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Issue #179, The Mighty Thor (August 1970)

The Mighty Thor “No More The Thunder God!”

Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Happy Post Exploding Combustibles Day! I do hope you all had a trauma-free July 4th (those that celebrate). The festivities around here started at, oh, 10pm the 3rd…and kept right on going until amost 4am today. Faaabulous.

We celebrated with sausages and ‘taters, and a whole lotta Assassin’s Creed: Revelations up in this joint. No really. A lot. I have to say, it’s probably the most frustratingly gorgeous game I’ve played in recent history. GAMEFLY FOR THE WIN!

We also went and saw the new Spider-Man. And were summarily impressed. I think I like this one better than the last reboot.

I’d explain more, but I have snarking to get to, and more AC:R to play, so I’ll expound later!


When last we left our emo!hero, he was busy snogging his Luv!Muffin Sif after turning back time to thwart the machinations of Abomination. Having been unceremoniously pluck’d from the Asgardian victory after-party, we again turn our attentions to those hallowed golden halls, where Thor is busy leading the procession on a little field trip:

But not all is woe, for is our Emo!Thor not fond of inspiring comments?

That done, they all head back to Asgard, Thor breaking off to go see Daddy!Odin, but he has more on his mind than the summons:

Like a good girlfriend, Stunning!Sif can tell there’s something wrong:

But just as they’re getting all snuggle!bunny on each other, there’s an interruption:

Yup, Daddy!Odin is annoyed at the love vibes swirling around the two, so he orders them to take a knee so he can properly chastise them. MEANWHILE, on earth, there’s a completely different situation going on:

Everything is prepared for Loki’s latest caper, but wait!

Loki is annoyed by the human custom of signing your name to a check, so he just does what he does:

He sends them on their way with the instructions to leave him the hell alone and shuts the door.

Turning his attention back to Igor!Igron:

That done, we head back to Asgard, where Daddy!Odin is explaining the Loki-sitch. Now, remember the time(s) when Emo!Thor waxed poetic about wanting to go back to earth because he loves it so? Remember that? Not so much anymore:

Not wasting any time, Odin *sparkles* him back to Earth, effectively cutting off any argument our hero might have launched in opposition. Thor, to his credit, decides to just get on with the assignment and get it the hell over with. But he’s got a trick up his sleeve. He knows his brother will most likely be expecting him to come thundering along as his true self, so instead:

Of course, Loki’s also thinking the same thing… in opposite:

Igor!Igron makes sure everything is ready and then makes the mistake of hoping out loud that he’s going to get a great reward for his service:

And how does Loki reward his most faithful magician of evil?

That done, he drops the illusion of Spock!Loki and changes into something a little more comfortable:

He struts his way down the street, not caring who sees him, because, well, he’s Loki:

Marching down the hall to Lame!Blake’s office, Loki thinks to take him by surprise, but gets one of his own as he muscles open the door:

Seems our flaxen-haired hero figured on Loki’s duplicity (he’s LEARNING!) and decided to Thor-out when he got to the office. Time to go home, he says, but Loki isn’t done with the surprise train:

But once he opens the box:

Try as he might:

Face!Hugged!Thor is unable to remove the living!mask and succumbs to unconsciousness. The very state it needs to do its dastardly job. And what might that job be, you may be asking?

The result of which leads to:

Head!Splosions done, it’s time to unwrap our Thor and find out what, precisely, the  meaning was behind all the smoke:

While you’re busy wrapping your brain around that, Thor!ki explains:

Loki!or goes for his hammer:

And to demonstrate, he smacks Loki!or around like an errant ragdoll until he’s, once again, unconscious:

MEANWHILE! Back on Asgard, we’ve got a party of a different sort going on, as Asgardians gather ‘round the bed of the recently awoken BFF!Balder:

He tells them all he’s tired and they understand, taking off so he can rest:

Leaping from his bed, he quickly starts getting dressed and is just sliding his sword into the scabbard when Sexay!Sif comes strutting in:

The pair head off, determined to save our hapless hero, and are all in the swing of salvation when suddenly, Sif has a thought:

She immediately relents because THOR, and they again set off, but not before a little impromptu hand holding:

Back on earth:

And when he looks in the mirror:

But before he can truly start to question the wtf-ness of what he’s seeing, there’s a whirlwind in his living room:

When the wind clears, Balder and Sif stand there, shocked all to hell:

Despite Loki!or’s protests, the pair aren’t prepared to hear anything he has to say:

Confused, Loki!or tries to get them to see reason:

Loki!or tries again, realizing that they clearly aren’t going to listen to him, so he’ll show them instead, his powers:

Before he can get a true beat-down going on balder, Sif intercedes:

Sif gets uppity:

Balder get’s all pissy about Loki!or touching his BFF’s gal and immediately proceeds to beat the hell out of him:

Yup. Thor!ki is thoroughly enjoying the show:

But soon must turn his attention to more dire needs:

That said, he hits the air, gloating as he goes:

And the idea is incredibly pleasing to him, making him tingle in his naughty bits:

Meanwhile, back with the tangled-up trio, Loki!or is STILL trying to talk some sense into Balder, and BFF!Balder is STILL trying to beat the truth out of him. So Loki!or, finally tired of trying to reason with him, takes to the skies to get away and regroup, but Balder just will NOT let it go.

And what, you might ask, power does he decide to use? He decides to drain the voltage from the electric sign, enough to stun Balder so he can get away:

He is IMMEDIATELY contrite, rushing over to check on his BFF because he knows he was just recently injured and seeing him in such a state immediately sends him into throes of emo:

And Sif, just catching up on the pair, stumbles across an entirely un-Loki-like scene:

But just before she can open her OWN femme!can of whoopass, Balder wakes up and stops her:

This? THIS is good news for our hero.

Until Monday!


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