Yo Ho And A Ship Full Of Bats!

Marvelous!Monday, Bat!fans!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, if you celebrate! Green beer all around!



And because it’s been so long, and Dragon really, really wanted me to do an update… Batsy’s back!


I’ve been trying to play catch up and mean to do a real update soonish.


But for now, let’s focus on the shenanigannery of our favorite Dark Knight!

Batman #4 (Winter 1940)

The last time we visited our dynamic duo, they were busy solidifying the henceforth understood love/hate relationship with Batsy’s favorite clown!emesis. We find them enjoying a light sparring match:

Naturally, as one would, Young!Dick kinda wonders just… why they’re doing this:

Meanwhile, ‘cross town at the harbor on a pier:

But lest you think this is just a business cruise:

And, providing the required emo for a cruise such as this, Mr. Cowden:

Of course, the question has been asked and MUST be answered:

Which… is just HILARIOUS:

Everyone inside, the ship takes off on its cruise… out into the sea… at night. But no worries. Things proceed as normal for this journey:



Later that night, black clouds appear and cover the moon, a heavy fog suddenly covering the churning waves:

It doesn’t take long before those boats reveal what’s really coming aboard:

And then the captain appears:

When asked, Blackish!Beard explains that everyone is being held for ransom. Okay then. Fair enough. Down below, in the wireless room, some quick thinking dood is busy getting word out about what’s going down:

And said message does, in fact, get back to the authorities:

But another pair of ears catches wind of the urgent message:

They hop into the bat!plane and head out to investigate:

Coming on the scene, the yacht looks eerily deserted… but then they catch sight of something else weird:

Robin questions why Batsy’s setting the plane down (on the water, I’m assuming) and our hero explains:

Speaking of setting the plane down, in case you wondered, with a button press the plane becomes a boat. Because of course it does. They proceed to sneak aboard:

Unfortunately for our heros, there wasn’t just ONE sentry (there never is) and in seconds, the rest of the crew is alerted to the intruders:

They manage to knock Batsy for a loop, right on the noggin’, and when he comes to, he’s in a much more… precarious position:

But Dirty!Beard isn’t the slightest upset. In fact, he’s downright jolly and shows our hero just why:

Watching his young protégé being escorted off the ship, flips the pissy switch in Batsy:

One push and Robin tumbles over the side:

And that is just *IT* for our hero:

He snags a dagger and flies over the side to rescue his boo from the newest danger:

But our hero is MORE than ready for this aquatic attack:

Up top, the pirates see the blood in the water and assume the shark has done its job. Dusting hands, they return to the business of being pirates. Meanwhile, our heroes have survived the encounter and are busy climbing, unnoticed, into the hold with the other passengers:

And of course, the sudden emergence of Batsy leads to the cup of testosterone flowing over amongst the captives:

Of course, not everyone is willing to jump into the fray. Stanley’s boss is very much against the idea:


A short while later, Robin appears on the deck to taunt the pirates there:

Not long after, a few more pirates join the fray, rushing to their downed co-pirate’s side, only to find Young!Robin has a bit more skill with a sword than they’re expecting. Meanwhile, Batsy’s been keeping himself busy with HIS part of the plan:

Thusly armed, he swings into the fray:

You may be asking yourself, aren’t swords dangerously known for fatally poking bad guys? Never fear:

Suddenly, Robin races away, pursued by one, poor, dumb pirate who assumes he’s running away in fear. He’s joined by a few more, just as Robin grabs a rope and swings away. Not to be deterred, they chase after him:

Back on deck, Batsy soaks his foes with a nearby barrel of water before laying into them hardcore with his sword:

He even takes a moment to reflect:

Up in the masts, Robin cuts the sails and lets them drop to the deck, making short work of Batsy’s foes by covering them in yards of fabric. Unfortunately:

Swords… cross…

The battle rages anew until the unfortunate happens:

Dirty!Beard takes advantage:

Batsy lashes out with a boot and suddenly:

But lest you think this fight will end with bloodshed and tears:

With all the baddies rounded up, all that’s left is the big reveal:

And that’s not all! We have three particular stories to catch up with, don’t we?

And Cowden?

And finally, what about Stanley?

Another case solved! Until next time!


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