Batsy Gets A Little Dandy


Issue #81, Detective Comics (November 1943)

Batman & Robin: “The Cavalier of Crime!”

Moody!Monday, Batfans!

I trust you all had a pleasant weekend, filled with all sorts of awesomeness that is unique to you? Fabulous. We did too. There was Prototype 2 playing and writing and show-catching-up-on. There was Cabin In The Woods and Avengers and fangirlish squeeing.

All in all… a typical weekend around here.

And despite the state-wide burn ban, because, y’know, it rains SO MUCH up here, we’re looking forward to a gloomier outlook as the month rolls on. It’s finally chilling off. And pumpkins are EVERYWHERE!

I *have* mentioned that October is my favorite month, right? Right?



When we last saw our dynamic duo, they were busy making Harvey!Kent realize that a life of crime is no life at all if you don’t have love. Thus renouncing his criminality, karma gives him a big ol’ pat on the head and a ‘good boy, here, have a milkbone’ routine, and suddenly everything is awesome. But there’s a void left in our fair Gotham by his bad-boy-gone-good bit:

Unhappy with the trade, our young victim freaks out and cries while the thief tiptoes away, but not before someone else sees the whole thing go down:

And in case you think he’s all flash and no sass:

Young!Robin, empowered by his recent new promotion (more on that in a minute) decides it’s time to step things up:

Surprisingly! Robin is unable to hit his target, and instead:

Of course, not one to stand by while his sidekick takes his (well deserved) lumps, our Batsy comes to his ‘boo’s defense:

Of course, while he’s busy punching his brand new nemesis, he’s not paying attention to the body of his sidekick which is currently stretched out in the street:

Naturally, he leaps into action, saving Robin at the last second. Just in time to see his new baddie hop aboard and speed off into the sunset. Meanwhile, Robin comes to:

They go take a moment (after all this now) to go talk to the boy whose baseball was purloined (who, oddly enough, is STILL around after all that), and after a star-struck moment, he tells them everything they need to know about this ball… namely, there’s nothing special about it at all, except for the nifty autograph by one Berry!Berrigan:

Out the door they go after Batsy announces that he’s pretty sure he sees where this whole thing is going:

Meanwhile, as they speed off into the night to try to track down Berry, we turn our attention to a dingy little room somewhere off in the Gotham shadows where our newest baddie is getting a progress update:

Later, Rascal!Cavalier takes his new scribe friend, Jennings, to a bank downtown. He gives him a new suit and a note and sends him inside:

Heading downstairs, the guard retrieves the object:

Minutes later upstairs, our heroes finally arrive:

Suddenly, the guard remembers something about the bat note, and they all race down to the vault:

He takes off running and our heroes sprint after him:

They reach the Bat!Mobile just in time to see the Cavalier!Mobile take off:

And immediately make chase. Because. And when they start catching up, Cavalier decides to throw a curveball:

Fortunately, Batsy sees it coming and takes initiative:

He climbs to the top of the Bat!Mobile while Robin drives:

And flings himself at the carriage:

Crisis averted, it’s back on the trail and soon they catch up to the baddies at a train station. Pun!ching ensues, with Cavalier chillaxing in the background until it’s his time to shine:

Leaping into the fray, Cavalier whips out his electrical sword and prods our heroes back:

Producing the stolen mini!bat, he then lobs it at Batsy, forcing the pair back at the very last second, JUST avoiding being smooshed into bat!streaks along the tracks below them. Whew! Our baddies are gone, but our heroes are now in possession of a brand new toy:

Robin is convinced that there’s something important about the toy:

Inside, they find nothing but a wad of cotton, potentially used to keep whatever was in there from rattling around if the toy fell into the hands of a Whiny!Batman who treated it like a fresh polaroid picture:

Meanwhile, we check in on our baddie!du!jour and he’s busy getting congratulations all around from his henchies as they wind down the street in his pink!mobile. Things are going well in his little criminal world when suddenly, he spots an elderly woman on the side of the street struggling with some packages and calls for his driver to stop:

Good deed done, he climbs back into his car, explaining that he couldn’t NOT stop:

While they speed off to their destination, our heroes arrive at Berry!Berrigan’s house to inquire about what the key opens:

And back at said-safe, Cavalier is practically vibrating with excitement over what he’s found:

Just then, our heroes arrive and start raising a ruckus:

Pun!ching ensues and while Robin busies himself with taking down the henchies, Batsy engages in a little impromptu swordplay with Cavalier, only… he’s not using a sword:

Things are looking bleak for our baddie, when suddenly he pulls the plume from his hat and hurls it at Batsy:

He smashes through the front window and disappears into the distance while everyone checks their stashes:

But lest you think Cavalier is gone:

Until Thursday!


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