Emo!Thor Dodges A Bullet


Issue #172, The Mighty Thor (Jan 1970)

The Mighty Thor “The Immortal And The Mind Slave!”

Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

I really wish Mother Nature would make up her mind. Cold or warm. Grey and wet or sunny and dry. The weather is playing havoc with my dopamine levels.

It’s hard to be snarky when your outlook on life is, “Meh. Whatevs.”

But hey! Things are bound to start looking up soon, right? King Tut is going to be visiting our fair city as of May 24th, and you can bet we’ll be in line to see these Egyptian treasures. Why? Because I’ve always had a fascination for all things Egyptian (as evidenced by the tons of artwork bedecking our walls). I’m thinking we’ll go on a week day because, er, less children perhaps?

Anyway. Enough about me.

Today’s Emo!Thor is brought to you by Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know.

You’ll see why.



The last time we checked in with our intrepid hero, he was being cool, calm, and collected in the face of the Wrecker’s little post-nap temper tantrum: saving the city AND the life of a gunned down do-gooder in the same day. Because he’s awesome like that. This time, we find him lurking outside his Blake!Office, noticing that there’s someone inside who seems to have a problem. Realizing that he can’t just waltz into the office as his godly self, he heads for the roof:

He pauses at the top, intent on doing good:

He thwack-Blake’s out and heads inside:

The troubled man waiting in his office is none other than Jim!North:

Apparently, our favorite damsel-in-distress is once again being distressed, this time, held captive at the hands of Kronin!Krask, a ruthless billionaire with his own private army. He’s holding Harlot!Jane hostage until Dr!North agrees to do some sort of forbidden experiment on him. Of course, Lame!Blake wants to know why on earth North hasn’t called the police, and he explains that Krask would just deny everything and do something terrible to Jane:

Lame!Blake sends North away, promising to do what he can while staring forlornly out the window:

Meanwhile, in Asgard, we pay a visit to our favorite overbearing Godly!Daddy:

Daddy!Odin makes haste for the Enchanti-scan ™ and immediately starts scanning the cosmos:

He sees Loki, being all “come join my party” to the masses, and skips on by. Then he tunes in on Balder:

When he finally finds the channel he seeks, he’s stunned to see the face (sorta) of a random human on earth:

Meanwhile, back on earth, Dr!North speeds along a lonely road, having been sent to see Kronin!Krask. At the gate, he’s stopped by a pair of guards who give him a warning:

He’s escorted through the property:

Rounding a corner, we get our first real glimpse of this Crazy!Kronin:

It seems that Crazy!Kronin plans on having Dr!North make him immortal, guaranteeing North’s compliance because he’s got Jane. Dr!North says him nay:

Krask’s guards immediately outgun North and disarm him while Krask lays out the rest of his plan:

Dr!North is alarmed by this news, claiming that it’s an impossibility:

Apparently, Dr!North is still having issues with controlling his anger as he lunges for Crazy!Knonin, only to be stopped by his guards. Again. Unconcerned with North’s irrationality, Krask continues to explain that though he may have money and power, he’s still mortal, so the transplant is really just to make sure he never dies:

North finally relents, despite Harlot!Jane pointing out the obvious fly in the cooperation ointment:

Meanwhile, back in the city, Lame!Blake looms upon a rooftop:

Making up his mind, he thwack-Thor’s out and heads off to do battle:

As he passes overhead, one of Krask’s soldiers radios ahead:

As our hero touches down, they smack a spotlight on him and proceed to fire cannons at him, something that Emo!Thor mightily objects to:

The soldiers narrowly avoid being flattened by Mjolnir as it returns to Thor’s hand, and they scatter…with a little help from our hero:

Once the soldiers are dealt with, a new menace makes an appearance:

A nearby soldier pushes a button and we discover that it’s not another light:

Our hero is overcome:

Thusly dealt with, we skip back inside, where North is prepping for surgery:

In the surgical room, North once again tries to tell Crazy!Kronin that this isn’t the best plan he’s ever had, but Krask isn’t having any of it. That’s finally when North asks the question on everyone’s mind: Who is under the other sheet?

North immediately refuses to do the transfer, but yet again, he’s forced to look at Harlot!Jane:

Jane, in an impressive streak of selflessness, tries to get North to see reason:

Once de-Jane’d, North clicks the button to start the transfer:

Thor and Krask’s brain waves collide on the ultra oscilloscope and it’s all in the hands of fate as a picture takes shape:

What are they witnessing, you might be asking?

As they watch, the figures begin to merge until one is victorious:

But does that mean our hero lives?

North finally admits that he knew all along:

Victorious!Thor spares a glance for his fallen foe:

North is still all woe over his role in the whole debacle, but Thor has nothing but reassuring words for the pair:

Before leaving, Thor tells the two to destroy all that equipment because it’s not meant for mortals to have the mind-transplant ability. And then he walks off into the sunset:

Until Monday!


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