Batsy Hearts Two!Face


Issue #68, Detective Comics (October 1942)

Batman & Robin: “The Man Who Led A Double Life!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

Summer has finally settled here in Seattle, with 80 degree temps that have all the locals swarming the stores for fans and portable a/c units. Have I mentioned how much I love having central air, even if it doesn’t get hot enough to use it? Right. On we go then.

The weekend was spent playing the hell out of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

See, initially, I *thought* that’s what I was playing, but come to find out, the disc I got from Gamefly had BOTH the first Creed and Revelations on it. (Also? If you’re a gamer and you DON’T have a Gamefly account? You’re seriously wasting money. Just sayin’.) For days, I had been playing the original AC and it was driving me insane. When I switched over to Revelations? That insanity skyrocketed. But in a totally GOOD way, because OMG. I much prefer playing Ezio to Altair, although, to be fair, getting frustrated with the first AC definitely gave me some better pointers on how to navigate Revelations. So good on me. Still, I can’t wait to get my hands on AC:2 (which should be sometime this week) because I do believe I’ve found a new favorite game. And character. *fans self*

I also realized that I don’t think it’s possible to be a totally healthy geeky girl. I mean, sure, I chow down on apples and cheese when gaming when I have them around, but there’s something about a looooong session that makes you want the chips and energy drinks like whoa. Hmmm. Perhaps that is something I can start looking into?

We also wandered out this weekend to Michaels craft store, just to see if I could find a few things that I was in dire need of (yarn for my new geeky gloves) and ended up snagging an amazing xacto knife set (which, omg, wicked awesome) and some pearlescent clay for my newest Geek-Treats creations. See, we saw Amazing Spider-Man, and as impressed as I was, I felt the creativity bug nip me squarely on the ass. So, I made new woe-cakes. I’ll share them on Thursday. Y’know, to give you something to look forward to. *grins*

I also learned that using said clay without gloves results in your fingers looking like you Sparkle Hunted a few tiny fairies. Glittery shimmer everywhere. But the final products are quite nice, if smaller than I usually do. They’ll most likely go up in the etsy store soon, but I’m working on getting everything in order so I can just do one big *bam* MINIS post and just get them going.

We’ve been working on the sequel to Minutes to Midnight, and eventually WILL have it done. Retooling chapters for better story can be quite the time suck, but we’re getting there.

There’s also a rumor that we might be going back to Texas for a visit later this year, which, YAY! I am not a Texas fan (obviously, since I moved all the way up here) but it’ll be nice to get to see my parents, to see our BFF Andy, and to stomp around on old grounds with freshly opened Seattle-ite eyes.

Between work and all of that, we’ve been busy. BUT! With as gorgeous as it is outside, we might have to take a little sunbreak of our own and go soak up some Vitamin D.

In the meantime, SNARK ON!


When last we left our hero, Batman had taken a break from his Two!Face standoff to deal with that gnarly bird-man, Pengy and his complete disregard for bird (and human) life in the pursuit of sparklies. But if you’ll remember, back in ‘ish #66, we were left with a cliffhanger about what exactly was going to happen to Harvey!Kent when the GCPD showed up to take him in for his menacing of the rich folk at the theater. Two!Face had flipped a coin and it landed in a crack:

And we can only assume that T!F stayed there, staring at it in disbelief while Batsy meandered off for a week or so, because we’re right back where we left off. T!F, apparently tired of merely staring at the coin, scoops it up and pops it in his jacket, which surprises our hero:

Fate apparently arrives in the form of two GCPD, hell bent on destruction:

Taking advantage of the “OMGWHATHAVEIDONE?” mood permeating the room, T!F quickly lashes out, smacking both of them with his gun handle and flinging himself out of a nearby window:

Fast forward a week and T!F’s wrangled up a new crew, taking a few moments to explain how this whole shindig will work:

He flips the coin and the good side wins:

Later that day, they head to the tennis courts and clean out the audience…only to turn around and give all their ill gotten goods to a charity home:

