Batsy Keeps It Close


Issue #94, Detective Comics (Dec 1944)

Batman & Robin: “No One Must Know!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

It’s one hell of a gloomy day out there! I don’t know what it is… perhaps it’s just the darkness of the day. But it’s certainly not a “Dark” day all the way around! I’m still dealing with all of last week’s craziness, but the weekend was not a complete wash. And I have to say…


Last week, I was introduced to this little show called RuPaul’s Drag Race. OMG! WHERE THE CRAP HAVE I BEEN? I’ve loved RuPaul for years, but I finally got a chance to sit down and actually watch the program. And I. Am. HOOKED.


I started at Season 2, because that’s where Hulu starts it, and I’m making my way through Season 4 right now. I have to give mad props to every single brave soul out there who performs in drag because hell, it takes serious balls to get up there time after time and be so fierce.


Even Dragon got a dose (we’re also watching Allstars) and he was laughing just as hard as I was. Oh girls. You just keep on keeping ON with all that fierce realness. For. Realz.

I really can’t emphasize how much I love this show.

In other news, I finished Dishonored! I’ll see about getting a verbal review up in this blogspace come Wednesday because I’m of mixed emotions about the game. I still haven’t picked up Assassin’s Creed III, but it is ON. My. List.

Thanksgiving will be here next Thursday (SERIOUSLY? ALREADY?) and it looks like we’ll be eschewing the traditional bird-based feast for something a little more rib-y. But more on that later. Let’s get this Snark ON!



When we last checked in on our heroes, they were dealing with Pengy’s ‘brella shenanigans and finally managing to wrangle him back to the big!house he’d escaped from some months prior. Good riddance! They were able to go back to the beach for some more bonding time and we turn our attention, not to Gotham, but to a tiny town called Meadowvale:

Seems this little bit o’ heaven is full of all sorts of wonderful people: bankers who care more about their clients than the bottom line, judges who take the concept of “soft on crime” to heart:

Now, aside from these *glaringly* obvious anomalies in this utopia, things are pretty well standard. Boy meets girl, girl falls for boy, they get engaged:

Yes, it appears that Daddy!Barrow has a criminal past that’s mere panels away from catching up with him:

Because we all know how important our parents’ reputation in such a small town will be:

We leave Daddy!Emo out sobbing into his countrified hankie and head on back to Gotham, where a couple of henchies are making some poor schmuck’s life a living hell:

When poor!dood goes down like a sack of green potatoes, our henchies realize that they have an altogether different problem on their hands:

They’re nearly out the door when another fly lands in their ointment:

And of course, our heroes investigate:

The henchies flee harder:

Batsy and ‘Boo are hot on their trail:

It doesn’t take long for Batsy to catch up and batter down the door, and the Pun!ches start a-flying:

When Batsy stops to gather some evidence, one of the henchies manages to knock him upside the noggin’. When Robin retaliates, he, too, gets smacked. Later:

They soon learn that not only did the henchies escape, but they took all the evidence with them. CONVENIENTLY:

We catch up with our baddies as they flee the city with only one thought in their minds:

And so it is that two days later, our heroes catch a break while unwinding with the paper, where a story about Con Men fleeing a County Fair in Unionville leads them to the possible whereabouts of their quarry:

They hop into the bat!mobile and head for Meadowvale:

But not everything is sunshine and roses at the fair:

And they’re off:

Unfortunately for one fair-goer, life is about to get all KINDS of sticky:

Come to find out, Barrow skipped out of prison right before his sentence was up, so technically, he’s a damn dirty fugitive… something Slats and Lefty have NO problem reminding him of. But they agree to keep quiet about it for the tidy little sum of $20,000 smackaroos. And he has two hours to get the money:

He leaves the chitlins at the fair and heads to the bank to withdraw everything he has in his account:

Lefty and Slats, to their credit, don’t cap him right then and there for the meager amount of cash he manages to scare up, claiming it’s a down payment and giving him more time. While they’re busy giving Barrows ideas about where to rustle up the rest of the money, our heroes stumble on the scene and decide it’s time to do some heroing:

They sneak their way up there just as everyone’s coming to an agreement:

Pun!ching ensues, up and down the midway, with both the baddies AND Emo!George beating a hasty retreat, until finally:

Baddies dealt with, our heroes take a quick fan break:

Finally tracking down Lefty n’ Slats, they climb the side of the barn in which they hide, formulating a plan as they go to take them by surprise:

But they aren’t the only ones making plans:

So they all do as they do. Batsy n’ co. swing on down, and Henchtastic!Duo head for the ladder, shooting all the way. Batsy realizes that a stampede released onto the midway is a Very Bad Idea ™ and adjust priorities:

They plunge down and proceed to rustle:

And yet again, in the history of Batman, we are subjected to viewing something that, once seen…cannot be unseen:

And it doesn’t take long before the whole herd is under control:

Crisis averted, the mayor and Judge!Watts take a moment to congratulate our heroes on being awesomely heroic:

Meanwhile, Emo!Barrow notes that Lefty n’ Slate seem to be on their way to a clean break, and decides to give karma a little shove:

Slats finds himself knocked from his perch right into a pig pen, while Lefty:

When all is said and done, everyone finds out the truth about Barrows, thanks to Loose!Lefty’s sense of indignation, and he’s forced to come clean:

Poor Jimmy, understanding that his dad’s sins are about to land squarely on HIM decides to have a chat with his bride-to-be:

The next day, Batsy shows up at the Governor’s office, petition in hand, for a little vigilante justice:

Unable to contain his glee, Batsy races back:

And later?

Until Thursday!


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