Broody!Bats, Idle Hands, And Playground Antics


Issue #50, Detective Comics (April 1941)

Batman with Robin “The Case of the Three Devils!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

Well, will you look at that? Seems like I might actually get a snarky bat-post up today after all. I suppose it has something to do with the snow. Outside. Falling.

No really. It finally started snowing up here in the great PacNW, much to the dismay of Seattleites all across the city. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in our time here, it’s that no weather event is merely a weather event. No. It’s a cause for alarm. And granted, yes, snow can be a pain in the ass to drive on. And it’s cold. And it’s … wet. But let me put it in perspective: I lived in Alaska for four years.

This? This is nothing. This is ‘curl up with salted caramel hot cocoa and a fuzzy blanket’ weather. This is ‘catch up on season three of Castle’ weather. This is ‘Skyrim until your thumbs fall off’ weather. This… is ‘do other things to conserve body heat’ weather.

But then, I don’t remember Anchorage being quite as “hilly” as our fair city, so those of us who are intelligent tend to keep off the roads unless necessary. Which, yes, was necessary on both Saturday AND Sunday, thank you very much. *adds a notch to my snow driving belt*

It’ll be gone before we know it (they’ve already forecasted rain for later this week which should slush the rest of it right on out), so might as well enjoy it for a few days. I’ve seen snowmen, hell, I’ve even seen a snow donut.

I just have to make sure Dragon doesn’t decide to hit me with a snowball. There might be some scrapplin’ going on if that goes down.

And I’ve got *really* good aim.

Oh hey, speaking of scrapplin’…


So let’s see… the last time we followed our intrepid twosome, they were saving Brucie’s ex-bride-to-be Portia!Storme (nee Skele!Julie) from the clutches of a vengeful Clay!Face bent on making her his latest victim. All of this after Portia told Bruce that he was a good-for-nothing billionaire playboy who shamed her with his inactivity. So what’s a loser hero to do after being given such a dressing down from the woman he saved from WEREWOLVES in a far off land?

To be fair, Batsy was tangled up in taking down Red!Devil#2 while Red!Devil#1 watched with popcorn until Red!Devil#3 decided it’d be easier to smack him on the noggin and knock him out:

The three flee the scene, refusing to outright gun down our heroes because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves from GCPD. Batsy and Young!Dick aren’t down for long and give chase, but the Red!Devils manage to alley-oop away before they can catch up:

Our heroes watch them go, chagrined:

Over the next few weeks, the Red!Devils make quite a name for themselves as heist after heist appears in the papers. Commish!Gordon is frustrated all to hell because he can’t catch them and Bruce? Well Bruce just finds the whole thing amusing:

Bruce asks his ward what he thinks the Red!Devils will do with all the jewels they’ve stolen, and Young!Dick seems to think they’ll be selling the loot. But wait… there’s a problem with that theory:

Unfortunately, there are two known Fences in the city, which means the pair will have to split up to keep an eye on both:

And it’s the first chance that Robin will have to put his new toys to test:

The pair slink out into the dark city, peeping on the Fences, but they seem unusually quiet:

Just when they’re convinced that the plan is a bust, the Red!Devils appear on the street below, heading for Fence!Frankie’s place to drop off another load of stuff:

Before Fence!Frankie can finish determining the value of said “stuff”, Batsy appears on the scene, with Robin in tow, and causes a bit of a ruckus:

A few more thugs join the fray and all hell breaks loose:

Fence!Frankie grabs a knife, intending to plunge it into some prime Batsy backside real estate, when Robin intervenes:

One of the non-devil thugs fires off a round, which freaks out everyone because somehow, the ears of the GCPD are fine tuned to hear two things: donuts and gunfire. The Red!Devils take off, and since Batsy’s busy, Robin takes it upon himself to follow the getaway car:

Meanwhile, Abandoned!Batsy finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun:

Of course, the cop can’t, in good conscience, let Batman just walk away, so he proposes a plan:

Batsy exercises his right to violence against the authorities and takes off into the night:

Also meanwhile, Robin has tracked the Red!Devils into an abandoned train tunnel under the city, just in time to take a gun-butt to the head. The Red!Devils argue about the best way to get rid of the boy!blunder, with one advocating death by gunfire, but the other two have a more creative solution:

Luckily for our Robin, he manages to gather just enough strength to twist under the train before it smooshes him into oblivion, allowing him to escape and head home:

The next night, our heroes go back to the underground lair, and find a startling clue:

Robin discovers an article telling about a jewelry heist potentially in progress, and the pair head out to intercept the baddies before they can make off with the loot. Unfortunately, in the confusion, one of the Red!Devils bumps into Robin and sends him over the side of the tower:

Batsy sees his Robin dangling from the clock face and leaps after him, followed by our three baddies, who proceed to make him regret his “non-lethal” ways:

Everything looks dire, until the clock strikes 9 and the bell starts to ring. Batsy leaps into action:

And when the clapper swings back, Batsy does what he does best:

Pulling Robin to safety, it’s time for the lecture of the night:

Until Thursday!


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