Batsy Gets His Cave On

Issue #48, Detective Comics (Feb. 1941)

Batman With Robin, The Boy Wonder, in “The Mystery Of The Secret Cavern!”

Moody!Monday, BatFans!

So I finally sat down and poured through this issue and have finally found a few panels that are at least mostly snark worthy. I figured I’d better just buckle down and do it, because otherwise? We’ll never get beyond this issue of Batsy! And I *KNOW* the issues just get more snarktastic from here, right?

In other comic-centric news, I just read the entirety of Invincible through #85, and wow. Just… wow. That is seriously a superhero comic done right. Just sayin’.

This is going to be a busy week for me. Anniversary on Tuesday/Wednesday (yes, we have two…it’s…a really long story), birthday on Friday, and then Christmas weekend! HOLY MOLY! Guess it’s time to pull out the Christmas trees, eh? Good thing they’re tiny. Four cats is sort of a preventative measure against having anything taller than my knees in this house. Particularly if that something contains “shiny” objects of awesome for them to covet. Violently.

I’ve already made two batches of Snarkstress’ Crack Nuts for the holiday, and those should be going out either today or tomorrow. I still need to do the grocery shopping for the end of the week, and I fully intend on paying a visit to a little shop called Liebchen Delicatessen to pick up some Gelbwurst, butterkäse, and brötchen (along with some ham and salaaaami) for our traditional Yule-eve Smörgåsbord. Yum!

I finally got the opportunity to watch both The Fighter and Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and to both of them…meh. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood to watch movies. Oh wait, that’s right, we DID go see Sherlock Holmes 2 on Friday and YES! IT WAS AWESOMESAUCE! So, ahem. Go see it. Y’know…if you want to be entertained. Or something.

Also? Considering the insane amount of time I’ve spent playing the HIGHLY addictive Elderscrolls V: Skyrim, the following picture is an accurate depiction of comments made during gameplay (Dragon can attest to this because it amuses him every time I do it):





When last we saw our Broody!Bat, he was busily stuffing his cowled nose into the business of a family that wanted nothing to do with him. Somewhere along the way, the man who dresses up as a giant flying rodent to fight crime with a brightly colored underage orphan in bright “can’t miss me, it might as well be a bull’s eye target” colors, decided that he was the new Dr!Spock and would not be denied. Luckily, everything ended up working out for the best… more or less.

In this issue, we start off with another interloper, and nary a bat in sight:

He finds himself floating along this (surprisingly!) colorful cave, just taking in the wonders, the BEAUTY of it all, calling it magnificent. In another twisty surprise, Billy!Joe apparently has some surveying instruments with him (who knew?) and proceeds to run some calculations that reveal his whereabouts:

He races back to town, bursting at the seams to share the news of his discovery and he decides to just blurt it out to the first group of men he comes across in the local bar (as you do):

The next morning, the Criminal!Elements decide to pay Dear!Henry a little visit in his isolated log cabin out in the middle of the woods and try to … persuade him to reveal the location of the cave:

Somewhere along the way, one of the guys remembers something that could very well get them some leverage. See, apparently Dear!Henry has himself a daughter, Linda, who is a singer in an upscale club in Gotham. Fancy that. So two nights later:

Later that night:

Even later that night, in Linda’s dressing room:

Appropriately freaked the hell out, Linda does what any smart girl would:

Of course, the gunshot draws attention and Renaldo rushes in, Green!Not-Hornet hot on his heels:

As soon as Linda leaves, it’s revealed that the whole thing was a set up. Dead!Nick gets up and they all have a laugh at how gullible poor Linda was:

Meanwhile, Brucie is having a mini tantrum about Linda’s sudden disappearance when Reynaldo informs him that she had to leave:

Fast forward to Linda in Kentucky where she discovers that Dear!Henry is being told at gunpoint about her in-town shenanigans. She admits it was in self defense, and to do ANYTHING to keep her from prison, Henry decides to tell the crew where the caves are. The baddies tie up Linda and off they go. Meanwhile, back in Gotham:

Back at home, Bruce shares his concern with Young!Dick and the pair change into their costumes and head out:

They race through town to Reynaldo’s apartment, nearly running over some pedestrians on their way, climb up the fire escape and overhear a strange conversation:

Hanging up the phone, the Green!Not-Hornet sees the bat-like shadow on the wall and responds accordingly:

And our hero responds in kind, punching the green right off his suit until he spills the plan:

Batsy gets back to the car and it’s only THEN that he realizes that he forgot something slightly important:

Of course, Batman is correct, and everyone prepares for the mighty showdown. It comes in the form of the Batmobile plowing through the side of their garage hideout, followed by tons of ammo and table throwing:

The pair take out pretty much everyone, while Nick decides he wants to leave:

Robin lassoes Nick back in, blindfolds him, and takes him on a little trip:

They take the Batplane to Kentucky and moments later:

Guard dispatched, our hero knocks at the door of the cabin and gives the answering baddie a good, old fashioned, Gotham punch greeting before dragging Bound!Nick inside to confront his killer:

Batman frees the pair, and Dear!Henry agrees to take him to the cavern:

They hurry along, worried that Reynaldo’s crew has broken into Fort Knox by now, which, they totally have. They’re trying to loot as quickly as possible, but they can’t shake that weird feeling that they’re being watched:

Our Dynamic!Duo proceeds to clean house:

In the vault, one of the baddies decides to start shooting at Batman from above which alerts the nearby guards, who shoot them dead. Down below, Batsy makes short work of a fleeing Reynaldo, and turns in time to see Dear!Henry taking out some pent up aggression:

Finally, they explain everything to the Fort Stox commander, who bids them farewell with a salute and a thank you for being such great American heroes.

Until Next Time!


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