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WTF Snarkstress?



Mea, Culpa.

No really.

I’ve been busy. But I did carve out a little time this morning to do an audio, explaining what’s been going on, along with a heaping helping of begging for forgiveness.

There’s a review or two in there, as well. AC3 and Cold Days, to be specific.

I haven’t abandoned you. Just been busy!


Dresden Hiatus…


Don’t hate me.

Today’s regularly scheduled Emo!Thor will be postponed until *at least* tomorrow because I’m currently salivating over the most recent Dresden File’s novel, Ghost Story, and I refuse to put this thing down until I’m done.

Seriously. I’m reading and typing at the same time. I know. Mad skillz.

In any event, if you haven’t (for some insanely bizarre reason) yet read this series? What the heck are you waiting for? I can’t say that I *suggest* buying it via certain huge online retailers whose names start with “A” if you have Kindle, because the price is MORE for the e-book than the hard cover, but should you find yourself really needing to, it’s there.

I *do* suggest hitting your local bookstore or getting it directly from Jim Butcher’s webstore because he’s all kinds of awesome and win :)