Thor Pops and Loki Loses


Issue #194, The Mighty Thor (December 1971)

The Mighty Thor “This Fatal Fury!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

I’m fresh out of wittiness today. So I’m going to skip all this yammering and point you to the good stuff.


When last we saw poor Emo!Thor, he had just been shocked to death, silvered to life, been exposed to Showgirl!Sif, and shown up by Fabu!Loki and his giant friends.

Understandably, Showgirl!Sif is not happy about seeing her boo!loved used as a q-tip for Loki’s entertainment and she begs for a little mercy. Unfortunately, Loki’s not really in a giving mood:

And while Sif processes this new and improved Rhett!Loki who embodies the “and not a fuck was given that day” aesthetic, we flash over to our hero!snack:

While the giants reel from the ‘splody!god trick Thor just pulled, tiny Lame!Blake falls to the ground and is:

The giants gain (‘natch), and he makes a desperate leap for his hammer (because it’s clearly been forgotten that his 60-second rule doesn’t apply in Asgard):

Suddenly!Thor appears and proceeds to teach the giants a lesson about manhandling his godly self:

One down, Thor conjures a giant wind funnel and sweeps his other oversized!foes away. But just as he’s calling it a day:

Naturally, Thor proceeds to hand them all their asses, related or not, and while he’s doing so, a crowd of admirers has gathered to watch, helplessly unable to intervene because of the ring thing. Speaking of the ring:

And it’s true. It’s Showgirl!Sif time:

On the plus side?

Unfortunately for Loki, all of his earlier brooding seems to be justified:

And while Loki struggles with this new snarl in his awesome plan, we turn our attention to elsewhere:

They run into a band of trolls while sneaking in, take them down, and head on off to Daddy!Odin’s bedroom. Meanwhile, back in the throne room:

But before Sif can make it to her mark:

RAWR!THOR smashes through the door of the room, scattering wood and trolls all over the place. Up in the rafters, another scene of woe is playing out:

She gives him one last chance to reconsider his position:

But alas, even the sweet taste of her lips is not enough to convince EMO!Balder that maybe, just maybe it might not be so bad to be ‘Nilla’s boo:

Back with the Warriors!Three:

Guards dispatched, the trio creeps into Daddy!Odin’s chambers:

Ever the daring one, Hogun taps Odin on the shoulder:

Seems everyone in Asgard has a right to be freaked out over the prospect of waking Daddy!Odin from his nap (even IF said nap was Loki-induced):

Fandral tries to explain:

Unfortunately, Odin lets them all know that his hands are tied:

While the Warriors!Three all reel from the revelation of Odin’s inability to help them out, we flash back over to our flaxen-haired hero:

But, naturally, Loki’s pride won’t let him back down now and he preps to open a can of whoop ass on Thor:

Angry!Thor isn’t going to fall for another Loki trick:

Not one to play fair, Loki conjures a chunk of masonry to knock Thor senseless, and raises his blade for the killing stroke:

But before we all start maligning poor Sif for trying to save her ‘boo, we see that there’s something else going on:

Having figured out the source of his woes, there’s only one thing to do:

Once the ring is finally off him, things start going back to normal:

Right about then, Thor decides to wake up from his unconscious stupor, and immediately takes the blame for everything going bad. Daddy!Odin tells him not to worry about it and deals with Loki:

Of course, Thor only has eyes for his ‘boo:

Daddy!Odin admires their smootchie!face antics for a few minutes before busting out with an explanation:

Seems the ring can really only be worn by Odin because he is made of awesomeness. Loki, unfortunately, was suffering from a lack of awesomeness and therefore couldn’t handle the power. Everyone nods and smiles and the festivities are about to commence when the Grand!Vizier comes rushing in:

They hurry off, being all secretive!Sally about what’s going on, and even Odin is confused by how G!V is acting:

He brings up an image of Banished!Loki:

Seems ol’ Odin banished Loki without fully considering the ramifications and sent him to a planet that contains some big baddie buried beneath its surface:

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