Batsy Gets Mental



Issue #70, Detective Comics (December1942)

Batman & Robin: “The Man Who Could Read Minds!”

So it’s late. And I apologize. But it must mean that I love y’all something fierce if I’m able to put aside my cranky pants about server outages when I tried to post before and give you some premium Bat!Snark on this fine, fine Tuesday evening.

Let’s not dawdle. I’ll be all chatty on Thursday.


When last we saw our caped crusader and his boy wonder, they were taking down (again) The Joker and his goons in an airplane factory after Batsy acted completely insane enough to make even Robin question whether he was just messing around or not. Of course, Joker gets away in a fabulous Bomber plane, leaving our heroes to shake their fists at the sky. Naturally, this crushing disappointment only spurs them on:

Mentalist!Carlo manages to correctly guess every object held by his Watson!esque assistant. A feat that impresses Young!Dick to no end:

Meanwhile, Crook!Carlos speeds along the wet evening roads, wishing he could really read minds, when things go horribly awry:

And apparently, things went pretty badly as Carlo ends up enduring a delicate brain operation shortly thereafter, but in case you thought that was the end of it, no! With the storm raging outside, there’s a sudden crack of lightning and the operating theater is plunged into darkness:

When the lights come back on, everyone congratulates the surgeon for a job well done as they wheel Comatose!Carlo out of the room and everyone seems sure that he’ll be back to normal in no time:

So we fast forward a week, and it appears Carlo is doing just fine, albeit with a few…improvements:

Of course, given this new development, he adjusts accordingly:

Once released from the hospital, he does precisely what you’d expect:

And soon, all the fame goes to his head:

Days later, after another show, Batsy and Robin are making their rounds across the Gotham rooftops when Batsy spots a light in an office building and immediately suspects that something weird is going on.

But THEY are the ones surprised when they find out that this thief is a bit trickier to catch than other hooligans:

Water is flung, to emphasize the aforementioned slippery nature of this baddie and something clicks for Batsy:

Deftly avoiding every move that the pair use to try to stop him, Criminal!Carlo is well on his way to a quick getaway when suddenly:

And he stops Batsy’s pursuit in, thus far, the most straightforward way any baddie has attempted:

With the pair stunned into immobility, Carlo takes off, leaving a flustered set of heroes trying to figure out where they went wrong:

They attend the performance and figure out his game:

Next morning, a package arrives:

Incredibly, Brucie is determined to go after Carlo, despite the threat to their identities:

And so, they go to get ready:

They Bat!Plane it up and head out to Miser’s Isle, land, and race over to where Carlo is ready n’ waiting for them with a gun already prepped to shoot:

To his credit, Clever!Carlo has a response:

Unconcerned about his boo being beaned with a large flying chunk of heavy metal, Batsy picks up a nearby sword, as does Carlo, and they proceed to fence, with Carlo showing surprising skill:

Batsy mistakenly forgets that Carlo can read minds and thusly allows for him to deflect the “surprise stroke” he was thinking of. In retaliation, Batsy grabs the next best weapon:

It doesn’t take long before Carlo is disarmed, but he’s ready for this move too:

And smartly, he decides to put Unconscious!Robin somewhere else, lest the pair conspire to escape together:

Dropping the bathysphere into the water, he tells no one in particular that he’s turned off the oxygen valve, thusly sealing Robin’s doom:

Meanwhile, Batsy finds himself in a bit more of a pickle than originally thought as he notices the walls of his new prison slowly moving toward him. He doesn’t have long to act:

And despite the danger, he still has the opportunity to breath a sigh of snarky relief:

Looking for an escape, Batsy notices a photo-electric cell beam running on either side of the room. Deftly he whips them and finds his escape route:

Running up the stairs, he finds himself in another bizarre room, this time made of glass:


Meanwhile, Carlo discovers that Batsy has escaped and decides it’s time for him to leave. But not before setting up a little explosive send off for our hero. Unaware of the dangerous blast awaiting his presence, Batsy works to figure out how to get out of his glassy prison:

He quickly cuts an exit, saves Pete and immediately races off to save his sidekick:

Meanwhile, Carlo has found the location of Pete’s treasure, but before he can retrieve it:

Unfortunately for Batman, deflecting the torch blast meant for him just sends it to the cables connecting the bathysphere to the boat. As Robin sinks, Batsy gets desperate:

He grabs the torch, realizing it’s used for underwater welding, and leaps over the side to save Sinking!Robin:

They race to the surface, and as they break through, it seems that Carlo is waiting for them, all ready to kill them the second they surface…but then:

Convinced that they’re safe now, Batman calls for the Coast Guard. But what they don’t know is that Carlo isn’t completely dead yet:

It doesn’t take long for the CG to arrive, but there’s more than just our caped heroes waiting for them:


Case solved, there’s only ONE remaining question:

Until Thursday!


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