Emo!Thor Dances With Death?


Issue #178, The Mighty Thor (July 1970)

The Mighty Thor “Death Is A Stranger!”

Thundering!Thursday, Emo!Thor Enthusiasts!

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Tomorrow, my Dragon celebrates a birthday! The macaroni to my cheese is jazzed about having the day off from work and we have big plans to get our paws on Lollipop Chainsaw and do whatever else his birthday-endowed heart wants to do. Like… eating cupcakes. Lots of them. Because I’ll be making them tomorrow with apples and pecans and yummy butter cake. It’s a change from his normal spice cake request, but it IS his birthday, so, whatevs, right?

Not much else planned for the weekend, really. This week has been exhausting at work, and I’m about ready to drop entirely. YAY for the weekend!

Let’s get on with the snark, shall we?


When last we left our Asgardian super star, he was busy battling Surtur and saving the cosmos from his fiery wrath. Just when things were looking particularly grim, Daddy!Odin decided nap-time was over and intervened, grounding Surtur (literally) and saving the day. In this issue, we’re going to get a glimpse of the after party:

Of course, not everyone in attendance is overjoyed to be there:

Sif doesn’t understand why Emo!Thor is being twitchy:

We leave him to his brooding…and fly out into the cosmos, somewhere in space, where someone else is having an epic moment:

Seems that in some other comic (which … I don’t snark), Silver!Surfer somehow convinced some “witches” to send Abomination to his current abode. In space. And he’s not happy about it. But where, exactly, is he?

Sneaky!Abomination tip-toes his way into the building, intent on crushing his former incarcerator and finds him fiddling with his space scanner:

No, he’s not going to take the easy route. He’s going to go directly to the planet of his newest potential acquisition and fetch the “speciman” himself:

Seeing him disappear, Abomination is impressed:

Still trying to puzzle it out, he strolls past the scanner in question, catching a glimpse of our Emo!Thor on the big screen and is so startled he has to stop and take a closer look:

As he’s heading back to hide, he makes a bit of a blunder:

And of course, you know it has to mess with something important:

And suddenly…

Quickly, Abomination spills his tale:

Rather than try to convince Thor with words, Abomination leads him to where he can see the collection for himself:

Naturally, seeing all the captives pisses off our erstwhile hero:

And so, he does what all rawred out heroes would do when faced with such a situation:

Of course, Emo!Thor is confused why there isn’t a surge of joy and welcoming embraces, and the prisoners fill him in about how his well intentioned wall bust up has triggered an alarm that will draw the Stranger back from his travels:

Cue panic:

Thor, not one to ever back down, proceeds to go all 20 questions on the Stranger:

And then he gets all uppity:

And Stranger gets uppity right back, turning the ground beneath Thor into quicksand beneath his feet:

And of course, rather than use his hammer to fly out of the quicksand consuming him, our hero does what he does best:

When Mjolnir returns to him, and he finally pulls himself out of the trap:

Thor gives him a chance to surrender, not wanting to hurt him, to which the Stranger responds:

Thor is unimpressed:

He smacks the ground with his hammer, and all the replicas fall as Real!Stranger stays aloft, totally giving himself away. Impressed!Stranger gives him his props:

He hammers away to learn more about his new foe before reengaging him in combat. Meanwhile, back on Asgard, Daddy!Odin is perturbed:

Sif steps up and asks to go find him, and Odin tells her to go ahead:

Back on the Stranger’s planet, Thor decides there’s only one good way to hide from the one he’s fighting and thwack-Blake’s out:

He wanders around, looking for anything that might help him learn more about his foe, and hears voices behind a rock:

Looks like Abomination is holding court, rallying the escapees to his cause:

Of course, Blake has to butt in with his .02 cents:

And when they all turn on Blake, he realizes his mistake:

Abomination, in a show of surprising intelligence, takes his cane, forcing Blake to gimp away to keep from being pulled apart:

Peeking from his hiding place, he sees where Abomination has dropped his stick, but there’s a bit of a dilemma:

Just then, he receives a surprising answer and bit of help:

Thankful for the intervention, Blake thwack-Thor’s out and goes to his girlfriend:

Just then, some of Abomination’s crew discover them and raise the alarm:

The fight begins anew, with Abomination smacking into him to take him down since he won’t join the cause:

They all dogpile on our hero, but that doesn’t last long before he flings them all away, knocking everyone out while Abomination runs for the hills. He quickly discovers just why:

And then…Thor has a disturbing thought:

So, he does what any well intentioned God would do:

Things repeat, with Abomination trying to blame Stranger, but rather than fall for his trick, this time, he does what he should’ve done in the first place:

That done, he wipes the dust from his hands and returns home, just in time to find Sif looking for him:

And in answer, he distracts her with a smootch:

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