Emo!Thor Ends The Universe With His Hammer

tmt155introIssue #155, The Mighty Thor (August 1968)

The Mighty Thor “Now Ends The Universe!”

Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

Chilly, grey, moist. Hello, Seattle Autumn. We have a pumpkin to murder this weekend, and Halloween to celebrate…for it is, next to Yule, my favorite holiday. I just haven’t decided if we’re going to give out candy (not that we’d get that many T.O.T-ers) or if we’re going to just turn off all the lights and creep ourselves out with old horror movies.


So Captain America came out, managed to snag your copy yet? Worth every penny! I am still, seriously, vibrational with squee over the upcoming Avengers movie. Like whoa.

Word on the street is that we’re about to enter a HIGH DRAMA period of Thor’s life. One rife with strife and Shakespearean language, dastardly foes and gentle ladies. And emo.

Oh yes, there will be emo.

I’ve noticed the trend over the last few issues, lots of talking, moderate yet violent action, followed by even more conversation. And, perhaps it’s just me, but it seems as though our emo!hero is undergoing a bit of an identity crisis? Almost as though he’s torn between being the dutiful son and the awesome Thunder God he’s supposed to be.

In any event, things are about to get really real up in this joint…


When last we left the Emo!One, he was standing atop a roof, waiting for a sign from Daddy!Odin, while across the universe, Maddened!Mangog was prepping to rain down all sorts of Ragnarok-y destruction. Brave!Balder was fighting off the amorous advances of a ‘Nilla!Wafer in love, and Sexay!Sif was languishing away in a hospital bed. Tired of emoing on one rooftop and getting no response, our hero hammers across the sky to another one:

Across town:

While the nurse tries to puzzle out just what it is her patient is babbling about, they’re joined by a visitor:

He tells Sif that they must leave, and she’s MORE than willing to leave with him, even if his face is mostly obscured in shadow, but she needs a little help:

Once they’re alone, Emo!Thor spins a vortex that transports both of them home to Asgard (fully dressed, at that) to stand on Bifrost and hope that the rest of their allies heard the emo!call to arms.

Meanwhile, Beleaguered!Balder is still dealing with ‘Nilla!Wafer’s inability to take “No” for an answer:

As Balder fights for his life, ‘Nilla makes him the offer to just say the word and she’ll drive them back, to which he says her NAY!

And to add yet another twist to this story, we leave Balder fighting for his life against ‘Nilla’s legion of frozen warriors to speed across the universe to a place we haven’t visited since Issue #132:

And back to Asgard, where we find ourselves plunged into the middle of a random fight involving the Warriors!Three, suddenly disrupted:

Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg are deployed to fight the Mangog after they challenge his authority:

Volstagg, upset by the potential “death” part of the Mangog confrontation attempts to take his leave, claiming to both want to say goodbye to his wife, and summon Thor, but he’s wrangled back onto his horse by Fandral and they’re off to fight the Mangog.

King!Loki watches them go, gleeful in his hatred of all things Thor-related:

One of the guards points out that Mangog isn’t just a threat to a few select people, but the whole of Asgard, and King!Loki tells him to shut his dirty mouth. Of course, as soon as he’s said it, someone else decides to pipe up with an opinion:

Emo!Thor takes issue with his brother’s well-timed usurp, and says as much, calling him out:

Emo!Thor shares his news about Mangog and Loki tells him that he won’t be joining Thor’s Mangog-party, because he was meant to RULE, not battle:

With all this talk about Mangog, it makes one wonder just what he’s up to. Let’s check in, shall we?

We find out, as he’s going along destroying everything in his path, that the reason for his massive shoulder-chip comes down to Odin’s genocide of his entire race for daring to invade Asgard. Of course, he was the last thing they created before they all were wiped out. His tirade is interrupted by an Odinian Force Arrow, bringing down a mountain on his head, which Mangog promptly dislodges:

See, when his race was dying, they took the limitless strength of all the billions that Odin had doomed and stored it in Mangog. So he, technically, posesses the unimaginable might of a billion, billion beings.

Hearing first-hand about Mangog’s plan, our hero is a bit concerned, because as we all know, if the Odin sword is drawn by anyone OTHER than Daddy!Odin, the universe comes to a screeching, fiery end. Obvious!Loki points out the obvious: that Mangog is pretty freakin’ powerful.

Emo!Thor goes to emo over his dad’s sleeping form for a bit, and vows to take out the Mangog threat before he reawakens. Sif pipes up that she will remain by his side:

They have a little tender ‘mo before Thor mounts his charger and takes off:

Thor catches up with a fallen Asgardian soldier, who tells him that Mangog is more awesome than expected and promptly dies. He continues on and finds the remnants of another legion of fighters, all looking much worse for the wear, who ALL tell him that Mangog is the real deal.

Yet still he rides on. And it’s not until he finds himself looking at the charred and broken remains of what was once a strike force that he starts to waver:

As he’s busy doubting himself, he hears voices from a rock cage and goes to investigate:

While Thor is distracted, Mangog is able to sneak up on him:

Until next week!


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