’ve gotten to their recipients in one piece.


I also had so much fun doing the 30 days of pictures from November, I decided to extend it out and do it again this month. You can see the pics and follow along over at my tumblr!


And last, but certainly not least (what can I say, I’m feeling giffy today)

Washingtonians everywhere are celebrating two new laws that went into effect on December 6th. One finally legalizes gay marriage, which warms my heart and makes me all KINDS of happy! The other decriminalizes the possession of marijuana. There have already been a few “smoke outs” around the Space Needle and other attractions downtown. GO TEAM WASHINGTON!


Okay. I’m done. Let’s get on with the snark, shall we?


When last we saw our Emo!Thor, he was saving Sexay!Sif from the marital clutches of Evil!Loki, and generally saving the day. As you do. In Asgard, when you’re a hero, you get a hero’s feast.

That’s when Thor drops himself a bombshell:

Fandral leaps into the middle of the room, boasting that his fighting prowess is matched only by his dancing awesomeness:

Of course, as per usual, not everyone is enjoying the festivities:

Worried!Thor is immediately concerned at Emo!Odin’s sulky routine:

Being the dutiful son, Thor wanders over to find out why so glum, chum and gets a startle:

But at least he won’t be going alone. Daddy!Odin sends the Warriors!Three to go with him. As you might expect, Sif isn’t exactly down with this new revelation:

Rather than defend his betrothed, Thor basically tells Odin to get it over with:


Odin zaps them to World’s End, and then turns to Sad!Sif because he’s not done with her yet:

Introductions are made, and it seems Hildegard is about to make Sif’s life a little more complicated:


This Femme!Thor is as dedicated to Daddy!Odin as Thor:


Apparently, this was part of the plan:

Off they go, zipping through space and crash landing on a purple planet somewhere in the far reaches:

Sad!Sif bursts into tears, all sorts of upset by this latest obstacle in her race to the altar with Thor. Surprisingly, Hilde gets it:

We leave them to their woman’ing and flip on over to where Thor and Co. are finally touching down at World’s End. When questioned, Thor admits that he has no idea what his father is up to this time:

When it’s clear Hogun isn’t feeling gossipy, they get on with their manly business, tracking down the Keeper of the Well, who immediately launches into battle against them because he’s feeling cranky:

They regroup and head out. Back in Asgard, Daddy!Odin readies his troops for a fight, and when they ask him just who they’re supposed to be going up against, he tells them the story about a little baddie known as:

Yeah. It seems that Loki decided it would be a good idea to wake up good ol’ Man!Gog and point him in the direction of Asgard. Because he was totes lost. Of course, Loki isn’t exactly met with the cheers and adulation he expected:

He’ll have plenty of time to think about it though:

When Odin finishes his story (which boils down to: I imprisoned Man!Gog on a distant planet and then stupidly sent Loki there too. Because why not?), his men rally behind him and we head on back to World’s End, where Volstagg is reminding everyone why they like to leave him at home:


They stop for a rest because Whiny!Volstagg can’t possibly go on another step and Thor gets an idea:

Decision made, Hogun leaps out, mace a-swinging:

It doesn’t take long before they’ve all gotten themselves a sweet, sweet ride upon which to gallivant:


Trotting through the forest, they’re spotted by a troop of tree-dwellers who decide it’s time to roll out the Welcome Wagon:

Knocked from their Yrrl!Mounts, our heroes immediately start to defend themselves:

And while Fandral is busy dazzling them all with his sweet moves, the rest have converged on Startled!Thor:

He deals with them as only he can:

Again, they regroup:

But then they hear a distant cry for help and go to investigate:

Merciful!Thor is moved by his plea and uproots a nearby tree to help, despite Hogun’s protests:

Grateful to be saved, Kygar!Creature immediately drops to his knees with thanks:

Thor has a chuckle at this:

Instead, Thor decides to let Kygar be their tour guide on their journey to the well… on foot:

Meanwhile, back on Blackworld, Hilde and Sif make it to a town after giving their cycles long enough to sync up:

Hilde knocks on the Inn door, hoping to find shelter, only to be turned away with a warning:

While they go in search of shelter, we head on back to Asgard, where Daddy!Odin awaits the coming of Man!Gog with Odinly patience:

Just as he’s sinking into his ennui, G!V comes running in to let Odin know that the fight has begun:

We’re left with only one image:


Have a lovely weekend!


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