Issue #196, The Mighty Thor (February 1972)

The Mighty Thor “Within The Realm of KARTAG!”

GOOOOOOOD Morning & THUNDEROUS Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Today’s update comes to you from a healthy dose of guilt (because I’ve ignored my beloved Asgardian for WAY too long and left y’all hanging) AND caffeine. Lots of it.

So apparently I’m a lying liar about keeping this updated, and for that, well. You know. But I’ve got very good reasons:

First off, we’ve been working our asses off on book 2 for The Nemesis Chronicles, aptly named The Hand of Time because it’s sucking up all of ours. BUT! We have an awesome cover for it, which you all have seen. (And if you haven’t, check the post JUST before this one.) We’re stoked. But still working, so, yeah.

Video games have been played. A review is forthcoming. AUDIO even! Get ready:

*God Of War: Ascension Review

*Bioshock Infinite Review

*Tomb Raider Review

*Crysis 3 Review

*PSVita news (reviews of Escape Plan & LBP)

I’ll try to get to them this weekend.


I am now a fish owner. His name is Boo. He’s a Betta. And he likes to blow bubbles and give me his rawr!face. It’s adorable.



And last, but not least, sometime by the end of this week, Nephew-watch 2013 will be ended and we shall find ourselves Aunt & Uncle to, most likely, the world’s most adorable baby. We are giddy with delight!


But, as it stands now, it has been pointed out that there is a disturbing lack of Thor, and so, it is Thor that you shall have!



So let’s see. When we last checked in on our favorite Emo!Thundergod, he was off in the outer limits with the Warriors!Three, hunting down a mystic well at the behest of Daddy!Odin. Said sender was, at the same time, dealing with the invasion of a newly released RAWR!Mangog who has a serious axe to grind with Odin. AND! My new most favoritist female duo EVER, Hilde & Sif, were chumming it up on Black!World, trying to find themselves a place to sleep after Weepy!Sif had her betrothment party crashed by Odin’s Emo.

Now, we’re starting out following Thor. Seems that after battling buggie baddies, the quartet has continued their a-wandering, until they come upon a startling sight:

Said Lovely!Lady is shocked, SHOCKED! I TELL YOU!, to hear that anyone might be afraid of such a delicate flower as herself:


Haaaay!Thor reassures Sexy!Satrina that his “friend” has NO idea what he’s talking about:

She invites them all into her abode:

And as usual, it’s OPPOSITE day here at the edge of the world:

All the boys agree that this is where they want to be, so they start wandering around while Satrina shows off her awesomest toys:


But the little Jester!Bot has a secret:

Suddenly, Satrina’s stronghold ain’t looking quite so relaxing for our heroes:


Of course, even Asgardians have to breathe, so before long, they’re all knocked out:


When the unconsciousness fades and our hero finally starts coming to:

Sitting up, Thor’s noggin is a bit achy:


Come to find out, Thor’s the last one to come to:

Our hero, however, still doesn’t quite buy it:


Suddenly, there’s a hand on his shoulder:


Kyger tries to warn Giddy!Thor about what’s really going on:

Before he can finish, however:

Giddy!Thor loses his giddiness entirely:

But when he finally makes it behind illusion’s curtain:

And what is it that garners the WHOA!Face?


Freaked the hell out, Thor rushes in and starts lending a hand:

Faboo!Fandral takes particular exception to Thor’s Woman-handling his woman-thing:

Hogun jumps into the fray, teaming up with his best boo, Fandral, to deliver a smack down on Thor while Amused!Satrina watches nearby:

The fighting is escalating quickly out of control, and Exhausted!Thor is at wits end:

In a last ditch effort, Thor freezes his friends in place with special non-lethal bolts of stickiness from his hammer (Yes, I really did just type that sentence) and goes in search of answers:

Of course, complimenting Thor goes a long way:


Alas, Satrina isn’t in the mood, and disappears with a flash of lightning and a Joker laugh:

With her departure comes clarity for the Warriors!Three, and the four pack it up and set out to continue their quest for the well:

MEANWHILE, in Asgard:

And while he’s desperately grasping for something to say, he gets a visitor:

Of course, Odin explains his heart was in the right place when he sent Thor off on his quest. Hela’s not buying it:


And outside Asgard, Mangog continues his attack:

And just in case y’all have forgotten just who this Mangog is, a recap:

Back in Asgard, Odin rallies his troops, dons his armor, hops on his horse, and the lot of them head out to fight the good fight:

That done, Mangog moves along, and down in the water, Daddy!Odin makes a grim discovery:


With great tenderness the Allfather lifts up his fallen friend:

Of course, with the realization that his friend is (maybe?) dead, Odin realizes there’s only one thing he can do now:

But enough about him, let’s head on over to Black!World, to check on our girls, shall we?

Popping an arm around Sif’s shoulder, Hildegard points to a nearby hill where there should be some particularly dirty dirt in which to sleep. But before they can get out of town, they’re interrupted:

Could’ve been a standard snatch-and-grab job, but one of the horsemen decides to get uppity:


Using Dumb!ass as a bat, Hilde starts playing ball with the horsemen, knocking them off their mounts until one of them decides to pull a sword and rush her:


And now it’s time for girl talk, with Hilde & Sif:


Maybe this is what Sif needed? A getaway?


It doesn’t take very long at all, between the two of them, to slap those boys back:

Hilde attempts to talk some sense into our fiery!Sif, by telling her it’s time to find out just who it is that everyone’s afraid of. Speaking of being afraid and finding things, let’s go back to our quartet:

Thor mentions resting again, but the others aren’t quite in the mood to ever rest again. And it’s a good thing, too, because suddenly the ground ‘neath them starts to shake and break apart:


Introducing himself as Redguard, he apparently has a special job:


Redguard responds by spitting a lightning bolt at him. He goes down. This angers the others and they rush him:

Fandral quickly realizes that beating up Redguard is going to be rather difficult, as does Volstagg:


No one has an easy explanation for why Redguard has suddenly appeared to vex them so, and everyone looks to Thor for answers:

And of course, he doesn’t finish his statement, because his ooh!Shiny brain notices that Redguard has managed to surround them with a sea of boiling flame, from which there is ONLY one escape:

It’s not until they land safely elsewhere that Thor’s “obvious” is explained:

Hogun’s comment really strikes Satrina as hilarious:


In fact, she’s SO delighted to hear this, that amused!Satrina makes them an offer:

Despite what she’s done in the past, what, few hours? Hogun is intrigued enough to want to follow, as is Volstagg:

Aaaaand….back on Asgard, Hela shows up to collect the dearly departed Khan from Odin, despite his protests to the contrary:


In a daze, Odin leaves her to do her soul-reaping thang and stumbles on over to the southern gates, where he sees Mangog ripping Asgard a new one. And as he watches, he realizes that he’s stuck between a Mangog and a hard place, so there’s only ONE decision:


Over on Black!World, Hildegard interrupts her stargazing to point to something weird going on in the cosmos:

Of course, over at the edge of the world, our quartet is still blissfully ignorant of what’s going down in Asgard:

Of course, once inside the chamber o’ doom, Thor has second thoughts:


Until next time!


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