Emo!Thor Fans The Flames!


Issue #176, The Mighty Thor (May 1970)

The Mighty Thor “Inferno!”

Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

First, a word from not-Thor:

In other news, another quiet week so far, although the weather has been glorious. And by glorious, I mean really, REALLY, totally non-sarcastic, beautiful outside. Mid 70s, sunshine, just beautiful.

Of course, that leads to allergies, of which my Dragon has been suffering most mightily. Verily have the Claritin and Puffs Gods been worshipped over the last two days. Bless.

I’ve gotten a gander at some of the newer television shows hitting the airwaves this fall (I was especially bummed about a few of the cancellations revealed this week) and all I can say is… what? Is this really the television that the execs think people want to watch? It’s enough to make a girl consider pulling the plug and going full stream-ahead.

Snow White and The Huntsman hits theaters on June 1st. Hi there. Yeah, I’ll be at the midnight showing, thanks.

Also? Congratulations to Chris Hemsworth on the birth of his little girl, India Rose on May 11th.

Speaking of Thor! I now have both a Thor mug and a Thor pillow sham, sent by a friend, and let’s just say the sham has had a rather superhero-y effect on my dreams. Just sayin’.

Hey! Look at the time!


When last we saw Emo!Thor, he was bowing (reluctantly, ‘natch!) to the new ruler of Asgard: Luscious!Loki. His Royal Evilness had managed to score possession of Daddy!Odin’s Power Ring while he was busy taking his nap and thusly became supreme ruler of Asgard. Thor, pissed beyond all belief at what has transpired, has no choice but to obey whatever rule made that little bauble the “King-maker”. But he tells Loki, in no uncertain terms, that while he may serve him out of obligation, he’s definitely NOT a fan.

Bored!Loki is unimpressed by Thor’s theatrical announcement and reminds him who is in charge:

Thor DOES bring up a good point, however, Loki has already thought of it:

Which has the expected reaction:

The sibling squabble escalates as the guards manage to subdue our outraged hero:

From the rear of the room, we discover that Valiant!Volstagg is watching the proceedings, quite concerned at the turn the situation has taken:

So absorbed in watching events unfold that he completely misses being walked up on by a guard. The guard, go-getter that he is, decides to do something drastic:

Unfortunately for the poor guard, there’s a bit of a problem:

The guard gives up as Volstagg rounds on him, offended like whoa at this affront:

Naturally, the rest of the palace!guard take exception to Volstagg’s assault and rush to subdue him. Fortunately for Big!V, his companions pick then to show up and save him:

Volstagg runs to the rear (HAH!), leaving Hogun and Fandral to take down the threat:

And, oddly enough, when all of THAT doesn’t deter the oncoming guards, Faboo!Fandral finds himself in a tight spot:

A shove later and we see the genius of his plan:

And of course:

Of course, while all these shenanigans are going on, it would seem that our spontaneous heroes have forgotten something:


And here’s where we get a taste of just why Loki wanted this ring:

And lest you think Fandral was the only one subject to Loki’s reign:

Meanwhile, in the wooded outskirts of Asgard, two guards are randomly wandering around, musing about the state of things:

They stumble across a magic rock. Okay, so the rock itself isn’t magic, but the enchanted symbol ON it most certainly is:

And without further provocation:

But hey, you don’t need to know what came out of that rock, yet do you? Let’s go check on Emo!Thor in the dungeon, where he’s busy wondering where his BFF!Balder is moments before getting new cellmates:

Once shoe-horned inside, Vol!Stuck proceeds to throw a tantrum, much to Emo!Thor’s irritation:

Quieted, Vol!Stuck asks about Mjolnir:

Just when his woe is becoming too frustrating for him to bear:

Apparently, BFF!Balder’s been in hiding because he’s considered an outlaw. See, he won’t obey Loki and, well, as you can see, Lordly!Loki has an issue with people challenging his authority. So while Emo!Thor might wish to try to live within the rules:

Freed, Balder tells them all to flee, but they won’t have any of that. Emo!Thor is determined to accompany his best friend, but he needs to make a little pit stop first:

He sets the now fully-conscious Warriors!Three on Daddy!Odin guard duty and off they go. But there is… trouble brewing elsewhere in the castle:

Snubbed!Loki takes it all in stride:

Given the choice, Sexay!Sif makes her choice:

Before we get you all in a tizzy about the goddess-on-troll action, we switch back to the site of the ‘Splody!Rock, where something most definitely wicked this way comes:

Straightforward!Surtur has a plan:

But hey, we’ll let him get on with it. I know you’re still thinking about that goddess-on-troll action back with a spectating!Loki, so let’s turn our attention back in that direction. Seems Sexay!Sif is holding her own and actually starting to turn the tide of the battle in her favor. Femme!Troll wants to give up:

Just as it looks like our poor Femme!Troll will be forced to fight on, someone intervenes:

Femme!Troll doesn’t even wait. She runs out of the room and we see that Emo!Thor and Badass!Balder have finally arrived to end Loki’s shenanigans.

Nonplussed!Loki decides to finally spill the beans about the rest of his plan:

Using the ring, Loki tunes it in to his special channel:

Apparently, Daddy!Odin is alive, so no worries there, but he’s totally out of it and pill-formed, so, yeah:

Loki, expecting, I dunno, hugs maybe? Gets his panties all in a bunch when he’s met with shock and horror:

Emo!Thor is so completely and utterly disgusted that he just doesn’t even care anymore:

Before Murderous!Thor can make a move, the sky above Asgard erupts into fire:

Fire starts consuming the city, sending all the Asgardians fleeing in a blind panic:

Surtur’s sudden arrival has a way of catching the attention:

Of course, Loki has a plan:

Thor ain’t having any of it:

When they’ve reached a safer distance, they resume their conversation:

And Sif’s questioning only serves to freak out Loki MORE:

Loki’s freak-out doesn’t sit well with his brother, especially when Loki orders him to deal with the problem:

With Meddlesome!Loki fleeing for his green-caped life, Thor preps to flog some fiery!fanny. Sif and Balder both volunteer to go with him, but he has other plans for his favorite pair and sends them off to wake Sleeping!Odin:

Until next week!


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