Emo!Thor Rubs His Hammer Again

Issue #161, The Mighty Thor (February 1969)

tmt161introThe Mighty Thor “Shall A God Prevail!”

Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that there was no Bat!Snark on Monday. Easily explainable: I think I went through the issue about a half dozen times, trying to find a panel, ANY panel, to snark, and came up absolutely dry. But because I adore you, I will attempt it again, this weekend, and see if I might be able to eek out at least a little bit of snarky goodness.

The holidays are in full swing around the country, and I’m about sick to death of the holiday commercials and requisite holiday carols they’ve been playing to death since before Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I *love* the holidays. How could I not? I was born on the 23rd of December, married on the 21st, and for a week it’s ALL about the gift-giving/family/love.

But just once, I’d like for there to be a simple reminder to everyone that the holidays are NOT about giving gifts, shopping, and commercialism. It’s about family. It’s about being with your loved ones and being THANKFUL for what you have. It’s about being able to look around you, realize that in the grand scheme of things, you’re only as happy as the love in your life and you really can’t take it with you when you go.

*Sappy!Snarkstress is sappy*

Now that I’ve got that bit of fluff out of the way….


When last we saw our hero, he was drifting through the cosmos like a bit of discarded dryer fluff.

Ego!Planet and HHH!Galactus were battling it out for the “I’m MOAR Awesome Than ANYONE!” title. And a ship full of displaced Wookies were hot on the trail of Thor/Recorder, to see if they could lend a hand.

Finally seeing an opportunity to help, Faboo!Wookies decide to bring the floating pair aboard:

**Snarkstress Note: I very nearly just ended the synopsis here. Because, honestly, what can you do to follow up those three panels? I mean really.**

King!Wookie declares that they pair must be revived, ‘natch, because:

And while the pair are gently stewed in some vita-liquid, we flash over to where Ego!Planet is still locked in a total stalemate with HHH!Galactus:

HHH!Galactus flings meteors, because, that’s what you do when locked in a power struggle against a sentient planet, and gloats to himself as Ego!Planet goes quiet. It doesn’t last long though:

Meanwhile, back on the Satellite of Fuzzy Love, our hero is finally waking up:

They are greeted by their fuzzy saviors, who have, thankfully, somehow managed to translate across the language barrier with a translato-ray, making it easier to communicate:

Introductions are made, explanations are given (Wanderers, Following you, respectively), and Freaked!Recorder immediately observes that they MUST abandon their mission because Galactus is too deadly. King!Wookie asks his fuzzy troops if they will let the pair fight Galactus alone, and they say him a HEARTY NAY!

Just then, reports come in that they’ve managed to find HHH!Galactus and he’s attacking the ship with meteors.

While the Wookies do just that, Emo!Thor and Obvious!Recorder head for an escape hatch to take on the baddies:

Unfortunately, or, fortunately, depending on your perspective, Ego and Galactus are way too caught up in fighting each other to even care that anyone else has entered the fray. Emo!Thor prepares to kick some righteous ass, while recorder:

Thor flings his hammer:

Mjolnir speeds through space and smacks Galactus right in the belly, catching his attention. Violently.

Mjolnir returns to our hero’s hand, and before Galactus has a chance to breath, Thor goes whizzing through space for a follow up:

Thor continues his assault, until finally, Galactus has had it:

Dolly!Thor finds himself flung directly at Ego!Planet, but surprisingly, rather than let our hero slam into his surface, Ego somehow manages to stop his fall and gently set him down instead:

Thor refuses to run away, and the Wookies, who have apparently been also saved by Ego!Planet, remain his staunchest supporters at the moment, despite having a rather fatalistic view of the outcome:

Of course, Thor rejects the idea, because, hello, he’s THOR:

But rather than throw Mjolnir again, our hero has another plan:

He tells everyone to hide:

And then he proceeds to shock and awe the HELL out of everyone:

The result?

Squicked!Out!Galactus takes off because this is much more than he bargained for:

The heroes watch him go and cheer triumphantly:

Of course, now that the danger is over, Faboo!Wookies realize that they’re a bit…screwed. Ship’s destroyed, stuck on a planet that is unlivable. They send out a scouting ship in the hopes of finding something…but wait:

Seems Ego!Planet is thankful for the help, and in an incredible act of kindness, he invites the Wookies to stay:

Until next week!


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