Elsewhere, T!F apologizes to his crew for not making any money, but ‘dems de breaks:

Soon enough, their luck changes and allows for a little grandpa rustling in a nearby alley, and later that day, the story of Henry!Logan, disappeared match king, hits the papers. Naturally, that means our heroes have a reason to play dress up again:

Once arrived, they discover the place is very…different:

Strangely enough, things only get weirder when they realize that the man speaking about “his” house, is the missing Logan:

Come to find out…Logan has a secret:

But it seems that Logan is already aware of his double’s disappearance:

So how did T!F know about the double? Well it’s simple really: when Kent was D.A., seems Logan confided in him about his “double” as long as he promised to keep it secret. Unfortunately, now that Kent is a baddie, he’s obviously using that secret against him for some inexplicable reason:

Batsy takes off, leaving poor Robin to stand guard:

After what feels like forever (and it probably was in comic book world), T!F finally calls Lo!Grrr, who agrees to pay for his double’s release. T!F sends his best henchie, who collects his passenger and heads for a barn in the middle of nowhere. But the henchie, well, he doesn’t *just* bring Lo!Grrr:

But just as T!F’s rebuke rings out:

They bru-ha-ha-ha around, de-starching and de-airing the henchies before heading for their main target:

And things keep going!



Finally done, the baddies get away in a car, while T!F debuts his newest ride:

Naturally, Batsy swings into action:

They scuffle, with Batman out punching T!F by leaps and bounds until the coin makes another appearance:

T!F hesitates for a moment with an unconscious Batsy at his complete mercy:

He takes off and eventually, Batsy regains consciousness and delivers the double back into Lo!Grrr’s care:

Thoroughly disgusted, Robin takes matters into his own hands:

The next night, T!F goes for a little ride:

Another night goes by, and suddenly, Kent is outside Gilda’s home, all gussied up and non-scarred and ready to make his grand entrance:

When Gilda answers the door, she’s shocked to find Harvey looking like his old self and can barely believe it:

She makes them an intimate dinner and she begs him to give up his life of crime. He agrees, but says he has to serve his time for the crimes he’s committed…will she wait for him?

Kent tries to explain, to blame the candles:

Gilda is distraught. She can see that Kent is changing to a wicked man, it’s in his eyes. But before she has a chance to finish, there’s a knock at the door:

Melty!Kent immediately accuses Gilda of setting a trap for him, shoves her out of the way, and leaps out the window, knocking out poor Robin in the process. Unconcerned with his protégé, Batman turns to his favorite part of the job when Gilda asks him how he knew Kent would show up:

Later that night, a clearly unhinged T!F visits the place he got his wax makeup:

In a blind rage, T!F orders his men to burn the place down. And they do:

Also later that night, our hero is faced with a dilemma:

Another night goes by, and we find ourselves in a bar, where the barkeep is introducing one of T!F’s henchies to a new guy looking for a job:

Later, they head to the hideout:

“Getaway” tells him he doesn’t want to work for him if he doesn’t trust him, so out comes the coin, and a flip later:

They day of the game and everyone’s into the spectacle. Especially when they see the special guests:

Naturally, the game goes long, but ultimately, the GCPD win because, hello, BATMAN. The GCFD provide the intermission entertainment:

And later, the Mayor makes an announcement:

T!F and his crew spring from the stands, despite knowing Batsy is in the stadium, and grab the box. But before they can get away, Robin douses them with water, and then?

T!F quickly takes the Mayor hostage and makes a quick getaway, courtesy of his new driver. Naturally, when he gets back to HQ, he’s a little suspicious that “Getway” was the only one of his crew to, er, get away:

In a total twist, the makeup is removed to reveal:

Just then, Batsy breaks down the door and sucker punches T!F into compliance. And then? THEN we get the truth about how Mask!Son tipped off Batsy to what was going down at the stadium via Robin and now? T!F is jail-bound:

And poor Batsy tries to get the last word, but T!F ain’t having it:

Until Thursday!


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