Emo!Thor Gets Warmer


Issue #177, The Mighty Thor (June 1970)

The Mighty Thor “To End In Flames!”

Thunderous!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

So, it’s now, officially, summer. YAY! At least here, in Seattle, the weather is finally catching the hint. We’re still quite a bit cooler than normal for this time o’ year, but I’m not complaining one single bit. Especially when I talk to the ‘rents and hear that it’s a sweltering triple digit extravaganza daily down south. Hell, even the east coast is having a rough go of it.

I think we’ll stay right here, thank you verra much!

There really isn’t much for me to talk about at the ‘mo. Still working on the Geek Treats site, making more miniatures. I need better photography equipment but whatchoo gonna do, right? Time to get all “compositional” up in this bitch.

I’m still recovering from the two weeks of hell, work-wise. I’m reading books (I know, they aren’t comics *gasp!*) and am contemplating sharing my reviews. Because, well, Dragon made a good point: How can we ask others to review our book if we don’t extend the same courtesy. The man’s a genius and doesn’t know it. So I’m working my way through Losing Beauty by Johanna Garth and I’ve got another one already lined up!

Dragon’s birthday is next Friday. Still working out what we’re going to do. But THIS Friday? Brave and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter are on tap.

Okay. Enough prattling. You’re here for someone much more heroic…


When last we beheld our flaxen-haired hero, he was hugging it out with the rest of his Asgardian crew just as they were prepping for battle against the demon lord Surtur. Leader!Loki, when he realized what he’d unleashed upon Asgard, tucked his tail ‘twixt his spindly green-clad legs and disappeared, leaving our hero and his posse to handle the mess. And where did he disappear to?

The above panel needs to be stared at while listening to this song. Seriously.

While Dazzling!Loki postures for the plebes, his sidekick mentions that Surtur’s attempted destruction of Asgard might very well effect earth in a particularly fiery way. Naturally, Loki doesn’t plan on sticking around long enough for it to bother him, should that turn out to be the case. They’re suddenly reminded that they aren’t alone:

Fashion!Cop seems to think that with the weather all wonky, perhaps Emo!Thor has become a weatherman and knows a little something about what’s going on:


Meanwhile, back in Burning!Asgard, the warriors assembled are having a hell of a time keeping morale up in the face of a flaming death of fiery woe:


But, before they can despair too thoroughly, they are reminded that they do, technically, have a leader:

Speech delivered, Kanye!Thor leaps onto his horse and prepares to ride:

Just then, the Warriors!Three return from their Odin!Search. Unfortunately, they, uh, didn’t find Odin:

THEY RIDE! And a hammer fling later at the sudden wall of flame that has kept them all confined:

Surtur, of course, sees them coming:

Meanwhile, let’s check in on Sif and Balder, who continue the search for the missing Daddy!Odin. Seems BFF!Balder has an idea about who to ask to determine the whereabouts of the missing Allfather, now that Loki’s fled the scene:

With sword at his back, Annoyed!Igron spits out the location (somewhere in the Sea of Eternal Night) and Balder demands to be sent there to retrieve him:

Back in the thick of battle, RAWR!Thor encourages his warriors to stand fast and strike hard. To which Amused!Surtur has a chuckle:

Our hero responds:

Of course, Evil!Surtur isn’t exactly… extinguished by this display:

In true baddie fashion, it seems Sinister!Surtur has a plan for the universe:

He makes an example out of a nearby mountain for our hero, melting the entire mountainside to cut off Thor’s reinforcements, and put him in a pickle:

Climbing as quickly as he’s able, to escape the ever growing sea of molten lava that threatens to consume him, he finally reaches the summit of a nearby rock pile and finds himself out of options:

Why he didn’t just fly away in the first place, I don’t know, but he does so now, despite Surtur’s reassurance that it doesn’t matter how high or how far he may fly, he’s gonna get him eventually:

He speeds away to a nearby dam, conveniently located within a hammer’s flight:

And Thor puts an exclamation point on it:

Aaaaand…back in Igron’s den of iniquity:

And with a pull of a lever, off he goes into the limbo of dark and endless space:

Somehow, through the haze of torment, Zombie!Balder manages to find Odin’s capsule:

Aaaaaaaaaaaand… back in Asgard, the watery demise that Thor envisioned when he released the dam, well…

Thor makes a, er, tactical retreat, just as the warriors he sent away decide they really *should* give him a hand:

Which works about as well as you can expect a bunch of metal being flung at a being who is pure raging fire will work:

Thankful!Thor gives a little speech about taking heart and dying together if that’s the case, just as he catches a glimpse of Hogun and Fandral dashing to their doom:

Of course, the pair aren’t deterred:

Emo!Thor can’t resist lending yet one more hand, reaching deep into his bag o’ tricks:

He flings the planetoid at Surtur and steps back to receive his accolades for his awesomeness. However:

Their righteous indignation doesn’t last long, though, as the planetoid melts:

The army regroups and preps for another charge, but before we get to that:

Back in Igron’s lair, the pair appear again, and Sif immediately notices that something is very wrong:

But just as she’s getting her weep-on, there’s a touch on her shoulder:

Back in Asgard, the battle rages on, with things looking not-so-awesome for the warriors as Surtur makes short work of their weapons and shields:

Surtur blasts him out of the way, and the warriors hit him with a blast of frost gun fire:

His army demolished, Thor again refuses to give up, which Surtur has to take a moment to acknowledge his tenacity:

But just as Sincere!Surtur moves in for the final blow, another voice rings out, saying him NAY!

And Surtur is NOT happy about this:

Even Thor is startled that the battle is finally over, but thankful as he tells the fallen soldiers to rise:

Until next week!


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